John Fox sounds exasperated with criticism


Way back in early August, Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd warned everyone about “The Tebow Thing.”

The support for Tim Tebow in Denver seemingly made it difficult for the franchise to operate until they gave Tebow a shot to calm everyone down.

Just two games into Tebow’s audition, Broncos coach John Fox already sounds frustrated with the debate surrounding his quarterback. More tellingly, Fox sounds frustrated with the blame Fox is taking for Tebow’s struggles.

“The goofy thing is, it’s almost like if he doesn’t have success it will be anybody’s fault but his. It’s almost that kind of polarizing thing,” Fox told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “They’ll say it could be his supporting cast, or the type of plays.

“At the end of the day, we are what we are. We’re doing everything we can to win, and we’re finding out about a young quarterback, good, bad or indifferent.”

Um, wow.  These comments will be explained away, but Fox provided great insight into his mindset. He’s not only upset with the coverage, he sounds impatient with Tebow’s development.

The Broncos staff has quickly become defensive, insisting they are doing everything possible to help Tebow succeed.

“The problem is, there’s so much misinformation,” Fox said. “For people that study it, you’d see that we’ve probably had more shotgun or spread offense than anybody in the league over the last two weeks. We’re up 30% of what we were in the first four games.”

These are the words of a man that doesn’t sound like he’ll have a lot of patience if Tebow doesn’t improve.

“As a coach or decision-maker in an NFL building, you don’t care what round they’re drafted in, you don’t care who drafted them,” Fox said. “You don’t care if they’re short, fat, whatever. You just care: Can they play? So all that other stuff is poppycock.”

75 responses to “John Fox sounds exasperated with criticism

  1. I wish Mr. Tebow the best, but the team needs to cut him and get it over with.

    If he’s as great as many not very sophisticated fans believe, he’ll prove Denver wrong, right?

    Just cut him now.

  2. Good leaders act decisively regardless of what the masses think. Elway and Fox clearly did not and do not think Tebow can play. Why is he your starting QB? He should have been dealt or released before the season and let that be the end of it. Fans can holler all they want, they’re not in charge of putting together a winning team – Elway and Fox are.

  3. This whole deal has to be driving Fox crazy. He does his best coaching with a reliable, solid, and team-first player like Jake Delhomme (before his melt down and subsequent loss of confidence in the playoff game with Arizona). Fox was beyond loyal to Delhomme and hearing him saying what he said shows me Tebow’s days in Denver are numbered (and Fox’s may be too if he and Elway can’t figure a way out of the “no win for anyone” mess the polarizing Tebow has everyone in).

    I feel sorry for everyone involved. It’s one of the most complicated (but also fascinating in a morbid sort of way) messes I’ve seen in watching the NFL since the very early 60’s.

  4. This mess is because Bronco management was influenced by the fans. I can’t believe Fox would change QB’s from one that was just having a bad stretch for one that never ever had a good day. I would put Orton back in.

  5. WAKE UP DENVER……………TEBOW SUCKS AT QB….your undying support for the mesiah is destroying your once great organization…..TEBOW #15’s are allready being shipped to Nigeria! What does that tell you….

  6. The smart thing to do would be to cut your losses get rid of Tebow, get him as far away from the team as possible, save your coach, and what’s left of your team and the of the season. There is no point in keeping this guy on your roster. Let some other team have this problem, there is no brightside to it whatsoever.

  7. The irony is that the fans that keep heaping blame onto Fox are going to force the Broncos to dump Tebow unless he improves markedly over the next couple games. This must be brutal in the locker room.

  8. Fox’s statement: “The goofy thing is, it’s almost like if he doesn’t have success it will be anybody’s fault but his.” – is bang on. Tebow is such a like-able guy that many fans can’t accept that he may not be able to play at this level.

    But at some point even they will have to accept that a 45% completion rate, locking on to one receiver, and a slow delivery in the NFL will not get it done.

  9. This guy started Jake Delhomme for what, seven years? He has given up his right to complain about inconsistent QB’s with arms that are not NFL caliber.

  10. This team isn’t ready for the national press it is receiving because of the worst player on their team.

  11. God DOES work in mysterious ways.

    Maybe Tebow’s not supposed to be a great NFL QB. Maybe he’s supposed to be so exasperating for Fox he drives him back to church.

  12. Tebow wasn’t ready to come in and start. I think this is Fox being pressured by Elway to play the kid.

    Elway sees Tebow in his image and thinks if he plays him enough it will work out. Fox just got himself in a bad situation with Elway making the calls.

    If Bolen doesn’t get rid of Elway then Denver is going to be in for a lot of tough years.

  13. He should sound exasperated. Over his last 87 games he’s won 39 and lost 48. That ain’t very good for 5.5 seasons. Shorter term he’s 12-27 in last 39 games. That’s 2.5 seasons worth. I’d actually rather have Tebow on my team than him as my coach. He’s had 3 winning seasons in 9 years and on his way to making that 3 winning seasons in 10 as a head coach. That ain’t impressive.

  14. Tebow’s own supporters are signing his death warrant. He needs time to develop. Them demanding he start now is only hurting him.

  15. Not only has he only had 3 winning seasons, but they all followed bad years so they had an easier schedule. Each year after a good year, when they had a harder schedule again, his teams tanked. Hmm…

  16. John Fox hates offense. It has become clear that Jake Delhomme was badly underrated. Fox simply hasn’t had an offense without Delhomme before Delhomme imploded. Tebow doesn’t look like an NFL QB, but what was the problem with Orton? That was pretty much the same personnel that the Broncos turned into a pretty darn good offense last year, yet the offense floundered once Fox came to town. The guy seriously has to realize that he needs to hire good offensive minds and then let them do their jobs, regardless of who is taking the snaps.

  17. Denver fans will run QB after QB after QB out of there. John Elway has retired you idiots and you’ll never have another QB that you are satisfied with. Plummer, Griese, Cutler all did ok there but couldn’t live up to your golden boy.Let the coaches make decisions and you’ll be a lot better off.

  18. I don’t care either way,but they gave him a chance and he will get another this week. So far he’s been terrible and if that continues cut him and no one can say he didn’t have a chane.

  19. Wait, I thought the point of putting in Tebow was he was jolt of energy for the team?

    Do people remember how terrible Orton was? Or that their best skill player was traded for nothing?

  20. Cut Tebow, Cut Knowshon, Draft Luck/Barkley, and build a defense

    Fox is a good coach but McDaniels screwed Denver. He Traded away their two best players and received 4 first round draft picks and all 4 have been busts so far in their careers.

    If Denver drafts a Qb to build around I can see them being a pretty decent team. I like Decker and the potential of D. Thomas, but with no one to throw them the ball they’ll be useless

  21. Fox and Elway are trying to make Tebow look like a dolt. That way they can cut him and not get as much flack for it.

    Too bad for them it’s painfully obvious what they’re doing.

  22. John Fox isn’t the problem. Let’s not forget he once dragged a Jake Delhomme led team to the Super Bowl and they nearly upset the Patriots. The problem is the Broncos have drafted poorly overall for years and consequently their roster doesn’t have the talent or depth to compete most weeks. And the poster boy for those bad picks was selecting Tebow in the first round.

  23. It’s time for the fans in Denver and Tebow loyalists to wake up. Let’s be real here:

    Tebow throws a football like a pitcher throws a baseball – long windup. This game is built on precision and timing – Tebow fails miserably at both.

    John Fox is a good coach, put in an awful position. This move was to make the fans happy and determine what everyone already knew in the midst of a lost season. Remember Josh McDaniels? You’re already ahead.

    Tebow is clearly not an NFL QB. You know what you have in Orton and Quinn. Next up? Adam Weber.

    Next for Tebow? A position change. If not that, a career with Joel Osteen touring the world.

  24. What the hell do you Tebow supporters want Denver to do? Sign Randy Moss and TO and then run the spread offense for the rest of the season? We’ve heard all the complaining about how Denver isn’t allowing Tebow to succeed, so please tell me exactly what it will take. What does Tebow need to win? Do they need to trade for Mike Pouncey so Tebow is more comfortable with the center’s butt?

  25. “We’re doing everything we can to win, and we’re finding out about a young quarterback, good, bad or indifferent.”

    Is that what you were doing when you shipped out your #1 WR IMMEDIATELY after giving Tebow the start?

    Really, John?

  26. Fox sounds like a coach who is frustrated because he’s in a position where he has to start a guy who can’t play because of the media hype surrounding him.

    I don’t blame him. It’s stupid. You can either play or you can’t. If you can’t then get off the field. Simple as that.

  27. Say what you want about Fox, but he’s right. Tebow can do no wrong in the eyes of delusional fans.

    You really have to wonder if Fox or Elway are regretting the timing of their decision to join this team.

  28. Lots of folks seriously overestimating the power of fan opinion here.

    That is not the way it works, people. NFL franchises aren’t run by the fans, contrary to what the media tells you.

  29. Fox was hamstrung at Carolina by management after the first few years. Now he’s hamstrung at Denver for completely different reasons. You Carolina fans who will only blame Fox are no different from the Tebow yokels in Denver.

  30. How great would things be at Carolina if Cam Newton hadn’t dropped into your laps? Imagine it was Tebow instead of Cam for your QB now and get off Fox’s back till he fails with decent players.

  31. He is playing in his last NFL season. When Broncos cut him, no one will pick him up. It is not that he is “not ready”, it is that he is not an NFL quarterback. Someone may bring him in to a training camp at a different position but…it is over.

  32. Fox sounds like he’s saying the right thing: don’t care who or what the guy is, he needs to perform…..

    and Tebow, after 2.5 years in the NFL, can’t run the play sets he ran in college and he can’t throw a spiral….

  33. There is not a qb on that roster we can win with. They all suck. Being the fan of a losing team is hard. Why did we have to hire the coach of the only team that lost more games than we did last year? The worst thing for a Broncos fan is being beat by the Raiders and that’s gonna happen again on Sunday. I say fire them all.

  34. This is Fox and Elway throwing the kid in there because they had nothing else to lose and wanted to remove the distraction and divisiveness of the very vocal Tebow fans.

    Right now they’re giving Tebow a try out and the fans a chance to see how well the kid does or doesn’t play. With this move they either find out that he has what it takes, or watch as he goes down in a flaming wreck. If it’s the former they’re ecstatic. If the latter at least they eliminated the distraction and, who knows, may “Luck” out in 2012 for doing so.

  35. It’s not just kowtowing to the fans, although I think it’s clear Broncos brass engaged in a little of that.

    Josh McDaniels made a serious(ly stupid) investment in Tebow, and the current regime, while by no means obligated to see it through, has at least been saddled with the terms of that investment, hype included.

    John Fox knew what he was getting into when he took this job, right?

  36. Either way, he needs to play a full 4 quarters against the Raiders. I don’t care what the score is or how many sacks he’s taken. What his completion percentage is. Just give him 4 more quarters, please.

  37. joetoronto, Lloyd took a look at Tebow and asked for a trade. How much better would Tebow be doing if he had the Packers receiving corps? He’d still have to get the ball to them with timing.

  38. John Fox is not a teacher, we learned that in Carolina. We constantly drafted promising young kids from college and unless they could play from day 1, they did not develop. Ol’ Mister Magoo has sold the city, the Broncos and John Elway on his abilities but the facts are that in nearly every game in Carolina he won, he let lesser talent hang around far too long and relied on the opponent making a mistake to win a game. That type of game does not work anymore in this pass heavy league.

  39. Fox is a loser, he is in the tail spin of his career and it is about to crash. He should have taken a step back before getting right back into the head coaching position. He will be gone soon. The only people it hurts are the fans, he got rich, the club sells the revitltzalize line with whoever the new guy will be and life goe on. Fans screwed…

  40. As a Raiders fan this turmoil makes my day but I can definitely sympathize with having a QB that you didn’t want/choose initially.

    Jamarcus was 100% an Al Davis pick, Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, and eventually Hue Jackson wanted nothing to do with him.

  41. If the Broncos wanted Tebow to succeed, they would not have traded his top receiver away for almost nothing.

    They are also not calling plays to help him transition to the NFL. I noticed that he often doesn’t have check-down options on a lot passing plays. That is inexcusable when playing a rookie QB… unless you don’t want him to succeed.

    I still don’t think Tebow is going to be a quality QB in the league, for the same reason I don’t think Cam Newton will ever win a championship. And that is scramble-first QB don’t have the accuracy and decision making skills necessary to beat good defenses that negate their running ability.

    However, it doesnt look to me like the Broncos want this guy to succeed because Fox didn’t draft him and doesn’t believe in him, and is apparently setting Tebow up to fail so hecan get rid of him.

  42. There is one thing I know for sure: John Fox misses the relative anonymity of coaching NFL football in Charlotte, a place/team that gets much less national attention than the storied Denver Broncos.

  43. Fox is a grouchy old man. He and Elway are exasperated that the 80s ended. They still haven’t come to terms with that.

  44. Um, wow.

    Um…. wow. you just lost any and all credit you ever had as a journalist. I’m not saying you had much to begin with, but C’MON MAN. Don’t type like a teenager.

  45. The Broncos have a full blown disaster on their hands. The lack of leadership at the coach and front office are the biggest problems here as the fans are dictating which QB gets to start.

    Broncos fans are getting what they asked for, and deserve every bit of it.

  46. If tebow wasn’t religous this wouldn’t even be an issue. Most people in denver think jesus’ son can’t do no wrong.

  47. Fox benched Orton basically to appease the fans and I find it funny after reading some of the information that no one ever doubted whether or not they put Orton in a position to succeed even though last year Orton was having a great season throwing from the passing spread .

    Now we find out that Tebow in two games have lined up in the passing spread more than Orton did in 5 games and people wonder why the broncos passing attack is 30th ?

    Fox and Mccoy didnt try and build upon the 13th ranked offense of last year they basically did something totally different it doesnt work and they let Orton take the fall for it and now when people are questioning what they are doing with tebow they are getting defensive ?

    The Broncos are in serious Matt Millen-like trouble here .

  48. Anybody who doesn’t think those coaches in Denver are doing everything to help Tim Tebow succeed just doesn’t know football. (It does tell you that Brady Quinn just doesn’t get it though).

  49. What an ugly situation we have here in the Mile High City-half the fans think T-blow is the answer and the other half wants someone else which means that half of the fan are going to be pissed no matter what happens. Management should have had the balls to remind fans that personel choices will be determined by the coach and not decided by popular opinion. That didn’t happen and now we have abunch of loudmouth fans who are so wrapped up in fantasy football they actually think that they know how to make player selections. Grow up kids the NFL is not the same as your stupid fantasy football league.

  50. Trading your top WR and weapon isn’t going to help any QB “succeed.” That’s a pretty dumb comment.

  51. > give Urban Meyer the coaching job

    That would be a Peter Principle classic for the ages. Timmy’s passing skills and inability to make quick reads were honed to perfection under Urban Meyer.

  52. Fox is exactly right. When Tebow continues to suck it will always be someone elses fault with the fans. If he’s on the roster in 2012 he will get Elway and Fox fired.

  53. Wow, I am shocked by Fox’s attitude. He is the leader of grown men and professional athletes? His comments are a complete joke! Basically badmouthing your own starting QB has got to be a first. He appears to be making excuses for losing to cover his own incompetence, shifting blame to a young QB’s lack of skills instead of at least giving lip service to inexperience ect. (typical coach speek is what is called for here). Unbelievable! This franchise is coming off the rails and Fox is the guy driving, whether he likes it or not. Man up, stop making excuses, call the right plays ect., and unite the front office, coaches, and players or get FIRED. That’s the job description and his comments show he doesn’t get it.

    As far as Tebow’s play is concerned, he stunk the last 2 weeks, no doubt. However, the team stinks, and stunk least year too. Look at Orton’s dropoff under Fox, that tells you a lot. They both played well last year though. So if you think they should cut Tebow, you are not a knowledgable football fan. Get real, he will be a backup in this league for a long time at minimum. I don’t expect him to play well this year, he has no protection and 5 starts under his belt. How many hall of famers would we have never heard of because they were cut after 5 starts on horrible teams that swap coaches and systems? Tebow has more wins in 1/4 of a season as Peyton and Aikman had in their first seasons – combined!

    Sorry Denver fans and Tebow haters, he’ll outlast Fox unless they trade him for 3rd rounder at least. Do they get it…. no.

  54. Someone already pointed out the irony of the Bronco’s hiring a coach from a team that had fewer wins than they did last year. Who made that stupic decision?

    Is it any wonder Carolina didn’t keep Fox knowing they had the #1 pick and would be taking a QB? The Bronco’s also hired a coach that has no history of developing a QB. Who made that stupid decision.

    Tebow may or may not have the ability to play in the NFL, his numbers haven’t been much worse than many other QB’s have had on any given Sunday this year. But, there is no chance in hockey sticks that he develops with Fox as the coach. In fact I will venture to say that the Bronco’s will not have a winning season until Fox is fired. That could be a few seasons of hardship from now.

  55. ….and as another gentleman pointed out….I don’t recall Tebow looking this poor last year. He wasn’t great, but he was better than this year. The difference between last year and this year….Fox?!

  56. There are a lot of irrational people when it comes to Tim Tebow, on both sides. When The Broncos defense and ST’s led a comeback win vs Miami and Houston Tim Tebow is given all the credit, when the Broncos lose by 35 to the Lions all the talk is about a horrific QB performance.

    But nobody is more irrational than Tim Tebow fans, being a Broncos fan l’ve heard/read some of the most impossibly stupid theories and predictions since Leper Messiah wasted a 1st round pick on Tebow.

    -“He’s gonna revolutionize the way QB is played”
    -“He’s the next Steve Young”
    -“Elway is jealous”
    -“McCoy can’t design his offense”
    -“Fox hates him”
    -“They traded his best WR”

    Look, if you think anybody other than Tim Tebow is to blame for the way Tim Tebow is playing than you’re delusional.

    And for the last F’ing time, Brandon Lloyd asked for a trade, he didn’t want to play for Denver. One can reasonably assume it’s because he didn’t want to finish a contract year with a QB that has played as ineptly as Tebow has played…….considering Lloyd asked for that trade days after Tebow was spoonfed a starting job he has yet to earn.

    As for this being an excuse for Tebow, Denver is 2-1 without Lloyd and 0-4 with him. Decker, Thomas (maybe) and Royal are a solid young core of receivers. Royal had 90 catches for 1000 yards with a legitimate QB, and Decker sure as hell wasn’t chop liver when Ortonary was starting.

    As for Fox’s comments, they are dead on accurate. No matter how poorly Tebow plays it’s somebody elses fault. I wonder if Fox is beginning to realize just what he’s gotten himself into. I think he took this job because he didn’t want to end up like Schottenheimer if he sat out waiting for a better offer.

    He’s a good coach, well regarded, and l love his philosophy, but had l been given a chance to give him some advice l would have told him to avoid this whirlpool of BS at all cost.

    Personally, l’m ready to move on and let Tim Tebow be the final chapter of Leper Messiah’s reign of Error…….

  57. Urban Meyer created system QBs that put up flashy numbers in a gimmick offense, albeit successful to take advantage of the superior talent advantage. He had all day to throw and receivers were wide open. Alex Smith, Tebow, Chris Leak: Good college system QBs, bad NFL QBs.

  58. straight from WIKI. Fox is a good coach,

    John Fox era (2002–2010)

    After Seifert was fired following the disastrous 2001 season, the Panthers hired New York Giants defensive coordinator John Fox as the team’s third head coach. Fox was known for defensive discipline and it would be needed to improve a team that had finished in the bottom of the defensive rankings the previous year.

    In 2002, Fox’s defense-first philosophy worked well as the Panthers improved to 7–9 (a six-game improvement over the previous year) and posted the second-best overall defense in the league after having the second-worst the previous season. In the 2003 season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Panthers were losing 17–0. Jake Delhomme replaced Rodney Peete at quarterback by halftime, then led the Panthers to a fourth quarter comeback, thus winning the starting job. Delhomme eventually led the team to an 11–5 record, the NFC South Division title and a playoff berth.

    In the playoffs, they easily defeated the Cowboys in the wild-card round before facing the St. Louis Rams in the divisional round. Carolina had an 11-point lead in the last 3 minutes of play, but a the Rams tied the game and sent it to overtime. In the first play of the 2nd overtime, Jake Delhomme hit Wide receiver Steve Smith with a 69-yard touchdown pass to win the game 29–23. In the NFC Championship game, the Panthers faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Panthers shut down the Eagles offense and, with a victory, headed to their first Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. The multiple close games, won either in overtime or with a slim margin, gave way to a new nickname for the Panthers: the “Cardiac Cats.” In the end the Panthers fell 32–29 to the Patriots in the Super Bowl XXXVIII

    In 2004, the Panthers suffered major injuries early on, and the Panthers finished the season 7–9. In 2005, however, the Panthers finished 11–5, securing themselves the NFC’s #5 seed. They began their post-season play by shutting out the Giants 23–0. They then defeated the Bears 29–21 in the Divisional playoffs, before falling to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship, losing 34–14.

    After finishing the 2006 and 2007 seasons with records of 8–8 and 7–9, respectively, the Panthers rebounded in the 2008 season, finishing the season with a 12–4 record, claiming the NFC South title and a first round bye in the playoffs. However, on the Panthers’ season came to a disappointing end, as they lost to the Arizona Cardinals 33–13 at Bank of America Stadium in the NFC Divisional playoff game. The Panthers’ offense was plagued by Quarterback Jake Delhomme’s six turnovers (five interceptions and a fumble).

    In 2009, the Panthers finished with an 8–8 record, before finishing 2010 with a disappointing record of 2–14; following the 2010 season, Jerry Richardson decided not to re-sign John Fox, whose contract had expired. After nine seasons with the Panthers, Fox finished with a record of 78–74 (including the playoffs), two division titles, and one Conference Championship

  59. I feel so bad for Broncos fans. It’s bad enough they had to watch Josh McDaniels dismantle the good part of their team which was their offense, now they have to watch a guy like John Fox who got fired from his last gig after throwing 4 QB’s under the bus for not being abled to run his horrible offenses destroy the 3 they have left. Without John Fox, Carolina is one of the top offenses in the league. That’s not a coincidence.

    I’m not a Teboy supporter or hater. I’m just saying if you’re the head coach and you don’t think the guy is any good, WHY ARE YOU PLAYING HIM? Wasn’t Brady Quinn a first round pick? Who cares if the fans complain, you know what will make them stop. WINNING GAMES!

  60. Imagine icing a coach on the sidelines for a couple of years and then abruptly activating him, expecting perfection. It’s not going to happen. This is what they’re expecting of Tim Tebow. The coaching staff needs to suck it up as T has on the sideline and let the man play out the season. He deserves the chance — otherwise, why did you draft him in the 1st place?

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