Bill Polian blasts “rats who lie about people”


After Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, the ninth of the season for Indianapolis, Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian had some cryptic comments that may or may not have had something to do with a Sunday item from Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star in which Kravitz blasts G.M. Chris Polian, arguing that Chris Polian has his job only because of nepotism, and that the decline of the franchise has coincided with Chris Polian’s ascension through the ranks.

Bill Polian, via, said, “Some people are just rats who lie about people.'”  Polian said the the team’s job is to ‘throw the rats in the sewer.'”

The remarks apparently were gratuitous and/or unsolicited.  And the only plausible explanation is that the man who has nurtured his son now feels compelled to protect him.

It’s an admirable quality, but it’s another reason why the natural nepotism that occurs among NFL ownership has no place in football operations.

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  1. This quality of the offensive and defensive line is unacceptable. It all starts up front with blocking and tackling. And where is the running game of the colts or their run defense? Pathetic as always. This is a one dimensional team that scraped off of a All-NFL team player in Peyton Manning. The coaching staff needs to have players to put on the feel who can compete, and this team isn’t competitive, at all, in any way. The Polians are not in a position to dish out criticism, they are public figures who have done poorly with jobs that pay them millions.

  2. Bill Polian and Bill Belichick were considered geniuses once but both have been unmasked, to some degree, as frauds this year. These emperors have no clothes.

  3. Kravitz is a gifted, entertaining and candid sports writer for the Indianapolis Star. Hardly someone who I would refer to as a ‘rat’.

  4. I heard this statement on my drive home from the game. It was during Polian’s post-game commentary and frankly is pretty minor in the history of his rants.

  5. When I look at / Team / Staff page I see 4 Irsays + a Foyt (son-in-law) and 3 Polians.

    Bill Polian is the only one who earned their job by their own merit – the other 7 were given their jobs by their daddy!

    The worst thing about nepotism is that people think they earned their position and over exert their authority to disprove their own doubts about their abilities.

  6. What ever made Polian a genius? The fact he ended up with Manning? Whoop-dee-do! The guy is a major league jack off whose lack of leadership is setting up Indy for a long period of under performance. This is not a playoff calibre team even with Manning.

  7. Sorry bill… But Kravitz called it like it is.

    This team is so bad in so many areas… either you screwe*d it up, or your son did. Either way, don’t shoot the messenger…

  8. I think it’s safe to say that Baltimore misses the Colts, no more. What a joke of a “franchise”. In fact, and this isn’t to take away from Manning’s greatness before it all came to an end, but one Superbowl win in the last decade doesn’t go a long way to establishing much for that ownership.

  9. Mabey the Polians should explain why the team that they have built has lost every game with only 1 player out. I will admit it is the most important poss. On the team and proberly the best player to play the poss.. It appears that the rats are the people that want to call a sports writer out but won’t or cannot explain 9 losses from a team that has one 10 or better for 10 years. Its natural to want to protect your childern but this is a football team and a buiness. I want this team to compete I don’t want to watch my favrorit team loose because the people who pick our future players don’t have a clue it is poss. That the son is not as good as the dad. Just rember Polians if you don’t have the guts to answer the critics you proberly shouldn’t be calling them rats.

  10. Polian built the Bills of the 90s and Indy so what if he hired his son! You guys sucked for years before Polian got there. Be thankful, draft Luck and be great for another ten years!! Polian left Buffalo and weve sucked ever since

  11. To ruffbuffire you didn’t have his son.before his son look at our record with his sons calling the shots check our drafts and look at this season can you answer why 1 player can cause your team to go from a min. Of 10 game winning season to 9-0. You may say the players that we have but tell me who picked them. Even if we draft Luck do you think this team can go from worst in the leage to frist place the way they are picking our players you might want to check the way our picks have gone the last couple of years before you tell colts fans to chill.

  12. Bill Polian is a bully and a control freak. And why would anyone blame Chris Polian for anything? Bill makes all of the decisions. Enough said.

    You can count on Chris Polian never having the same authority or position he has today once Bill Polian retires.

    A.J. Smith fired Marty Schottenheimer after going 14-2 with the Chargers because Marty wanted to hire his brother Kurt Schottenheimer as the defensive coordinator. A.J. may have many enemies, but he has huge pair.

  13. Someone ask him at the next media gathering if he sends daily thank you cards and gift baskets to Peyton Manning for hiding what a piss poor talent evaluator he is.

  14. ruffbufffire says: Nov 6, 2011 10:14 PM

    Polian built the Bills of the 90s and Indy so what if he hired his son! You guys sucked for years before Polian got there. Be thankful, draft Luck and be great for another ten years!! Polian left Buffalo and weve sucked ever since

    Dude, spare me. Polian did not elevate this franchise. He drafted Manning. Manning elevated the franchise. You want proof, look at the Colts record this year. 0-9 because one player is out. That is inexcusable.

    Polian did a fine enough job building an offense for Manning in the early 00’s but never built a consistently good (or even decent) defense. And with the regression of guys like Dallas Clark it makes you wonder how good the offensive “stars” really are. Maybe they were just products of Manning?

    He is not some genius. He guessed right on a 50/50 pick in 1998 and somehow has parlayed that into being a “genius” of the draft. Give me a break.

  15. Just goes to show how good Peyton really is. He’s panned for only winnin one Super Bowl, but IMHO he’s never had the pieces BeDy has had. Plus, I am not a fan of the Colts coach. They have slowly gotten worse since he took over.

  16. People who say Peyton dont play D dont get it. He had long drives, not 3 and outs. Look at the opp possesions this year vs last. This D is always on the field, and always down! Cover 2 (with freeney and mathis) is built to have a lead and pass rush, and tackle. When your down 14-0 it dont work too good. 18=Priceless!

  17. Wow, PFT and its commenters make it seem as if Chris Polian was hired last week. Nobody seemed to complain about this when the Colts were winning (circa 1999-2010).

  18. The Rats are the Colts. 10-6 last year, and now they can’t win a single game. Coincidentally and completely unrelated, the worst team in the league this year will have the right to draft the most highly touted college QB since…Peyton Manning. Keep sandbagging it Colts, keep sandbagging it.

    At least Little NaPolian will become a genius when he drafts Luck.

  19. After reading Kravitz’ article again and again!!! All he did was lay out the facts with the draft. Most of the stuff is common knowledge to anyone at the complex from the janitor, food service even a secretary. Plus as one poster on the star indicated he over heard Chris’ incompentency at a restaurant on the West side. Pointing fingers is ridiculous, but name calling is fun for Bill!!!

  20. Does any of this matter???

    At the end of the year, Caldwell will be fired, (unfortunate but somewhat deserved) which will allow Bill to deflect all attention away from his son. Afterward, it will be business as usual.

    Problem solved.

  21. I hope Polian leaves, takes his son with him then laughs his azz off when he brings a super bowl to another city. Indy fans are spoiled. Suck for Luck and be happy

  22. thesportsguy52 says: Nov 7, 2011 1:32 AM

    Karma is a B. Should have stayed in Baltimore.

    Knock it off with this BS. The city of Baltimore was ready to declare imminent domain and steal the team from Bob Irsay. What was he supposed to do? Just let them take his NFL team from him? Do some research and understand what you’re talking about before opening your mouth.

  23. You linked / referenced Kravitz and StampedeBlue??? Those might be #1 and #2 on the Least Respected Sources for Colts Information to Colts Fans.

    Local Fans have NEVER liked Kravitz, and Colts Fans have turned 180 degrees on StampedeBlue over the past few years as it’s quality has evaporated.

    So essentially you made a story out of 1 unpopular writer being linked by another hated writer to make “News”? It might be “News-ish” at best.

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