Tom Brady: “We’ll see what this team is made of”

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With Sunday’s loss to the Giants, the Patriots are 5-3, and the good news is that they’re still in a three-way tie for the AFC East lead.

The bad news is that 5-3 is halfway to 10-6, and this year in the AFC 10-6 might not be good enough to get to the playoffs.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seemed to understand that as he addressed the media following today’s game, saying that over the second half of the season, he expects his teammates to step up — and to understand the consequences of failing to do so.

“There’s no quit in this team,” Brady said. “We’re going to keep battling and we’ve got half a season to go. We’ll see what this team is made of.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick also emphasized the ability of the Patriots to get better over the second half of the season.

We had our chances, just came up a little bit short,” Belichick said after the game. “We’ve just got to keep working here, and see if we can play a little better. Giants are a good football team.”

Whether the Patriots are also a good football team, we’ll see over the next eight weeks.

47 responses to “Tom Brady: “We’ll see what this team is made of”

  1. Coaching can cover lack of talent for only so long. The Patriots have made an art form out of using (cheaper) no-name players and shipping out those who want to be paid like, well, regular NFL players.

    We’ll see, indeed…

  2. Pats in the same position that the Jets were coming into the last game. Jets have a chance to put them into a 3 game losing streak.

    Gonna be a good one

  3. as a giants fan, this is the only day i had to obviously root against the pats. hopefully they do right the ship….seeing the jets and their coach succeed is a tough thing to have to watch.

  4. I love all the dweebs coming out to hate post against Big Blue.

    Face it, the GMEN are the best team in the East.

    And I’m talking both the NFC AND AFC East.

    Jets fans, we are coming for you too.

  5. What has this fraud team accomplished since getting busted for “misinterpeting the rules”???

    18-1 season, NOT 19-0?

    Getting so badly abused at home that tens of thousands of bandwagon fans left at halftime leaving a stadium half full on national television?

    Yea, I guess cheating didn’t give them an edge did it?????

  6. “There’s no quit in this team,” Brady said.


    Brady forgets that the team also consists of the defense as well.

    And even us fans of the team have to admit we know what this defense is made of….and it doesn’t include any sack whatsoever.

    It may LOOK like the D has some life to it here and there, but when it comes down to it….nope. Scared little girls. Every one.

  7. Give the Jets credit. If they lose today they are 4 and 4 and two games back. Now, everyone is 5 and 3 with next week’s game looming big. Could be hard for the loser of that one to make the playoffs.

  8. Brady doesn’t show up for a whole game and this defense is putrid… there will need to be some big changes if they have any chance.

    To whoever said no shame in losing to an elite QB… if you are referring to Eli then you’re on crack.

  9. Parody.

    This league is week to week. Media and fans on the winning end get too high and are too quick to crown champions based on one game.

    Unless you are playing for a team in Green Bay, you are just like all the rest. Any given week and all you euphoria built up off one win can get erased.

    Makes the league more intersting when 80% of the teams are still in it half way through.

  10. Tom Brady: “We’ll see what this team is made of”

    The Pats are made up off missed draft choices and underpaid football players.

    There’s no veteran leadership outside of Tom Brady.

    Bad drafts and a cheap front office spells the end for the Pats run.

  11. Eli gets the job done!! It’s time fore the haters to start giving him the credit he deserves!! Yeats twice now he out-dueled the great Tom Brady so whoever doubts his calm and clutch personality they might be on crack

  12. cmack21 says: Nov 6, 2011 8:58 PM

    Its kinda funny how they haven’t won a playoff game since they got exposed and everybody found out they have been cheating.


    Except those two games they won to make the Super Bowl in 2007.

    And “cheating” is a pretty loose term. Especially in that case.

  13. Why don’t the Pats get more flack for their draft day strategy the past few years? They stockpile good draft picks only trade them for future picks. Don’t they need some youth and talent, especially on defense for this season? Don’t you think they could have drafted a receiver better than Ochocinco with one of those traded picks?

  14. joetoronto says:
    Nov 6, 2011 8:55 PM
    Tom Brady: “We’ll see what this team is made of”

    The Pats are made up off missed draft choices and underpaid football players.

    There’s no veteran leadership outside of Tom Brady.

    Bad drafts and a cheap front office spells the end for the Pats run.
    Oh pick me pick me I know I know…they’re CHEAP because they didn’t…PAY SEYMOUR (A SECOND TIME) right?
    Hats off to the NYG. Anyone saying the Pats D cost them this one is on crack. D played its rear off all game..O blew it. Just like that horrible SB game.

  15. Sorry Tom, but your teammates did step up. held down the Giants nearly the whole game and the D gave you a couple of short fields with some good turnovers.

    You were the one who failed misserably at one point going through 4 straight 3 and outs. We need to see what you’re made of…

  16. Again, it takes 3 quarters for the Patriots offense to figure out what the defense is doing to them. It doesn’t help when Brady gets pressured he resembles Tony Eason for half the game either. It is obvious that the Patriots defensive coaches have little talent to work with. On the flip side this is one of the most talented offenses in the NFL. Unfortunately, the only successful adjustment that Bill O’Brien ever makes is to go to the hurry up offense when the pressure is on late in the game. When is everyone going to realize that it is easy to coach an offense like this when playing against subpar defenses. It is when playing against the talented defenses with good schemes that the offensive coordinator shows how good he really is. Bill O’Brien fails this test over and over and over again. I never thought that I would make this statement, but it is time to bring back Charlie Weis! (or at least a coach who can make adjustments faster than the speed of a turtle)

  17. Belicheat has ruined this team with poor drafts. They won Super Bowls with core players from Parcells drafts. No point being the best at manipulating the draft, when the players selected get cut after 2 years. How is Chad doing??

    Tom, sorry to tell you, but you aren’t Peyton Manning…

  18. Not being a Pat fan it look to me that the league have a new book on HOW TO STOP THE PATS it must had a good author because it seem to work they have not look like the Pats of old can’t go deep with the pass every thing get jam up.
    What they need is someone to go deep where is
    Randy Moss when the Pats need him.

  19. I have to admit that Eli Manning is the best QB, or real close to the best QB, for leading his team to comeback wins in the 4th quarter.

    I think that’s because he’s just such a dull person (have you ever had to listen to him being interviewed?) that he doesn’t know that he’s supposed to be nervous when the game is on the line. So he doesn’t make the stupid mistakes of Tony Romo or Phil Rivers when the pressure is on.

  20. the Pats don’t have a WR that can stretch the field the deep.

    they got some great possession wr, but nobody that can go downfield,teams don’t respect that.

    If I am the Pats,i am seeing if Moss is in shape, get him mentally focused and back a couple weeks before the playoffs.

    they don’t get a downfield threat, fuggedaboudit !

  21. CKL says: Nov 6, 2011 9:10 PM
    Hats off to the NYG. Anyone saying the Pats D cost them this one is on crack. D played its rear off all game..O blew it. Just like that horrible SB game.


    The Defense played very well MOST of the game. The Offense didn’t.

    However, the Offense came up HUGE in the 4th, and handed the Defense a 4 point lead with a minute and a half.

    The Defense absolutely ROLLED OVER and couldn’t stop the Giants from going 80 yards and scoring in less than 75 seconds.

    Highlights include a DB (I didn’t catch which one) trying to intercept a ball on 3rd down, rather than playing the receiver (who caught the ball for a huge gain) and another DB (possibly the same one) straight up tacking a receiver at the goal line with the ball in the air.

    The Defense absolutely blew the game. Regardless of how the offense COULD have put space between the teams early on, they DID put space between them at the end….space the DEFENSE couldn’t preserve.

  22. Pats fan here…an undermanned Giants team played great on the road. All credit goes to them. You can say it was the offense and Brady all you want, but remember this….As much as they were struggling early they put up points in the fourth and gave us the lead with a minute and a half to go. For all the good the defense did in the first half, they struggle to make stops when it counts. Brady scores at the end just like he did in SB 42, but defense can’t hang on. Oh and btw the Giants didn’t even have their two best offensive players, Nicks and Bradshaw. So whooppie doo, the defense stopped a crippled Giant offense from scoring for a half. But according to another Pats fan I must be on crack. Defenses fault – it’s 32nd in the leage for a reason

  23. Got beat, that’s all. They could be much worse than 5-3, so hey, relax Patriot fans. Giants are a good team, keep watching….

  24. Ummm…I see lots of comments hatin on Brady, but didn’t he give the D the lead with only minutes left? Damn, you guys have no clue what it means to Suck. Shame the Dolphins didn’t have to play you every week this year. Wudda guaranteed the #1 pick. Dayam!

  25. only built for Regular Season
    team is built of “AGING VETS’ & draft picks traded away/down 4 future picks then which are again traded Down/Away its a vicious cycle
    haven’t won a playoff gm sense AFC championship gm vs SD (rivers, insert your own joke there) of undefeated season, oh wait u all lost SB & lost 2 strait HOME playoff games
    Peyton Manning is all but DONE & Tom Bieber Brady is on downside of his career but i hear he’s got a modeling career & backup dancer/singer career waiting for him, LMAO

  26. Pats D let us down. Eli IS the man. I am thankful neither Bradshaw nor Nicks played. It would have been ugly. I hope the Pats win next week. See Spot run!

  27. Tom Brady: “We’ll see what this team is made of”


    We already know what “this team is made of.

    It’s made of a bunch of guys who can’t play defense.

    And a p****-whipped QB.

    Say “hi” to Gisele for us, Tommy…

  28. You can’t beat good teams if you can’t rush the passer. NE hasn’t had a decent pass rush in years.

    Young DB’s & no pass rush is a bad combo.

  29. Sorry Tom. I think we have already seen what this team is made of, and it’s not pretty. There are some good puzzle pieces here, but not a complete team by any means on either side of the ball. Our secondary is terrible and anyone saying the offense blew it is “on crack.” Two huge defensive penalties on the last two Giants drives gave the game away. Both were committed by the secondary, the teams weakest spot all year. There is no way to fix things this year no matter how many tricks BB has up his sleeve. Sergio Brown is a practice squad player. He does not belong on an NFL field on game day. He plays defense like my four year old rides his bike: head down, without any appreciation for his surrounding. That was a HORRIBLE penalty and that loss hang heaviest on him. Should have at least been a tie with the game decided in OT. Hats off to the defense for making some great efforts though. Problem is they have a few very weak links back there and that can’t be covered up unless Julius Peppers is going to start suiting up in blue and white on Sundays. Another year of Brady’s talents gone.


    I guess the “annual (???) collapse” (barely missing the playoffs last year, and still going 8-8 with literally the worst defense in Giants history in 2009 qualifies as collapses, and ANNUAL, at that???) lines will sprout up again next week, huh?

  31. tfbuckfutter says: It may LOOK like the D has some life to it here and there, but when it comes down to it….nope. Scared little girls. Every one.


    I’ve seen some mighty ferocious little girls stand up to some mighty wimpy little boys. Grow up.

  32. its made of complete crap we need PLAY MAKERS!!! we can’t get sepreration and we dont have pass rush or run game or good special teams, its brady vs all

  33. Many comments about the Patriots defense. For those that attended the game or watched the game in it’s entirety you know that the Patriots defense played their best game and held the Giants to zero points for a whole half. The Giants were better in the second half for sure, but were helped by the pass interference calls (the second call was justified, the other questionable).

    Brady was definitely off in the first half, and that threw off the whole receiving core. Some bad throws like he was timid of the rush. In the fourth he stepped into it more and took the hits. The defense really kept them in the game, and almost won it for them as Chung just missed a pick on the Giants final drive.

    The Patriots need to win against the Jets, but the Jets certainly need it more since the Patriots won the first game. Catching the Patriots off two losses means they will come out ready based on history. Should be a crazy game.

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