Forte says “any other team” would have paid him by now


On Friday night’s edition of NBC SportsTalk, Bears running back Matt Forte joined the show.  And as it does whenever Forte is interviewed, the discussion focused on the fact that the Bears have yet to sign him to a long-term deal.

In addition to saying that he won’t walk out in order to get paid, Forte took a shot at the Bears when asked whether he blames his predicament on a system that is slanted against veteran running backs, given that teams can chew them up for the duration of the rookie contract, apply the franchise tag once or twice, and then let the running back walk away as he’s approaching the age of 30.

Said Forte, as transcribed by Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times:  “I think it really depends on what organization you’re in and how they treat their players.  I feel if I was on any other team, and you produce, and you were drafted by that team, and you produce enough in the last four years, it would be easy to really get a deal done.  I’m not really sure what the problem is and what’s going on.”

Because Forte’s demeanor is at all times calm, his words don’t seem nearly as inflammatory as they are when reduced to black and white.  But the Bears continue to make him available to talk, even as he says with almost a smile on his face things that call into question whether the Bears are uniquely cheap when it comes to paying players.

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40 responses to “Forte says “any other team” would have paid him by now

  1. This guy just never stops talking about himself. I hope he gets a forearm to the skull tomorrow night. By his own teammates.

  2. this dude just needs to get over it. if you want a big contract play out urs and go to a different team

  3. Not a Bears fan… but I like Matt Forte. He seems to be a good all-around back.. that can catch, run and block. However… I’m just soo sick about hearing him b*tch and moan about his contract.
    Every week he is complaining! You MAYBE make a comment once to the media about how you’d love to have a new contract. The public is probably going to be on your side. You keep moaning about it.. then everyone is going to be sick about hearing you. That’s not how to win in the court of public opinion. Agent must not be too smart.

  4. “…..he blames his predicament on a system that is slanted against veteran running backs, given that teams can chew them up for the duration of the rookie contract, apply the franchise tag once or twice, and then let the running back walk away as he’s approaching the age of 30.”

    yes matt, thats how it works…get used to it. any NFL team that DOESNT work like that is probably a pretty stupid one. there are too many no-name players breaking into this league at the RB position and doing very well….no sense in breaking the bank at probably the MOST easily replaceable position in the game.

  5. They need to make some special type of contract for RBs. They have been treated very poorly in recent years and I am surprised the CBA didn’t have some kind of special area dedicated to them.

  6. 1. Lesean Mccoy is better
    2. Lesean Mccoy is getting paid less
    3. Lesean Mccoy is not bitching about a new contract

    Lesean Mccoy 2012.

  7. What Mr. Forte seems to be forgetting along with many Bears fans out there is that the Bears did offer him a contract extension. He chose not to accept that. He is now betting on himself so in my opinion this gives him no right to accuse the Bears of being cheap and not paying their players. He needs to continue to play football and…. SHUT UP!!!

  8. BUT everyone was saying how smart it was for MN to lock down AP to a 100 million dollar deal as he WAS the team. Forte is just as much the Bears’ offense as AP is the Vikings.

    Forte isn’t asking for 100 million but he DOES deserve to have a deal and a good one. He is 50% of the Bears’ offensive output.

  9. Whether you feel he’s talking too much (he’s not), or he’s easily replaced (he isn’t), or he should play out his contract (he is), the Bears are deadwrong on this one and it will come back to haunt them down the line. Players around the league pay attention to these types of things and it can affect future free agent signings.

  10. I am a huge Bears and Forte fan, and I was about to say shut up we have heard you enough already, but I think this is starting to be the media’s fault, this is another article of many about one interview he did, we get it, when somthing changes and there is real news, then write a new story, instead of just rehashing the same stuff over and over!

  11. Adrian Peterson is an awesome player. The Vikings are dead last.

    One player doesn’t make a team. If Forte doesn’t want $14M guaranteed, then play out the contract and let the chips fall.

  12. The Bears are not a cheap team, Julius Peppers’ $91.5 million contract proved they’re willing to pay top dollar for an elite player.

    That being said, Forte needs to realize that the only reason he’s been so productive for the Bears is rooted in Jerry Angelo’s inability to draft elite offensive players, namely wide receivers and offensive linemen. Cutler often has no choice but to dump it off to Forte as he’s under assault from the defensive line and his receivers are being dominated down the field.

    Forte is playing well, but he needs to realize the offer they made is a good one. Unless he has plans to buy a yacht for each member of his family, I’d say $13-$15 million is a comfortable amount of money to receive.

  13. Sorry to disagree – but i don’t think players pay attention at all to these things – i think when the time comes if they offer a free agent a better contract than other teams – that player will take the money – regardless of how bears may have handled forte – just my 2 cents

  14. Why should he get paid when James Starks, Willie Parker, and Dominic Rhodes are out there winning Super Bowls?

    The last successful Runningback extension was????? I’ll give you Jacksonville and St Louis, but where are they today and where were the last few years?

  15. Curse the man who hold Forte at gunpoint and made him sign a legally binding agreement to give his best for the agreed wage in his contract for the time length stated.

  16. I’m a huge Bears fan, everyday Forte is crying about a contract. SHUT UP. This route clearly isn’t working for you.

  17. Runnning backs are a dime a dozen, even though he is the whole Bears offense. The holes are there, anybody can run through them. No reason at all to give him buckets of money. Grind him down to nothing, and then get a new tailback. There is always a new 3rd rounder coming out who will be just as useful.

  18. How many of these stories about Forte’s contract do we need?

    1. The Bears offered Forte a contract HE turned down (Frank Gore $)

    2. The Bears and Forte agreed to wait until the season was over to negotiate

    3. Most of these stories try to paint Forte as whining about his contract when (at least to me) it seems like the media won’t quit asking him about it more than he is bringing it up

  19. Chris Johnson bitched and moaned and held out. Matt Forte is playing the game and everyone keeps asking him about it and he responds. I’d be unhappy too, but when you put up huse numbers you deserve a contract.

  20. All of you saying Forte needs to live up to the terms of his contract, remember that the Bears, amd every other team, don’t have to live up to their end and can cut him whenever they want. Respect to Forte for saying he wont ” walk out” to get paid.

  21. etoharin78 you are right about teams being able to cut players whenever they want but you Fail to mention they get their big money up front in the form of a guranteed signing bonus. look at the manning contract, the colts are paying him 28 million not to play this year. or look at the chris johnson contract. think he will give any of that bonus back for sucking so far this season? if their teams cut them their will be somebody lined up to sign them in the belief they just had down years, forgive me if I am not sympathetic to players who get paid millions wether they live up to the contract or not. forte has more than fulfilled his contract wants one that will pay him what other lesser backs are getting. sure 13 mil is allot but why should he settle for that when another back not doing half of what he does is getting more?

  22. One of the reasons that the Packers are so successful is that Ted Thompson has signed all of his prospective free agents except Finley. He’s next and will be a Packer for aas long as they want him. The McCaskey family has their hands tightly on the purse strings nand the Bears are aging and getting worse

  23. Any other team, not counting the Bengals, Bills, Chargers, Giants, Buccaneers, Seahawks, or Cardinals. Yeah, “any” team.

  24. “One of the reasons that the Packers are so successful is that Ted Thompson has signed all of his prospective free agents except Finley.”

    No, the Packers are successful because Aaron Rodgers is playing the best QB that we’ve seen in a long time, they have a great coaching staff, and they’ve made great personnel decisions, like NOT over-paying for Cullen Jenkins … Nick Barnett … a couple other very good players that they’ve let walk or signed on their terms.

    The McCaskey family has paid in the top 10 in salaries for the last 10+ years until this year, and they’d be in the top 10 this year if Willie Colon didn’t give the Steelers a hometown discount and Forte wasn’t over-valuing himself.

    Forte turned down a Frank Gore-size contract and as a Bear fan I hope the team doesn’t tie up $10M/year in a RB because they will be stuck in mediocrity for the next 5 years if they do. I’ll miss Forte when they franchise then trade him to whatever sucker team will pay him what he wants, but that’s better than being stuck with a Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, Darren McFadden-sized contract.

  25. Teams take care of their core players, period. If you feel a player is a part of your core going forward, you lock him up.Obviously Bears brass doesn’t feel that way and that’s fine but this organization is not known for shrewd personnel moves and they haven’t drafted well lately either.Teams with top notch signal callers win Superbowls and Cutler is not top notch, so that fact remains that Forte is essentially their offense and I don’t see anyone waiting in the wings.

  26. Any other team. Yeah. Except the Eagles (McCoy), Bills (Jackson), Texans (Foster), Ravens (Rice), and Steelers (Mendenhall).

    Every time this guy opens his mouth he makes himself less of a sympathetic figure.

  27. I sure hope the Bears pony up big money over lots of years for this guy and handcuff themselves at the same time. His diminished returns will start very soon.

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