The next “Pay the man” campaign: Arian Foster

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There isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to what players get a “Pay the Man” campaign built around them.

No one cares Wes Welker is wildly underpaid. The Matt Forte contract chatter, on the other hand, is a national discussion. (When LeBron James chimes in, you know things have reached critical mess.)

Ray Rice, whose situation is very comparable to Forte, is in the last year of his contract. No one is campaigning for him.

The next running back likely to get a big public contract push is Arian Foster. Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle writes that it’s about time to show Foster the money.

As an undrafted player, Foster has been playing catchup since he entered the league three seasons ago. The Texans weren’t ready to hand him an extension after his monster 2010 season.

Foster is coming off the October AFC Offensive Player of the Month award.  His hamstring troubles and talk that Ben Tate might replace Foster as a starter are distant memoies.

If he keeps running like this, we’d expect the Texans to reward him before the 2012 season starts.

39 responses to “The next “Pay the man” campaign: Arian Foster

  1. lost in all this Matt Forte shuffle is the fact that Brian Urlacher is in a contract year as well.

  2. He deserves to get paid and has shown he is the real deal. If he takes them on a January ride, his pay day will be even greater. I would love to see Houston finally get to the playoffs and hopefully knock off some of the same old faces; time for new blood to emerge.

  3. Considering the classy nature of his public comments on the matter of getting paid (stating how his salary is so much more than the average American, he’s not worried about trying to push for more), the team should make a point of rewarding him as soon as possible. When a player acts this way and says these things, teams should reward that player as quickly as they can, in order to attempt to set an example for other players. Teams are never happy when a player makes a stink in the media about his contract or holds out. If they dislike players going that route in order to get a new contract, they should initiate negotiations and reward a player when he does the exact opposite.

  4. Arian is a class act guy. I imagine that if he gets paid, he’s going to keep performing. I don’t see him pulling a Chris Johnson here. I see him continuing to be a workhorse throughout his career. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  5. Chris Johnson looks like a genius compared to these guys. Get old, hurt or your production goes down and see how fast that contract gets terminated or renegotiated ie reduced.

  6. “No one cares Wes Welker is wildly underpaid.”


    Of course he is. Look at who he plays for…

  7. Why should any RB not on a clear HOF path get paid anything above his current deal?

    Why should a RB on a clear All Pro path with a crap rookie deal play a game that turns your brain into mush on said deal?

    I can see both sides but can’t see how these impasses will be resolved without lengthy holdouts, fake injuries, or RBs being ran into a pulp then dumped.

  8. If I were the Texans, and had Ben Tate readily available, I would ride Foster ’til the end of his contract, then watch as someone overpays for Foster as I put Tate in the backfield. The Texans seem to be the new Broncos of this decade, plug anyone in behind that line, and watch them succeed(not that Foster and Tate don’t have the talent). I would definitely take my chances on that scenario.

  9. If I’m a GM I would never ante up huge long term $ for a RB. Too risky at that position. Someone as good as AP is the exception but Foster, CJ, Rice? No way no how.

  10. anyone who said fred jackson should get paid before arian is crazy…fred is 31,hes gettin a franchise tag for one more yr then the boot outta town..sorry fred its just business

  11. All of these “Pay the man” campaigns are for RB! It’s like owners and GM’s realize most RB can be replaced by younger, cheaper options without losing much production or something!

    For every CJ2k that gets paid, there is a younger, hungrier Javon Ringer just waiting to be able to get enough touches to prove himself.

  12. No way Fred Jackson deserves to be paid before Foster. Jackson is older, getting paid more and wont be a stud in 4 years. Foster is a good guy who is producing like a top 5 back and is getting paid the least out of all of them. Plus he has only been in the league 3 years!

  13. seanb20124 says: Nov 4, 2011 1:49 PM

    Running backs should never get a big payday!! See Chris Johnson

    What about Peterson?

  14. I think McNair will reward Foster if he is still standing at the end of the year. Either way, the Texans can use the RFA tag on him for ’12, so he’s not going anywhere.

    Rough business, but it swings both ways. CJ2K is vastly over paid for current production, but I doubt he’s going to give any of that money back, so I can’t blame owners/GM’s to be hesitant to pay big bucks for RB’s.

  15. The question should be who is more likely to get paid? Teams like the bears we all know don’t want to dish out money, Urlacher, Briggs, Forte, and Jay Cutler are all big names in this business and I’m almost for certain these guys well want to go somewhere else, because all of them have expressed their hatred in how the Bears negotiate contracts! Foster seems like he’ll be the likely candidate to get his money as for the rest of them, see you on a new team soon.

  16. Urlacher’s contract goes through the end of 2012. Cutler’s 2013.

    Lance Briggs had best shut his yapper – as he’s not getting paid jack spit.

    Forte will get tagged twice if he doesn’t want to sign for what the Bears offer. Personally, I feel the guy deserves $18Mil guaranteed. The problem is he’ll be 26 at the end of this season. They tag him twice, he concludes that second season at 28.

    bearsrulepackdrool says: Nov 4, 2011 1:11 PM lost in all this Matt Forte shuffle is the fact that Brian Urlacher is in a contract year as well.

  17. Anyone can flourish in that system tho. Steve slaton can ben tate can, mike anderson can, olandish gary can , clinton protis can, tatum bell can, hell even ron dayne could, mike bell can, ryan torain can, roy helu will. But other than that he is one hell of a football player and will be one rich on of a bitch

  18. The only person with more yards from scrimmage that Fred Jackson is Matt Forte. I agree with xstaticonradio. Fred deserves to be paid first.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, this is the final year of Foster’s contract. He is keeping up his end of the bargain and is playing out the final year (unlike many players who start asking for a new contract with a year, or 2, or even 3 years left on the original deal). He isn’t jawing about it in the media, or giving less than 100% (see Peyton Hillis). I don’t believe he’s a “plug and play” RB…the product of a zone blocking scheme (although that doesn’t hurt!). Foster has been a life-saver, helping to make up for the loss of Andre Johnson. He’s sure-handed, and by all appearances- a good teammate. If anyone deserves a new deal, it’s Adrian Foster.

  20. Wow. With the campaigns for Forte, Foster, McCoy, CJ, Fred Jackson and DeSean Jackson at full boil, I can’t even imagine what will happen in about five years. The guys who become stars while playing under the even smaller rookie contracts under the new deal are going to raise holy hell.

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