Tarvaris Jackson gives himself an F


Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson wouldn’t give himself a passing grade if he were to assess how he’s played so far this season.

We’re a 2-5 team, and a quarterback’s [job] is to help the team win as much as possible,” Jackson told the Seattle Times. “We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but 2-5 is failing. So I guess I got an F right now.”

If Jackson gets an F, I’m not sure what grade Charlie Whitehurst would get. Jackson is 2-3 as the Seahawks’ starter this year, while Whitehurst is 0-2. And Jackson has more than 1,000 more passing yards than Whitehurst and a higher passer rating.

Jackson does allow that he seems to be making some progress.

“We’re getting better,” Jackson said. “We’re growing, and I’m feeling more and more comfortable each week. And the guys are feeling more and more comfortable in me. And the coach is gaining more trust in me. So that’s good. My whole thing is I’m always about wins.”

And in Seattle this year, wins have been hard to come by.

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  1. “If Jackson gets an F, I’m not sure what grade Charlie Whitehurst would get.”


    It’s easy enough to figure out.

    Jackson gets an “F+” & Whitehurst gets an “F-“…

  2. As a Niner fan, I felt less than threatened when I saw the Seahawks sign Jackson and the Cardinals pick up Kolb this past offseason.

  3. I think the headline should read, Tarvaris Jackson F’s Self; Vikings Fans Finally Satisfied

  4. By the way, on behalf of Raider Nation, thanks to the great Pete Carroll for Aaron Curry, dude is playing really well.

    All he needed was some coaching.

  5. Tarvaris Jackson gives himself an F but John Schneider and Pete Carroll gave him an $8M contract and made him the starter without a tryout.

    #Occupy CenturyLink Field

  6. Thing is Tavaris Jackson is a really nice guy, he’s a good person — all those intangibles.

    He’s just like Tebow (only a bit better as a QB) without the marketing…and I wonder what else?

  7. Jackson has actually looked pretty good the last four games in which he has played. They are only 1-3 over those games, though, so it is nothing to get too excited about. Since halftime of the Falcons game he has looked sharp and in control of the offense. Apparently, he is even calling the plays on the field during no huddle.

    The record certainly doesn’t reflect it because this is a young team that is making any mistake it can (penalties, dropped balls, special team gaffes). But Jackson has been pretty good. I like that he accepts responsibility for the record but he is actually a bright spot on the team thus far.

  8. Said it before, and I’ll say it again. Tarvaris Jackson will make a good backup QB. He’s just not consistent enough to be a starter.

  9. nevin999 says: Nov 4, 2011 7:50 AM


    If Aaron Curry was playing so well he wouldn’t have accepted a reduced salary.

    You realize he had to accept that salary before he actually played for the Raiders, right?

  10. 6 years as an “NFL QB” (sic) and he’s still getting an F, what more needs to be said TJoke???? other than, if the team is failing and the QB is getting an F, what should be said about the headcoach??? “Z”

  11. Curry, with seven tackles in two games as a Raider, is “playing well”?

    I guess Raider fans don’t have very high standards for LBs anymore.

    Using this standard, Carson Palmer did “OK” in throwing three picks in one half.

  12. Tarvaris Jackson is tough as nails, and his WR corp is laughably bad.

    I felt sorry for the guy last week.

  13. What about Darrell Bevell (Offensive coordinator) who should have known better after coaching him in Minnesota ? You know he must have been pushing to bring him in.

  14. nevin999 says: Nov 4, 2011 7:50 AM


    If Aaron Curry was playing so well he wouldn’t have accepted a reduced salary.
    Wow, that’s a real backassed way of thinking.

    I can’t believe anyone would even think like this, lol.

  15. You knew the Seahags were in trouble when they went into the season with T-Jack and Clipboard Jesus as their QB’s. What were they thinking??

  16. Actually Tarvaris has outplayed my expectations. It’s the O-line that deserves an F right now. I would give Tarvaris a C+ or a B-. Charlie Whitehurst? Let’s not even go there.

  17. Everyone in MN always thought he was a good guy and a solid citizen; however, we also thought he was nothing more than a solid backup NFL QB.

  18. Be honest would any of these quartebacks Jackson/Whitehurst/Grossman/Beck even make a elite team’s roster. Thumbs up for Yes, Thumbs down for No.

  19. Im waiting for the Pat White, Vince Young, and Jamarcus Russell articles. They usually follow Tarvaris articles.

  20. The sad part is Jackson is the 2nd best QB in the NFC West. Bradford, Jackson, Smith=Kolb. Atleast the Hawks have a chance to get their future QB in this years draft. AZ is stuck with Kolb and SF will be drafting late in the first round to get one of the top qb’s in this years draft.

  21. Tarvaris has played better and better each week. Why Pete Carroll chose to waste most of the first half on Whitehurst last week is beyond me. Jackson came in and it was night and day better.

  22. A lot of trash talking going on. I except that. But from vikings fans? Wtf? Really? From the team that started favre the dinosaur? Mcnabb? Ummmm.. Our teams have the same record. Back off while we experiment

  23. As a Seahawks fan, I hope Jackson sticks around a bit. Clearly, we’re going to be bringing in a rookie or a free agent (Matt Flynn?) in the offseason, and we’ll need a veteran backup and/or someone to stand in while the new guy gets his feet under him.

    Not the greatest starting QB, but he could be a very good long-term solution as a backup.

  24. I am a Vikings fan and I have always liked Jackson. I am one of the ones that felt he didn’t get a fair shot. I was happy for him to get a deal with Seattle and get to start fresh.

    Anyone complaining about Jackson’s consistancy in Minnesota never really paid attention to what was going on in Minnesota. Jackson was never really allowed to really take over the team. He was only put in after injurys, and Childress constantly brought in old retreads ahead of him. Minnesota never showed any real faith in Jackson, and if he blinked wrong, Chilly would bench him.

    That is not to say that I think Jackson is the next Manning, or that he will miraculously start playing like a Pro-bowler. But, I think that if he can build some confidence and get confortable with some receivers he can be a decent starter. He is ok in the pocket and can move when he has to while staying quite accurate on the move (probably more accurate than he is standing in the pocket). His arm strength is underrated, but he does have some significant accuracy issues that he needs to work out.

    When Seattle signed Jackson I was actually kind of rooting for them a little (not too much because my second team is the Cardinals), but then they stole Rice from us, too, and I stopped rooting for them. Still, I don’t think that all of the criticism of Jackson is fair. Some of it is, but not all.

  25. joetoronto says:
    Nov 4, 2011 7:32 AM
    By the way, on behalf of Raider Nation, thanks to the great Pete Carroll for Aaron Curry, dude is playing really well.

    All he needed was some coaching.

    Raiders fans must have some low expectations.

  26. Yeah, a week and a half of coaching taught Aaron Curry, a dude who has been playing football his entire life, how to tackle. Curry has 3 tackles with the Raiders. What a turnaround! Give me a break. Guy is just bad at football.

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