Eagles, McCoy talking contract


When the Bears and Eagles line up on Monday night at Lincoln Financial Field, Chicago running back Matt Forte’s contract situation will continue to be a hot topic.  But he’s not the only star running back working his way toward a payday.

Per a league source, we’re told that the Eagles and running back LeSean McCoy quietly have been negotiating a contract that would replace his rookie deal, which expires after the 2012 season.

McCoy currently is making only $525,000.

In seven games, McCoy has rushed for 754 yards, and he has scored eight touchdowns.  That puts him on pace for 1,723 yards and 18 touchdowns.

It had been believed that receiver DeSean Jackson was the next guy in line for a new deal, given that his rookie contract expires after the 2011 season.  It’s unknown whether and to what extent any progress has been made between Jackson and the Eagles.

It’s also unknown whether McCoy and the Eagles are close to working out a deal.  Running backs have become increasingly difficult for teams to value, given the wide range of veteran contracts and the concern that once a running back gets big money his performance may dip.

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  1. What is the Eagles deal with Jackson? It seems like hes the last one that they want to give a new deal to. Id lock up McCoy personally first to but all this is going to do is make Jackson get more and more mad.

  2. Sounds like they are going to pay McCoy, it is very interesting to see that I haven’t seen McCoy crying to the media about not being paid.

    He just is playing, and quietly working out a deal.

    Maybe some of these other idiots should learn from this.

  3. I think the Eagles have moved McCoy ahead of Jackson in the list of priorities because with every passing second McCoy is becoming more and more expensive. If they wait until he completes the 2011 season his numbers may be right up there with some of the league’s highest paid runningbacks. By renegotiating early they are saving some money down the road and McCoy gets his money (via signing bonus + higher salary) earlier than he normally would. Win-Win.

    As for Jackson, I believe they’ll get him signed but his value has plateaued a bit more than McCoy.

  4. Its pretty obvious why Jackson doesn’t have a new contract yet. He values himself much higher than the Eagles do….and who his agent is certainly doesn’t help matters any. It will speak volumes if McCoy gets his big payday before Jackson does.

  5. Huge Eagles fan hereand I love D-Jax . However, both McCoy and Maclin are better al-round players and deserve their deals before Jackson. Jax is a big playmaker but not an every down threat. When McCoy gets the ball he can break it loose anytime.

  6. Desean hasn’t done much this season, but the guy still needs a new contract, he creates a lot attention which opens it up for McCoy. McCoy is a beast!! He produces and produces and produces. I can see why he jumped ahead of Jackson. Im just scared Jackson is going to just give up on the Birds…that would suck.

  7. I think maclin is a better all around reciever but if u look at the Dallas game a lot of what the Eags did was bc of Dallas gameplan to stop Djac. They played the safties so deep in that game it made it look easy for Celek,Avant,Maclin, and the screen game. If he’s not in that game it could.be a totally different game. Shady is a beast tho , lock him up now. If they lock those guys up watch out Nfl. Ppl forget how young this team is. Putting up.record offensive numbers and they are young from the center to the wideout.

  8. Where are all the haters at? Didnt a bunch of u burry this team 3 weeks ago? And call for Andys head? Did u crawl back under the rock from which u came? Good. Jason scant was right. So was Jason kelce. There is a large # of ignorant eagles fans who are just negative by nature and bitch and complain like the rest of us breath.

    Good for Shady. I’m not ready to anoint him the next Barry Sanders off of 7 games (this shady is significantly better than last years shady + scheme and defensive calls [no safeties helping play the run do to fear of passing game] are assisting in his success) but I do hope he gets paid. Sorry DJax, ur the 4th best offensive weapon behind shady maclin an Vick! #inAndyItrust

  9. This time next year Lady Gaga will be old and used up by andy and the new guy in the division will be Da’rel Scott of the G-MEN, ripping of 60 yard carries against the wide 9 all day ! Hey eiggle yackers ———— 1960!

  10. This guy is arguably the best play making back in the NFL (McFadden is up there). Jackson has become a decoy anymore he can be shut down. McCoy on the other hand I’m not so sure. They do need each other to be at their best, but McCoy is the better player. You have to try and lock him up and then franchise DJax if you have to.

  11. McCoy pretty much just plays and performs. Jackson runs his mouth and gives the Eagles maybe five or six big games a year. Also Jackson is always a solid hit away from missing games or a season, he’s too frail to count on for a full season.

  12. Pay the man…pay the man…pay da man.

    Wasn’t that what everyone was saying about “CJ2K” about 3 months ago?

  13. The Eags front office is.one of the best in football if not the best. They haven’t had a rebuilding period since these guys have been together. I doubt they’ll be anythinglike Washington. This is off topic totally but anyone else want to see the father from the show Gold Rush get punched in his old gut?

  14. Gcsuk this is totally dif situation. If u pay the man now it stops a situation like Cj. The difference being he’s playing ridiculous and not saying a word about contract crap. The front office will.help themselves if they do a contract now. They’ll get em cheaper nd save the team the hassle of another contract dispute.

  15. McCoy is the single best player on the Iggles offense….that is saying a bunch! Get him locked in! Franchise D-Jax…or trade him.

    Get McCoy and Maclin locked in!

    Go Eagles!

  16. As for Forte….(I live in Chi-town)

    He was barely more than mediocre runnning the ball before this season…all around solid player, but as a runner? He was tackled easily…

    He’s running for his money this season…makes me worry that he’ll pull a CJ2K if/when he gets paid. Go back to being sub-spectacular.

    Go Eagles!

  17. Jackson has played his last season with the Eagles with the way they’re messing with him. There’s no reason for him so stay in Philly anymore.

  18. Lol I’ll give u guys a tip , LeSean fired his agent again because the contract negotiations weren’t going well per a agent wit inside info . You can thumbs down but the reports will surface this week. It’s going to be a crazy offseason

  19. Don’t be surprised if the Eagles keep Steve Smith over DeSean Jackson this offseason. The franchise tag is a possibility, but for some reason I just don’t think he’ll be on the team next year. Call me crazy but that’s my opinion.

  20. bleedgreen4life: I think DeSean & Drew Baby overvalue him. He seems to have the worst hands on the team. If McCoy becomes an elite running back they might not need Jackson as much. They may also believe the draft will provide them with the opportunity to get someone really good to replace him.

  21. Desean and McCoy both have the same agent so I don’t think that has anything to do with the EAgles choosing to actively negotiate with one or the other… Also to Deseans credit he has NOT made a stink about his contract. He held out for four days over the summer and since then has hardly mentioned his contract and never in a whiney way

    It’s simple. Desean is a one trick pony who is dependent on many factors to make a big impact, Lesean is a much greater force and aside from an oline doesn’t need a lot to make an impact

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