Jahvid Best feels good, but “no idea” when he’ll return

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The Lions have their bye this week, and running back Jahvid Best says that puts him in a holding pattern when it comes to questions about how soon he can recover from his latest concussion.

Asked by the Detroit Free Press when he’ll be back on the field, Best said he doesn’t know.

I have no idea,” Best said. “If this wasn’t our bye week I’d probably have a better idea, but right now everybody’s gone and everybody’s doing their own thing, so I have no idea.”

Despite reports that he’s being urged to shut it down after his second concussion of the year, Best says he wants to play again “as soon as possible” and plans to be on the field to help the Lions make a run at the playoffs over the final eight weeks of the season.

“I’m doing fine, I feel fine,” Best said. “It’s just a matter when we all get down and sit together how everything plays out. So it’s still kind of week to week.”

Whether Best will be back next week is unclear. But he does think he’ll be back.

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  1. Stay out as long as it take to be sure the head is right to play football we know the body take a pounding in the game so miss all the games it take life is short be able to enjoy it.

  2. The man is an amazing athlete, but health has got to come first. Just hope he’s getting good medical advice on the long term effects of all these concusions.

  3. Wherein lies the problem forthelove. There is no solid medical data concerning long term effects of concussions or on the whether a person can truly be more perceptible to them or not.

  4. @ arrogantathlete

    If the lions do make the playoffs which I think they will. They will be that team that no one wants to face in the playoffs. They are a scary team to play.

  5. Every that recovers from a concussion says they feel fine… then one more blue to the back if the head then that’s when they rashly start messing with their lives. If I was you Javad I would diy this one out until full recovery… Loins at still hiding out week in the running game and you guys are 5-2 so its not like you guys are behind your division by any means…

  6. Jahvid needs to shut it down for the season. No need to risk his life for any team or sport. The Lions will not make it past Green Bay or San Francisco. He should shut it down down and hope the Lions get a couple more horses in their backfield. Jahvid is NOT an everydown back. He should be reduced to a role like Reggie Bush’s with the Saints. This may not be what Lions fans want to hear but if they care about the players quality of life after the NFL they must understand.

  7. If Best wants to live a long and “healthy” life, he may want to consider retirement. As everyone knows, concussions follow this scat-back around like a shadow. I think the Lions are somewhat responsible for his latest concussions as they have used him as an “A. Peterson” when all he really is, is a “Reggie Bush”. ……for the Lion fans, you have the start of a nice team but are still several pieces away from being a real playoff contender. If they do make it into the playoffs it will most surely be a one and done.

  8. After the concussion issues in college, and now the second this season.. Detroit should shut down Best themselves. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but Detroit needs to consider their long-term situation.

    There is alot of progress being made in the helmet protection area, for player safety. Giving Best a full chance to recover and then to use new, emerging, technology to prolong his career is a win-win solution. The team’s “nucleus” is still young and there is time to reach the full potential; just don’t blow-it after all the years of frustration.

  9. adirtyplayernamedsue says:Nov 6, 2011 9:02 AM

    Think long and hard about retiring young man, before you end up with permanent brain issues. You know like that cheap shot SUE on your team.

    Richard Seymore is not on the Lions…….when you you said “Cheap Shot” this is who you must be thinking of right?????? Pretty sad when a player has to go to the League and ask what he is doing different than the rest of the players and “show me on tape doing something wrong”. Hell even the Commish said “he plays the right way and the way the rules are written”. The only “cheap Shot” here is YOU for bashing someone on a Blog and not to his face. You don’t have to Like Suh, but every team in the League would take him.

  10. lions beat Tampa on the road, they are a playoff potential team. destroyed Kansas city at home, they are leading their division. Dallas on the road. dominated Chicago at home. Those are 4 pretty good teams the lions have beat. To say they haven’t beat anyone good is dumb.

  11. A fan of the game here, so I’m trying not to inject my Packers bias… but if I were him, I’d consider walking away. In his 2 years in the league, he’s earned over 2 million. Thats more than most Americans earn over a lifetime. With sound investments, and responsible spending, he will live a quality life until his natural expiration. With good investments, his children will be set for life as well. Even a small 3% return would yield 60k in a year. It’s not a lavished lifestyle, but most Americans would take it. And thats just living on interest!

  12. As a Lions fan I hope the Lions use him correctly when he comes back. He is not an every down back. They run the ball more consistently with Mo Mo and Williams. Best needs to be the change if pace back/3rd down back, not the other way around.

  13. I hope Javid comes back soon. If he is going to have another concussion or be susepctable to them lets find our now and get it over with.

    The Lions need a running back, running game, runnig noses, and the runs in general.

    I agree with another poster, time for them to make the playoffs and lose the first one big time.
    They have never one a playoff game that I can recall. Why start now.

  14. As a lions fan I know this injury helps our squad.
    The unflashy Williams and Morris combo do not pose big play threats but they don’t get 1 yard gains or losses. The run hard for 4 – 6 yard gaines all day and there’s alot of 3rd and shorts. Chain movers.
    Best will play again this year but he’s not going to be hitting between the tackles often

  15. Notherpoint,

    Agreed. I especially like MoMo. He played well last year when given the opprotunity…..and he has continued that this year.

  16. I hope Jahvid Best come back to the lions next season even if the out the playoff but the lions running game is bad. Kevin Smith Do not get that much yards and you Javhid Best complete the lions offense. Please reply!!!!

    Thanks Javhid,

    Let us win the Super Bowl 47

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