Kevin Kolb officially listed as doubtful

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The door on Kevin Kolb starting Sunday’s game against the Rams appears to be closing.

Kolb was listed as doubtful by the Cardinals on Friday, making it quite likely that John Skelton will get his first start of the season at quarterback. Kolb is battling turf toe and missed a third straight practice on Friday. Darren Urban of the Cardinals website quotes Skelton as saying that Kolb playing remains a “possibility,” but Urban thinks it would be an upset if Skelton isn’t under center.

The Cardinals have three other players listed as doubtful for the Rams game. Linebacker Joey Porter, tight end Rob Housler and fullback Anthony Sherman. Running back Beanie Wells and tight end Todd Heap are questionable and the Cardinals are hopeful that each of them will be able to play on Sunday.

24 responses to “Kevin Kolb officially listed as doubtful

  1. …..doubtful to ever succeed. So many people trahsed me for claiming this guy has nothing in his skill-set that makes him a franchise QB. Reid gave him nice gameplans when he had fill-in duties but to think he was worth all the $$$$$ and draft picks …. wow? AZ didn’t have to give him half that $ and he would of taken it. Larry Fitz deserves better.

  2. I can’t wait for next season, when all the people talking trash about Kolb look foolish.

    Give Kolb a year to get himself fully ready in the offense, and he’s going to be a stud. Jump on the bandwagon while it’s empty, folks.

  3. Kolb, 2010 week 1: I finally got the starting job!
    Kolb, 2011 week 1: I finally got the starting job for more than a week!
    Kolb, 2012 week 1: Sooner or later, Andrew Luck will get hurt and they’ll need me again.

  4. Kolb’s to play in this game? Doubtful

    Arizona’s Pass Defense? Injured Reserve

    Arizona Oline? “very questionable”

    Rams dominate? Probable

  5. Before the draft… Kevin Kolb is 100 times better than Cam Newton. I am glad the Panthers didn’t fall for the okie doke like the other teams who tried to make former Eagles their starting QB. Former Eagles QBs turn out to be expensive back-ups

  6. I hate to say it, but Cam definitely has way more upside, and current talent for that matter. I was one of the doubters and I’m not fully sold, but he’s winning me over as a player. That said neither one of them are winning games.In the end though, my bet is riding that Cam gets more wins this year though.

  7. The big intrigue will come into play if Skelton has a good game and the Cards win. Then we’ll have a quarterback controversy in Arizona. I hope Kolb is well enough to play the following week against the Eagles. It will be fun watching their front four chasing Kolb with a bad foot.

  8. Did someone honestly say give Kolb a year?? Lol he’s not a rookie nor is he gonna be Matt Schaub.. In all honesty, his ceiling is slightly higher than Jimmy Clausen’s

  9. I’ll never forget the look on Kolbs face after clay matthews put his head in the turf last year in philly….it was the look of “I don’t think I want do this QB’ing thing”. He’s a bum. Reid absolutely fleeced the cardinals…sucks too because I hate the eagles.

  10. Kevin Kolb isn’t the problem with the Cardinals. The horrifically bad offensive line is. The defense is kind of soft as well.

    No quarterback will look good here until they get rid of the crapfest that is Levi Brown and Brandon Keith

  11. Kevin Kolb is just another name on the long list of current NFL QBs who have gotten over exposure and hype when in reality they have done nothing really spectacular to deserve such high praise.

    Only difference is that he is a tier below the Matt Cassel, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Josh Freeman, Joe Flacco, and Colt McCoy of the world. This league contains too many overrated QB.

  12. Cardinal fans should be glad Kolb is listed as doubtful, maybe this will give them a chance to get a win. Kolb is a loser been in the league 5 years and still doesn’t understand the fundamentals, which includes footwork. It amazes me how people always want to look at this bum as a rookie. He is not a rookie, nor is he a starting qb for the NFL. I knew when the schedule came out, Kolb would never make it to the game against Philly. He should be arrested and charged for Grand Larceny. LOL LOL LOL

  13. Kolb has never shown any potential.. But thanks cards for DRC, you should of watched some game film and seen what we all seen when he was our QB.. Reid wins again!

  14. trbowman says:
    Nov 4, 2011 5:10 PM
    I can’t wait for next season, when all the people talking trash about Kolb look foolish.

    Give Kolb a year to get himself fully ready in the offense, and he’s going to be a stud. Jump on the bandwagon while it’s empty, folks.


    He has already had five years, so please don’t hold your breath.

  15. I told you Cardinal fans that you would have better chances of winning with Kolb doing what he knows how to do best, which is walking up and down the sidelines drinking gatorade, and someone else playing the qb position. He’s a loser nothing more.

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