Redskins place Buchanon on injured reserve

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The Redskins have another player out for the season.

Cornerback Philip Buchanon was placed on injured reserve with neck and knee problems.  He only played two games after coming off a four-game league suspension.

This move comes on a weekend where the Redskins will face Carlos Rogers during his return trip to Washington. The Redskins have struggled to replace Rogers, who may be having his best season in San Francisco.

Josh Wilson has been iffy as a starter at cornerback, and Washington is thin at the nickel corner position.

8 responses to “Redskins place Buchanon on injured reserve

  1. Another dumb move by Shanny being shown here. You keep Buchanon and get rid of a young, fresh, tough Rogers. Getting rid of players because you didn’t draft them is purely an idiot move. Shanny is the worst!!!!

  2. I have been saying since he was a Redskin Rogers is very good and they should pay him what it takes to keep him. He was the best corner on the team and would be if he were on the team this year. Yes, Hall gets interceptions, but the 1st job of a corner is to prevent the completion. Rogers was far better at that than Hall, and without the big mouth.

  3. @skinsfanwill

    Carlos Rodgers is 30 years old. Philip Buchanon is 31. Hardly “young and fresh” compared to Buchanon. And Philip Buchanon was not Rodgers replacement, he was always slated to be the 3rd CB. So if you are going to make a post ripping Shanahan for not re-signing Rodgers at least know what you are talking about.

    As for Rodgers, he was a damn good cover guy, still is, but the Skins couldn’t justify giving a long term deal to a 30 year old CB that couldn’t make INT’s. If Rodgers displayed the INT skills 2 years ago that he is displaying this year with the 9er’s he would have his long term deal.

  4. Carlos is a bum, and I don’t want him on my team regardless of the year he’s having in San Francisco.

    He’s playing for a contract, we don’t need those type of guys on a team that by the end of the next draft will be filled with young talent.

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