Teammates held intervention about Hillis’ attitude


Peyton Hillis’ latest practice injury was not his most humbling moment of the week.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that eight Browns veterans held an intervention-style meeting with Hillis on Wednesday to discuss the running back’s lousy attitude in an effort to improve his focus.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” one Browns player told Silver. “Last year, Peyton was such a positive, inspirational force on our team – but now he’s like a different guy.

“It’s like he’s in a funk that he can’t get out of, and it’s killing us, because we really need him. And we’ve told him that. But we’re at the point where we just don’t know what to do.”

Sometimes “distractions” get overplayed in the media, but this is a clear case where Hillis’ desire for a new contract has affected Cleveland’s season.

The latest annoyance came last Sunday in San Francisco. Hillis and quarterback Thaddeus Lewis were seen holding a contest during warmups to see who could throw footballs off the crossbar better.  Hillis was inactive for the game with a hamstring injury.

“It was a bad look,” another player said, “and it did not sit well with any of us.”

The meeting with Hillis was reportedly positive, but it’s remarkable the players had to hold it.  Silver describes a locker room that has grown weary of Hillis’ attitude and suspicious of his behavior.

“A few guys tried to talk to him, to make him understand the best way to go about things is to put your head down and do the best you possibly can,” said All-Pro tackle Joe Thomas.

The inference is that Hillis hasn’t been doing his best to this point. Fair or not, his latest injury isn’t going to Hillis’ chances of regaining the trust of his teammates.

62 responses to “Teammates held intervention about Hillis’ attitude

  1. The only thing Hillis has done right this year is look great on the cover of one of the most popular video games of all time. Other than that, he has been a huge disappointment

  2. Running backs come and go. No team is going to put up with baby games, especially from this guy who has all of one decent year under his Madden cursed belt.


  3. He is in a bad place between the HGH biscuits and the heavy drinking like on Halloween when he dressed up as Mike Alstott and got black out drunk instead of going to his own boys & girls club event.

  4. No one gets a big new deal after one break out season. You gotta back that up and the money will take care of itself.

  5. I don’t know how people didn’t see him as a one-hit wonder. It’s back to being a scrub for him. The Browns have a solid line, it doesn’t take a great back to take advantage of the holes. Also how the hell did he even get on the Madden cover?

  6. Please stop with this Madden curse nonsense. The curse need not apply to players who had no business being on the cover in the first place!

  7. I really hope things work out for him. I would much rather see Hillis have a good career over CJ. If this guy fails we’re gonna see too many young RBs do the same thing CJ did and that’s just bad for the league and for young fans out there.

  8. The guy could have clinical depression. Big moods swings, drinking to try to make it go away, seems like a different person within the course of a year or less could all be due to that.

    It might be more than just, “I want a new contract”. Bad contracts don’t create these problems. But depression (and not just being depressed) might.

  9. Enough with the Peyton Hillis stories. The guy is a one-hit-wonder. Elite players are consistent and this guy has been a 3rd wheel his whole career. He got traded for Brady Quinn for God’s sake. Maybe players should all have incentive laden contracts that pay them PER GAME. No more of this “I did this last year”, “I rushed for 2000 yards 2 years ago”, “Al Davis paid him QB money, so I want it too”. You should get paid for what you did on Sunday of the current season of the current year.

  10. He needs to change his posse or fire his agent or something. Pretty soon he’ll be sitting on the front porch telling little kids how he could throw a football over Lake Erie.

  11. Wow, maybe now we know why he was traded from Denver. I always thought that was weird to get rid of him for B.Q…. Looks like the Broncos got the last laugh afterall.

  12. I just want to to take this opportunity to thank GOD for allowing EA sports to rig the “Madden Cover Vote” and letting Hillis grace the cover instead of Vick.


    Dedicated Birds fan

  13. Quit it, Hillis, or you’ll be loading boxes on trucks at a local warehouse with the rest of them!!!

  14. Back in the day we called this a “head case”.

    Perhaps the Broncos weren’t so stupid after all.

  15. i’d take him tomorrow if we could afford him. can’t begrudge a guy too much considering the average nfl rb’s lifespan is like 2.5 years. might as well save the hits until you get paid something. even the titan threw 2mm or so to CJ2K as a bonus to keep him happy.

    haters hate all you want….blah blah balh. worse comes to worse you have a fullback that is capable of running for 1k yards. the greatest show on turf had that with the fb that went on to denver to be a hb. the art of the fullback is lost. again at the least he is a poor man’s mike alstott and at best he is close to what he was last year.

  16. Running backs need to understand their situation: fungible. Hillis can thank Chris Johnson for the fact that he isn’t going to get a huge contract. Some undrafted guy from a small school is just chomping at the bit to replace him.

    Hillis’ game plan, get what you can and then earn it.

  17. HGH testing is coming and the players know it and I suspect Hillis may be coming off PED’s. Mood swings, the drop-off in play, increase in injury, and trying to get paid NOW isn’t the most solid evidence for HGH or PED use, but smells like smoke to me.

  18. He definitely has a drinking problem, was I the only one who felt he was a bit drunk during last year’s draft when they had to pull him out to announce the Brown’s selection?

  19. Rodgers/Vick/Brees/SeahawkFans/Peterson/Suh all could have been on the cover of one of the biggest video games of the year….

    instead, the doofus fans decided to vote for a 1 hit wonder HB… smh

  20. Remember when he seemed like a humble, blue-collar player last year? I think that he’s showing his true colors now, and I won’t miss him when he’s gone.

  21. what cost more…. giving him a contract extension before this season and having a happy productive Hills….or the games they are losing because he the lack of a contract extension has caused him almost an entire unproductive year?

  22. This is not just the Madden Curse!!!! It’s a new level of the it. He has the Madden Diseasse and all he hears in his head is “BOOM”, resulting him having a bad attitude and mad at everyone.

  23. “I could get hurt next year, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with the curse,” he added. “I’m a Christian man and I don’t believe anything could be put in front of me that God can’t take away. I would love to prove everyone wrong and have an exceptional year and not get hurt…

    Rather than worrying about the curse, Hillis has been busy working out and trying to improve his Madden 12 skills.

    “I’m good enough now to beat my brother,” Hillis said in the New York Times article. “That’s the most important thing.”

  24. second thought……this is a prelude to what is going to happen in the near future especially with the new CBA that limits rookie contracts. don’t get me wrong it is very good to have the jamarcus russel clause in every contract but what happens if say Luck comes out and wins passing titles and mvps and what have you during his rookie/sophmore year. should he pay for way under market?

    again the jamarcus russel contract was insane…..but how crazy is it when guys way way way outplay their contract like hillis or jackson and mccoy from the eagles? especially with all of the injuries and trauma to the head and neck… can only take so many hits. if i’m fast willy parker or tom brady back in the 6th round should i have to suffer because Mel Kipper doesn’t think i walk on water?

  25. What a dumbA! Can you believe this idiot! Gosh, words can’t describe what a turd this guy is.

    On Chris Johnson, I know someone who knows Chirs Palmer, the offensive coordinator for the Titans, and Palmer said that Johnson showed up in WOEFUL shape and was not even close to football ready for conditioning…..

  26. I’m not defending Chris Johnson, he’s been embarrassing this year and is the poster boy for why owners are reluctant to pay overachieving RBs. But I do wonder why CJ gets killed every week by fans and analysts while nary a word is said about Peyton Hillis who misses games for the most unsusbstantial of reasons.

  27. Could we stop with the “madden curse” everytime there is an article on Hillis. We all get it ,he was on the cover and now, well you know…

  28. The Madden Curse takes a new direction this year. Forget about injuries, this years cover boy is even a bigger mental case than Vince (mama’s boy) Young.

  29. As much as i hate to admit it, i think Hillis(and a LOT of other NFLers) have been banging HGH in an effort to compete.

    And Hillis does act like someone with underlying issues like manic-depression. If so, he needs to treat that first and foremost.

    Also- it probably doesn’t help that he’s likely only making veteran’s minimum.

    And being on the EA cover, being the first 1000-yard white RB in 25 years, the prejudice he faced from opponents of color on every down…

    …..all likely added up to more than a regular-kinda-guy could handle. Hillis might have flat-out cracked under the pressure.

    I feel for him. Hope he gets right. And I hope he gets his job back. The Browns could sure use him.

  30. This guy is going to be unemplyed next year along with Brandon Jacobs. Theyll both be fighting for leage minum to be a 3rd option. Positive attitude leads to positive results. Being a jerk gets you no symapthy from the people who sign your check. Stick a fork in him

  31. “It’s like he’s in a funk that he can’t get out of, and it’s killing us, because we really need him. And we’ve told him that. But we’re at the point where we just don’t know what to do.”

    Hey, here’s an idea …… Hillis wants to get paid, and he’s clearly letting that affect his play.

    How ’bout you teammates get together and chip in the extra money yourselves?

    Problem solved.

  32. Hillis isn’t a complete idiot….he’s taking the Browns for a ride this season. Barely practicing, much less playing in games (and when he has played, he sucks)…Hillis is still drawing a check. The beauty of Hillis’ plan is that as long as he’s “injured,” the Browns can’t suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team.

  33. I also think he is coming down off of PED’s; he came out of nowhere last year, and now he is a complete mess. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up “accidentally” overdosing on something. I hope he has good friends/family around to keep an eye on him.

  34. I may be mistaken but doesn’t Madden allow
    weekly updates? Just trying to figure out how
    “The Intervention ” will be worked into the game.

  35. Wow thats crazy Ive never heard of team having to do that to straight out 1 guy. Ive heard of plays calling a meeting to straight the entire teams effort and attitude but never just 1 guy. Im sure it happens but you never here the players talking about. You never heard about guys taking VY or TO or Pacman or Ochocinco aside and straightening them out. So Hillis must have really been rubbing his teammates the wrong way for him to get put to tasked in front of everyone like this.

    Its either going to work and get Hillis back on track or its going to blow up big in Cleveland. Me personally If I got pulled a side by my teammates privately and was confronted about what I was doing I would probably try to evaluate my self and make a change, but if that happened and then someone went public with it like they did to Hillis they would be wishing I was still acting like I was before. I would freak the F out. I would be in the middle of the locker room yelling “whos the coward that went to the media and talked about me anonymously ” I wouldnt stop until some stepped up either. It would be bad.

    Hillis has every right to do it too. The guy talking about him is now creating a bigger distraction then he did in the first place. If Im a Cleveland Im hoping the guy who said what he said steps up because the longer it goes on without Hillis knowing the worst it will get. Because it wont be just 1 guy hes mad at he’ll be looking at everyone like they were the ones running their mouth. That will drive a guys nuts and make him do some pretty destructive things.

  36. This really should come as no surprise to anyone who did their homework. He was an all-world recruit at Arkansas and when Felix Jones and Darren McFadden came in and took his job, he pouted like a little bitch because he had to move to fullback, and pouted for the remainder of his college career.

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