The bad Chiefs show up again


The Chiefs lost their first two games of the season by a combined score of 89-10. Kansas City’s turnaround since then has been one of those stories of the season.

We thought that Chiefs were past that type of performance.  We were wrong.

The Dolphins won 31-3 in Arrowhead Stadium to get their first win of the Season Sunday.  Here’s what we learned:

1. Matt Moore had the day of his life. He completed 17-of-23 passes for 244 yards and three touchdowns. So many of his throws were darts into tight windows. He also showed great touch.

It was one of the best quarterback performances we’ve seen all year. Seriously.

2. This is what Miami imagined their team could look like in the offseason. Brandon Marshall caught eight passes for 106 yards and a score, with a couple deep catches against Brandon Flowers.

Reggie Bush had another big day, with 92 yards on the ground and 50 more through the air. He’s done a nice job running North-South the last couple of weeks.

3. This was a classic “letdown” game, but the Chiefs playcalling didn’t help matters. They continually called passes on third-and-short that didn’t work. This should be a running team, but they got too cute too often.

4. Miami won this game up front.  The Dolphins had five sacks in the first two and a half quarters. Matt Cassel rushed nine times because he was under duress so often.

Kansas City’s offensive line was manhandled.

5. Miami is now out of pole position for Andrew Luck.  Indianapolis is 0-9. The loser of Cardinals-Rams will only have one win.

6.  The Chiefs could ill afford this loss. They are 4-4 in the tightly bunched AFC West. After a home game next week against Denver, Kansas City has a brutal stretch of games.

The Chiefs aren’t that talented. They can’t afford to take teams lightly.

Quality teams just don’t lose 31-3 at home to the Dolphins.  This one will sting for a while.

34 responses to “The bad Chiefs show up again

  1. The Chiefs have GOT to stop running McCluster and Jones and give the D#MN ball to Jackie Battle! The play calling is a JOKE! What an embarrassing performance at home…

  2. Um “show up”? The Chiefs ARE bad… They got crushed.. At home.. To the Dolphins. Good. It was pretty annoying all the sorry Chief fans who were missing for 3 weeks decided to come out and talk crap after beating the Raiders B team.. Now you guys can go away again.. Probably for life after losing to the Dolphins .. And stop all this talk about winning the west.. You beat 2 bad teams and your offense scored 14 points off of 7 turn overs to the Raiders. Enjoy your irrelevance in the worst part of your schedule…

  3. I think it’s funny all the “suck for luck” stuff. If I had the first pick in the draft I would trade it. With all the hype luck is getting you might be able to pull off a h walker type deal. Even if luck lives up to the hype, with a good trade a team could still take kellen Moore who IMO is going to be a very good NFL qb and also fill out your roster nicely with high quality picks and players from the trade. If the colts get that pick and manning is able to come back for 3-4 more years they could get a package of players and picks that could set them up as the best team in the league during mannings last few years and still would be able to draft Moore or laundry or one of the other qbs in this draft.

    This will be the craziest year ever for the top 10 picks in the draft. With the rookie cap teams will be way more willing to move up this year.

  4. Im kinda warming up to OC Brian Daboll and his offense, in fact, I hope our new coach considers keeping him for his staff of new coaches.

  5. 31 – 3 ??????

    Against the DOLPHINS??????

    If Todd Haley has an ounce of pride, he’ll resign.


  6. It isn’t surprising, especially since the Chargers imploding took the attention off the Chiefs playing terrible against the Chargers last week.

  7. Show Reggie bush some luv PFT.. 13 rush 92 yards 150 total.. Is reggie bush the team leader? Sure looks like it & you know bush & Matt barkley doesnt sound half bad..

  8. My Fins finally put it together for a whole game – too bad the season is already lost when they finally get around to it. Still think we need changes…

    If I thought for a second Matt Moore could play like that every week, I’d buy a jersey today. That was an excellent performance. But surely an abberation…

  9. For the last two weeks, all PFT has posted and all I’ve been commented was how the Chiefs were to be taken seriously.

    The team to beat in the AFC West!

    How’s that humble pie taste, KC?

  10. Hope this finally puts to rest the ridiculous “suck for Luck” stories–at least where the Dolphins are concerned. I’ve never thought Dolphins players or Sparano were deliberately throwing games, and the suggestion was insulting. I don’t think Colts players would do that, either. But after he pulled his starters and forfeited a chance for a perfect season, nothing Bill Polian does would surprise me much.

    Does this mean Haley will shave?

  11. Matt Moore’s throwing style has been the ignored story since Henne left… he’s been throwing lasers and showing great poise and decision making… but his WR’s are the top drop guys in the NFL….. they finally had a game where they could catch the ball and they put up big numbers…

    2 Games ago, Moore was dropping back showing great form and a very very short, super quick release that great QB’s have… who knows, maybe he’ll be the guy.

    Now that the Phins blew the Luck race…. Moore BETTER be the guy….

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people seem to be forgetting one key fact in this whole “Suck for Luck” thing:


    Because of that, I am not sure the Colts are in the race to get him no matter what their record is.

    Not to sound like a broken record, but this is what I’m thinking if I’m Andrew Luck-

    1) My family has plenty of money. I don’t need to get paid right now.

    2) I have an insurance policy against injury that will pay big bucks if I get hurt.

    3) With everything I’ve accomplished, do I really want to go somewhere and sit for 2-3 years?

    4) College is fun!

    If the Colts finish with the worst record, and don’t assure him that they will trade the pick, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go back to Stanford.

  13. We can all let Joetoronto chew on that raider loss all week, had a chance to jump into first but choked it all away, but can’t blame Oakland completely , tebow is a fighter and quality QB, hahaaaa, are you kidding me?

  14. Please, don’t anyone post a ‘hey, the Chargers and Raiders lost, so we’re still in 1st….’ We HAD to beat Miami and Denver to have a chance, and we blew it.

  15. dolphin fans, beware the mirage that is matt moore. he had about 8 incredible games like that for the panthers 2 years ago. he’s one of the best qb’s in the league when it absolutely doesn’t matter. actually, he may be the best backup qb in the league. but don’t for a second think he can be the guy. i did. a lot of carolina did…

  16. Where’s Slickster??? Haven’t seen him yet!

    Oh and my Raiders lost too…to Tebow…. but they did score more than three.

    Shave that beard, Todd.

    I’m willing to show up when my team loses a joke game. Slickster? You out there?

  17. All the bashing the Chiefs they’re still atop the AFC Wild Wild West!!! I suppose since the Saints lost to the Rams, that Saint’s were done right? Any given Sunday, 8 more to play and eager to see how this division shakes out.

  18. I feel really bad for the Chiefs fans. After it looked like they were going to have a pretty good season, they get blown out at home by a winless team. These days it seems like any team can beat any other team.

  19. Hey chairman al,

    I see you were worried about me. Well, I’m here. We lost today to a winless team, at home, It was a pathetic display on both sides of the ball.

    But, we’re still in first place, ahead of your pathetic team, and we’ve already stomped a mudhole in yours. Add to that, we have future draft picks to continue our massive rebuild with.

    What ya got? I mean, besides rigor mortis?

  20. Okay! Let’s celebrate the WIN!!! Always celebrate your victories with the same passion you suffer from your defeats. Congratulations to the players and the coaching staff! You guys got on top and stayed there! Way to go! GO DOLPHINS!

    Forget this suck for luck crap! We need to look ahead to Washington. We can be these guys too!! Two in a row would go a long way in earning some respect. A win against Washington and a win against Buffalo – well you get the idea. Once you win – well, loosing is just out of the question. Right now, everyone needs to look in that mirror and take a long look at the winner’s face. That’s who you guys are – you are winners!

    Having said that we need a couple of defensive changes:
    1. Sean Smith to Safety – He is big enough, quick enough and he now understands the game enough. Everyone is hurt – make the switch.
    2. Switch Koa Misi to Inside linebacker and Barnett to left outside linebacker. Barnett is much faster, more intuitive and is good at shedding the trash lineman like to throw at LB’s to tie them up. Misi looks like a DE trying to be a Linebacker. The angles of pursuit and filling the gaps from the ILB slot play more to his strengths.

    Laurels for REGGIE BUSH!!! You had a great day. You were a joy to watch!

    Sporano still looks like he is stupid. Angry and stupid is not a good approach to life!

  21. First slickster, I commend you on being able to not call us the Faiders for once!

    And we’re right there with you in first. And yes, you hold the current tiebreaker over us. I’ll be happy to give you that. But to call us pathetic after losing to the Dolphins 31-3 is the pot calling the kettle very, very black. Let’s face it; right now, we both suck.

    We still play again, but looking to next year so soon by pointing out the draft picks? Hmm…

    Not counting Housch (who I really don’t think they should have picked up) our oldest receiver out of the main 5 is roughly 24ish. Our offensive line has a starting rookie and a starting second-year man. The starting defensive line has two-second year men. The corners are holding up well, and one is a rookie. Yes, the Palmer thing is going to be an issue, and I really don’t feel too great about it right now, we’ll see. But you want to talk youth? We got some youth.

    Even though he’s been shaky to start, I’d still take Palmer over Cassel any day. Hell, I’d ALMOST (key word is almost) take Teblow. Every thime I see Cassel’s face it reminds me of Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb and Dumber.

    You guys are heading in the right direction, but hate for the Raiders aside, to not recognize that the division is going to be tough for the next few years is to not understand football.

  22. The bad Chiefs never left. In the games they won, their opponents played down to their level. I called a Dolphins win all week long. The Chiefs showed the world that they are still the crappy we team we all thought they were, and in a few weeks they’ll be out of the running for the AFC West title.

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