Bench warrant issued for T.O.


It’s been an odd month for receiver Terrell Owens.  From another reported drug overdose that was — or wasn’t — a suicide attempt to a public workout for NFL teams that no NFL teams attended to his quarterback from 2010 claiming that the Raiders wouldn’t sign T.O. because there’s no other receiver whom the Raiders can afford to lose to the Raiders signing receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh and cutting receiver Derek Hagan to T.O. suing an attorney who allegedly coaxed him into investing $2 million into a failed electronic bingo hall, Owens has seen better collections of days.

But the man who despite developing a reputation for being a troublemaker has never gotten in trouble off the field finally has.  According to TMZ, a bench warrant has been issued for Owens’ arrest after he failed to show up for an October 24 child support hearing in California.

Per the report, Owens claims that the hearing conflicted with his public tryout.  Apart from the fact that the workout occurred not on October 24 but on October 25, life often requires some rock-scissors-paper-style prioritizing.  In this case, going to court when required to do so is Gibraltar, and a voluntary public workout that can easily be rescheduled is a left-handed pair of kindergarten safety scissors.

Owens apparently contends that the support obligation at issue is based on income he was earning several years ago while playing for the Cowboys.  But that’s no excuse for blowing off the hearing.  As he soon will learn.

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  1. T.O.’s not doing well without having football in his life. Hurting for money, unsettled. I hope he finds some balance soon.

  2. Lets face it, the guy has been a headcase since the big catch in the playoffs many years ago.

    I won’t miss him.

  3. Obviously, TO is on the downside of his career as his age is working against him.
    At his age, his life experiences should be leading him to make better choices for non football related issues..
    Unfortunately, I see a huge train wreck for him when he is finally done with football. Hope I am wrong!

  4. this month’s events will probably finish off his career unless

    – someone goes short a WR when they are on the edge for playoffs AND
    -TO is still in shape AND
    – there is no one else available AND
    -TO is alive AND
    -not in jail AND
    – he accepts like 20K a game

  5. Some team will bail him out by signing him, and what they’ll get for their charity is a guy that will kill their franchise. TO just cant help it, he drops a pass it’s the QBs, i’d rather take my chances with a young guy and not some broken down has been with a terrible track record.

  6. In this case, going to court when required to do so is Gibraltar, and a voluntary public workout that can easily be rescheduled is a left-handed pair of kindergarten safety scissors.


    That was clever.

  7. T.O. has always struggled with wanting to me famous or known as “the best”, he lives for attention……..I suspect with being faced with his career being over, financial problems, etc. etc. that we may soon be reading about a successful suicide attempt next.

  8. Who says rock-SCISSORS-paper anyway!?
    Maybe its just me, and maybe I’m just nitpicking out of bordem, but isn’t it rock-PAPER-scissors?

  9. That’s ok T.O. I crucified my kids mom in court just bc I could. It was symbolic of all the decent dads out there that get screwed over by the system.

  10. I think he’d be a good signing for the right team. Appears he would be extremely motivated to prove himself since he’s broke.

  11. >What a Loser

    He may be a mess in eveyday life, but have some respect.

    6-time Pro Bowler & 5-time First-Team All-Pro

    Weighted Career AV (100-95-…): 119 (45th overall since 1950)

    1078 receptions, 15,943 yds, 14.3 yds/reception, 153 TDs

  12. The analogy works. Those left-handed scissors in kindergarten were absolutely useless. They were of no benefit to the people trying to use them to accomplish their goals. Just like that public workout.

  13. “Well, I wish T.O. luck, and I was never chasing after Terrell Owens”
    -Hue Jackson ( a couple of days after the T.J. Houshmanzadeh signing)

  14. Hurtin for money? I thought his reality show was a big hit?

    Ohhhhhh, wait, the good one was Ochostinko’s version of ‘The Bachelor’

    Baha just kidddin they both suck.
    Give up T.Ochostinko!

    Whatever happened to the good Vh1 shows like ‘Flavor of Looove’?

  15. And YOU media clowns stay close to him becuz he’s not well spoken and you can paraphrase him and make a story out of it. So what there’s a bench warrant issued? Is this a story developing? not

  16. I thought he had 25 million reasons to live? As much money as these guys make, I don’t feel bad at all. Live within your means TO. The rest of us have to.

  17. Its bad when you people purposely want a person to fail because of there past mishaps on old teams… All of you who don’t even know this man want him to fail in life. I hope you all Bare the consequences of wishing fail on someones life ! Get your lives to get as* holes I hope T.O. gets a shot on a team and reclaims his life on the field despite what he did, Fu*k what yall think

  18. People have been writing how sorry they feel for this guy. Sorry, but I just can’t. Not even a little.

    He had it all – talent, fame, money, and he just p*ssed it all away. He’s just an insecure, arrogant, attention seeking clown.
    Not to mention that he punk’d every team he ever played for, generally disrespected the game, threw teammates under the bus whenever it suited him, and pretty much incinerated every bridge he ever saw.

    Shoe’s on the other foot now Me-O.
    So ..screw YOU.

  19. So, in the 3-4 years since he was with the Cowboys he hasn’t bothered to file for a reduction in Child Support? That’s what you are supposed to do when your income changes or you lose your job.

  20. Btw, enough of this T.J. over T.O. crap!!!!

    Carson can’t hurt the feelings of his current #1 & #2 receiver!!!!! Especially, when he’s the new guy!!!!

    Btw, YOU CAN’T COMPARE T.J.’s skills to T.O.!!!! T.J. is not a good player anymore!!!!!

    T.O. is, but because the Raiders already have a #1 & #2 you can get rid of the #3 or #4 receiver. According to scout Russ Lande, T.J. is a #3 or # 4!!! T.J. has been passed over by New England, the New York Giants, and San Francisco for a reason!!!! His skills are NOT meant for a #1 or #2 receiver!!!

  21. T.O , Allen Iverson and manny rameriz are all alike, Hall-A-Famers, but have trouble in the headlines, how ironic tho, those are my fav players from each of them sports, lol am I trouble also……

  22. As an Eagles fan, I loathed TO when he played for us, but I just can’t help but feel sorry for him now. He’s just another misguided human being, there are many. The difference is that he’s living out his mistakes in public, with everyone watching and criticizing, and his personality won’t let him do it any other way. I’m impressed with so many on this site; more compassion than I expected. Like others, I worry about the mental instability angle. Hope it turns out OK (and that he stays away from Philadelphia!)

  23. These guys might be pure physical talents, but above the neck they have nothing going on up there!

  24. TO is in an unfortunate situation…whether I like to admit or not I have watched both seasons of the TO show…its a good insight into his life and if a lot of commenters had watched it they would speak differently of him…

    his biggest misgiving is that he has been a bit immature and had no one giving him the direction he needs…his advisors have led him to bad investments, he supports almost his entire family, kids, parents, cousins, grandparents, and recently sold one of his own houses to make sure his other family members can keep theirs (that he pays for no less), he recently had friends steal his credit card and run up tens of thousands of dollars in charges, but he doesnt want to turn them into the police because he says they just needed the money more than he did.

    unfortunately it took until he was about 35 to mature and become a good teammate like he was in Cincy and Buffalo where no negative stories came out during either season, but this knee injury just came at a bad time for him…

    Good luck TO…hope you get straight before something unfortunate happens

  25. I don’t like this guy, but really don’t want to see him self-destruct. Hope someone can intervene and help him accept that–even if he manages to get signed short-term–he may soon have to transition to a less public, less opulent lifestyle.

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