Dolphins deny claim that Henne “packed it in”


Leave it to the Dolphins to help spice up an otherwise boring afternoon.

The 0-7 team, which should have better things to worry about the day before a game against the surging Chiefs in Kansas City, has issued a statement refuting not a published report or something from a national TV broadcast but an apparent off-the-cuff remark made by former NFL quarterback Jim Miller on a Miami radio station.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Miller said on 640 Sports that Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne “packed it in” after suffering a shoulder injury earlier this year.  Writes Salguero, “Miller said Henne knew the Dolphins weren’t going to re-sign him and therefore he decided not to risk further injuring himself longterm.”

Amazingly, the Dolphins saw fit to respond.

“The report that Chad Henne should have played with his injury is totally false and the speculation of the nature of that injury is not correct,” said the team in a statement.  “The medical staff made it clear to Chad that he could not play with his injury and that his only option was surgery.”

It’s not the first time Miller has made a few waves.  Last year, he reported (or maybe didn’t) that former Vikings quarterback Sage Rosenfels said then-current Vikings coach Brad Childress is “clueless.”  Miller later retracted the report, and Rosenfels strongly denied to PFT that he ever said anything to Miller about Childress.

In this instance, it’s unclear whether Miller is expressing an opinion or sharing inside information.  Either way, why do the Dolphins care?  As Salguero points out, Henne won’t be back next year.  And he won’t be back this year.  So none of it matters.

Unless, of course, the team is so concerned about being accused of a “Suck for Luck” agenda that it is poised to pounce on any shred of direct or circumstantial evidence that could be used to support a case that the team deliberately tried to make itself non-competitive.  Given the gap between Henne and Matt Moore, any suggestion that Henne was shut down when maybe he shouldn’t have been will be enough to make the Dolphins more than a little nervous.

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  1. During the lockout, on the sat radio show he co-hosted, Miller trashed his credibility with me by stating stuff that was clearly incorrect but which happened to fit his pro-player agenda. It happened more than once.

  2. Shouldn’t you have said, “Leave it to Jim Miller to spice up an otherwise boring afternoon”? Exactly what did the Dolphins do that was even remotely interesting?

    Just lose tomorrow and hope the Colts win. That’s all we’re worried about.

  3. I don’t buy this at all, it doesn’t make sense. If it’s true that Henne thinks the Dolphins aren’t re-signing him next year, then he’d fight to get on the field so he could showcase himself for other teams. He was having his best season.

  4. I hope Henne does leave Miami after this season and goes somewhere he can get really solid coaching. I believe the guy has a lot to offer. Miami’s decision to bring in Reggie Bush and try to make him their featured every-down back simply convinced me that there’s no professional coaching going on there.

  5. I hope they resign him. He could start until the new kid is ready and Henne would be one of the better back-up QBs in the league. He could embrace the role like Strock did.

  6. Henne is a career backup. His play at the end of the Browns game where he had a chance to get the team in FG range but went 4 and game over was what he is all about.

  7. Henne did NOT pack it in… it’s obvious he was genuinely injured, and it doesn’t matter anyway, he’s gone.

    The Phins ARE worried about being branded suck4luck…

    because it’s true…..

    Ross probably restricted spending (they came in 10M under cap) and gave Sparano the extension in exchange for an effort to stage the team for a rebuilding year that includes Luck….

    why else would Sparano be:
    – saying the worst coaching quotes in NFL history like “I got no idea whats wrong”
    – ignoring the things they most need in preseason with half hearted acquisitions: QB and O line.
    – doing who knows what behind the scenes with play packages and personnel decisions and whatever else

    the Phins are blatantly suck4luck…. no question

  8. Henne isn’t any good and never will be. He had plenty of time to show something and during that time he made Dolphins fans yearn for Chad Pennington. He’ll be fortunate to even make an NFL roster next year.

  9. Just to think the Dolphins could have had Matt Ryan in that draft they took an OL with the 1st overall pick then drafted Henne in the 2nd.

    Yup, that Bill Parcells certainly knows talent.

  10. Its so nice to read what DonRSD had to say about Eli and Henne shoulder injury’s, I guess he will add Medical Doctor to his name, dude, you have no clue, all shoulder injury are not the same. Bill

  11. Henne would have turned the corner and would have been a pretty good QB if the fins could have closed the deal and brought Harbaugh in to coach him up.

  12. Henne was a victim of terrible coaching. Henning, Dabol & Sporano should not even be in the NFL.
    He also has had the worst personell guys in Parcells & Ireland. There is no talent what so ever on offense.
    It also didn’t help that the bonehead owner said he was better than Marino & predicted a superbowl.
    I actually feel bad for Henne.

  13. trbowman says:
    Nov 5, 2011 1:38 PM
    “Leave it to the Dolphins to help spice up an otherwise boring afternoon.”

    Not a college ball fan, eh?


    That Alabama-LSU “game of the century” was a FG forced, fraud OT snooze fest.

    A fan of GOOD college ball, last minute scores with PASSING, kick off returns, you know..Excitement.

  14. Henne may have but the team hasn’t. Cmon they had a lead in every game this year. Dolphins play tough, but I don’t give them any chance in Kansas City.

    CHIEFS are strong at home! Matt Moore will show his inexperience for sure, or I should say Crennell will force the Dolphins to make Moore throw more than he should, by stacking that box. Moore will see single coverage but I don’t see him getting it done.

  15. The “Suck for Luck” is a red herring as far as coaches and players are concerned. Almost 100% want to win every game. Their careers are on the line. Think it’s possible for an owner/GM to conspire to tank their team without a single player or coach saying anything? I don’t.

    I listened to Miller late yesterday. An MD called in to say that while rare, there are non-throwing shoulder separations that require surgery. Miller’s response was to insist that the injury wasn’t a separation and that if the Phins didn’t tell the public what it really is then they’re tanking. I lose respect for Miller almost every time he talks.

  16. gmen1987 says:
    Just to think the Dolphins could have had Matt Ryan in that draft they took an OL with the 1st overall pick then drafted Henne in the 2nd.

    Yup, that Bill Parcells certainly knows talent.
    Yeah, ’cause nothing says “Great Quarterback” like Matt Ryan, right?

    By the way, that “OL” Parcells drafted ahead of Matt Ryan wasn’t your average “slappy”, it was a guy named Jake Long.

    Maybe you’ve heard of him?

  17. I just got surgery on a torn labrum on my right shoulder (throwing arm). I played three years of football on it and I waited until my junior year to get it fixed. I’m 16 years old, you mean to tell me, I’m tougher than him? I’m glad he got his surgery now, without Matt Moore as the starter idk if we(the Dolphins) would have gotten a win. Best of luck to Henne, just somewhere other than South Beach.

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