Saints maul Bucs with dominant line play

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The Bucs were within one score late in Sunday’s game against the Saints.   They didn’t deserve to be.

New Orleans mauled Tampa 27-16 in a dominant effort by the team’s offensive line, just one week after the Saints line looked to be in disarray.

The Bucs put up a lot of empty yards trying to come from behind late, but at one point Tampa only had six first downs to 22 for New Orleans.  The Saints averaged seven yards–per-carry on 28 runs, splitting up the work between Chris Ivory, Pierre Thomas, and Darren Sproles.

Tampa had no answer for New Orleans’ runs or screen game. Darren Sproles had 99 yards on only nine touches, including five catches. Drew Brees usually had all day to throw, and mostly played it safe finding open guys underneath.

The Bucs, now 4-4, have to be worried about Josh Freeman. New Orleans lost cornerback Tracy Porter right away and cornerback Patrick Robinson for a while.

Tampa still couldn’t convert in the passing game. The Bucs receivers can’t separate and Freeman’s decision making and accuracy was spotty.  New Orleans’ shaky defense held up for most of this game.

The Bucs look like a mediocre team.  The Saints are up and down, but at 6-3 they have created some separation from Tampa in the NFC South.

We think the division comes down to Atlanta and New Orleans, just like last year.  Next week’s game in Atlanta looms large.

If the Saints offensive line plays like this again, they should be in good shape.

12 responses to “Saints maul Bucs with dominant line play

  1. Did you even watch the game? Freeman made no critical mistakes today. Worried about Josh Freeman? Huh?

    Not this game. The Bucs have one main problem – COACHING.

    Pulling Freeman and running a 2007 wildcat play with the backup QB on a critical 3rd down in the redzone is pretty typical of the moronic decisions this coaching staff makes. Wheel routes to stone hand Lumpkin for TD drops? Raheem and Greg “Lil Gruden” Olson have to go.

    And as always… lots of penalties.

    The players LOVE Raheem. Because he obviously doesn’t make them do anything during the week.

    As for this division coming down to Saints or Falcons? Wrong again. Saints hands down. The Falcons haven’t beaten ANYONE all year. ONE win over a winning team. Look it up. Afterall, isn’t that what everyone said about the Bucs last year?

  2. “The Bucs receivers can’t separate and Freeman’s decision making and accuracy was spotty in this game.”

    73% completion percentage.
    0 INTs.

    Where was the bad decisions and inaccuracy?

    Did Josh Freeman give up 450+ yards today on defense today, too?

  3. Greg Olsen has worn out his welcome. It’s time to get rid of the last Gruden leftover.

  4. I thought Rosenthal’s synopsis was spot on. Freeman had two easy td passes but overthrew them. One to a fullback and another to Lumpkin. Lynch was trying to blame both on the receivers which was laughable. Hopefully this is just a growing pain for him.

    The defense was terrible. They couldn’t tackle anyone. Fragile McCoy gets hurt. Don’t think Brees got hit once.

    Really wished the Bucs did more in the free agency period, hopefully they will during the offseason.

  5. The Bucs receivers can’t separate and Freeman’s decision making and accuracy was spotty.

    When we no longer care about subject-verb punctuation, the country loses a little bit of its dignity, piece by piece.

  6. Ummm…yeah, Bux sux, we won, you lost…btw, your team is dirty, Freeman is a bum and a punk, your coach is a cheat and all the other nefarious comments i am thinking…

    stay classy, how does 4-4 feel? sux to be a bux…

  7. Typical division game between these two teams. I was relieved with the offensive line play after last weeks debacle. I liked the run game also, it takes the whole game off of Brees’ shoulders every week. The defense still needs a lot of work. They gave the Bucs several first down with penalties.

  8. The Bucs needed the refs to convert the majority of their 3rd and 4th-down conversions. Terrible penalty calls led to the Bucs’ only TD and wiped out a Darren Sproles TD at the end of the game. Should’ve been a blowout win for the Saints if the zebras stayed out of the way.

  9. Josh Freeman couldn’t concentrate because he was thinking about his photoshoot after the game for the Sears catalog fall wardrobe sale.
    They’re going to have him throwing leaves in the air holding a white puppy, preferably with a young asian boy, a white woman, and a hispanic child.

    Josh will be modeling a sweater vest with a scarf.

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