Chris Polian catching more blame for the state of the Colts


With the Colts poised to fall to 0-9 via another blowout loss and, given the Dolphins’ win in Kansas City, to become the last remaining winless team in the NFL, G.M. Chris Polian is taking some heat for his role in the disintegration of the franchise.

As pointed out by Brad Wells of via email and Jason Whitlock of via Twitter, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star has crafted a compelling case for blaming the team’s current struggles on the son of Vice Chairman Bill Polian.

Based on interviews with several unnamed former Colts employees conducted in recent weeks, Kravitz writes that G.M. Chris Polian is a “toxic force who has brought this franchise to its knees for reasons other than Peyton Manning’s injury.”  Apart from Chris Polian’s decisions as the man in charge of personnel, Kravitz explains that damage was done as Chris Polian stood on his father’s shoulders to leapfrog others on the organizational chart.

“[S]ince he started moving up the organizational ladder in the early 2000s for no apparent reason other than being a Polian,” Kravtiz writes, “he has been instrumental in hastening the exits of scouts and assistant coaches who led the Colts to previous greatness.”

The ultimate issue — and problem — is nepotism.  An accepted practice for many NFL teams, the perception that one employee is getting special treatment based on his name and not his ability or his character can create a host of problems.  In Indianapolis, Bill Polian has engineered the handing of the baton to a member of his immediate family.

Though it’s hard to expect a man who owns the team simply because he inherited it from his father to shun the legend of the lucky sperm, it’s one thing to pass ownership from one generation to another.  It’s quite another to see the responsibility for running the business be assigned based on anything other than merit.

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  1. There’s no excuse for the Colts to be this bad, Peyton or not, and that has to fall on someone

  2. It’s hard to believe that the Colts can go from great to this bad because of one player. Of course we all realize were talking about Peyton Manning, but give me a break. What happened to playing defense? What happened to “Heart”? I have never really been a Colts fan, but this just reeks of ” Suck for Luck”. Jim Irsay and the Polian’s have to answer to their fans. Not me, but I’d be pissed if I were a Colts fan.

  3. Ah, nepotism. Such a wonderful thing. What could possibly go wrong with promoting somebody simply based on their last name? Things like talent and merit are overrated clearly.

  4. Think of it this way, Peyton kind of played defence for the Colts. He kept his off the field and the opposing offence off the field. Covering up how bad and lacking in depth the Colt defence may have been. Still, not having Peyton is no excuse for how far this team has fallen. They need to be put back together starting with the front office and coaching staff.

  5. How can you trust the decision making prowess of someone who decides to wear that type of hat?…..Unless they are wickedly fat, of course.

  6. It’s so clearly “Suck for Luck” that the Commissioner should consider a penalty, making the Colts ineligible to select in the first two rounds of the 2012 draft.

  7. This was the best article I have ever read from Bob Kravitz. He is DEAD ON.

    Nepotism runs rampant in the organization. Not only with Chris Polian calling the shots for no other reason than he is Bill’s son, the Colts have people like AJ FOYT IV…AN IRL DRIVER WHO KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL…as a Scout. Why you may ask? Well…he just happens to be married to Casey Irsay-Foyt. He was a terrible IRL driver…the new father in law provided him with a job in which he is completely not qualified.

  8. Couldn’t happen to a better team. Their owner was born on third base thinking he hit a triple

  9. I fully believe that part of the “complex solutions” Irsay alluded to in his tweet after the Saints debacle, is cleaning house and getting rid of Chris Polian. Maybe all the Polians need to be terminated based on their epic ineptitude over the past several seasons. As a Colts fan, shining light on the incompetence of the front office is the one and only good outcome of this horrific season.

  10. This season really gets me thinking how many Superbowls may P.Manning have won with a better front office bringing in better playersi don’t remember them ever having a godefense. They have Freeney and Mathis but never make any big splashes in free agency. It seems that the Colts front office is pretty bad but masked by the play of Manning. If they do pick luck in the next draft nd peyton comes back id like to see him on a team that has a good D nd some offensive weapons nd see what he can do.

  11. Based on interviews with several unnamed former Colts employees conducted in recent weeks, Kravitz writes that G.M. Chris Polian is a “toxic force who has brought this franchise to its knees for reasons other than Peyton Manning’s injury.”

    Thank you. I’ve been wondering all season what the heck was going on because losing Peyton Manning does not explain the implosion of this football team. Peyton Manning’s absence certainly couldn’t account for all 62 points scored by the Saints. It doesn’t explain why defenders the caliber of Freeney and Mathis would just give up. The loss of a QB–even one with Manning’s exceptional talent–can’t tank an entire franchise.

    But a front office in disarray? An owner allowing arrogant and unqualified people to run the organization solely because of who they are, not what they know? Oh yeah … that explains a lot.

  12. The commissioner should institute a lottery for the last 4-5 teams starting THIS year. Penalize the Colts for intentional sucking.

  13. I had a conversation with Chris once. His daddy sent him over to me. I ate him up and spit him out. Because what I said was right, he ran back and told daddy on me.
    He has never been the same since.

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