Andre Johnson out again this weekend


It’s time for the weekly Friday check on the status of Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson.

For the fifth straight week, that status is out. The Texans ruled Johsnon out for Sunday’s game against the Browns on Friday because his hamstring still isn’t well enough for him to go full speed. Coach Gary Kubiak said that he thought Johnson was “very close” to returning and Johnson spoke to reporters after practice.

“We kind of had a little setback from our Monday workout,” he said. “I have been sore for a couple days. I went out and ran today, so it felt pretty good. Just to have to keep working hard and just stay positive.”

Johnson stopped short of guaranteeing he would be in the lineup against the Bucs in Week 10 and it might not be the worst idea for the Texans to hold him out through their Week 11 bye if all goes well this weekend. A win this weekend would have them at 6-3, which would leave them, at worst, up by a game over the Titans, who they beat 41-7 two weeks ago.

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  1. cakemixa hes not overrated, and the injury proves it more. The texans usually have one of the top offenses in the league and besides one week where Arian foster dominated, the texans offense has struggled without him on the field

  2. @cakemixa
    Most of the season every year?

    2003 – 16/16. 2004 – 16/16. 2005 – 13/16. 2006 – 16/16. 2007 – 9/16. 2008 – 16/16. 2009 – 16/16. 2010 – 13/16.

    Yup, looks like he never plays. Please do some research before you make dumbass comments. You may think he is overrated but give a legitimate reason. He has played in every game 5 years. Please name me any WR that has not missed any time over the last 9 years.

  3. cakemixa, that is your first thought…. that Andre Johnson is overrated?

    Can you think of something else to say about one of the most durable wide receivers in the league or are you going insist on toll road access to stupidville?

  4. Andre Johnson has already missed:
    5 games this year
    3 games last year
    0 games in ’08 and ’09
    7 games in ’07
    0 games in ’06
    3 games in ’05
    18 games in 6 1/2 years.

    The other guy frequently mentioned with him as the best Larry Fitz has missed:
    0 games since 2006
    3 games in 2006
    0 games in ’05
    3 games in 6 1/2 years

    Basically Andre has missed a season’s worth of games more than Fitz in 6 1/2 years. YES, injuries DO matter.

  5. The point is moot anyway, the best WR in the game is Calvin Johnson. In 4 1/2 years with garbage QBs, Calvin already has 44 TDs to Andre’s 52 in 6 1/2 years.

    Calvin also stays healthy more only missing 3 games because of injury.

  6. If overrated is being a WR who every team in the league would love to have, than yes, I do agree that he overrated!

    There is a difference between facts and opinion, but the fact here is that your opinion is overrated!

  7. My Fantasy team is getting worse every week. I feel as if my whole team was in the cover of Madden… Hillis, Hightower, B. Edwards, Josh Morgan, Ingram, J. Best… The list goes on. I’m surprised I’m 3-5.. Better luck next year.. I hope

  8. Anyone who claims that Dre Johnson is overrated has no knowledge of the game. I’m a die hard Texan fan but I give credit when it ‘s due. I’m not saying he is the best but he surely isn’t overrated.

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