Watch Ravens-Steelers, chat with Florio

Ravens-Steelers is a game that doesn’t need a lot of hype.

We’ve spent the week hyping it anyway and now the game is finally here.

Watch the game online on SNF Extra and chat with Florio, get extra camera angles, and all sorts of other jazz.

22 responses to “Watch Ravens-Steelers, chat with Florio

  1. I may be missing something, but after the Ray Rice “TD run”, why wasn’t there penalty yardage assessed on the Torrey Smith hold? They brought the ball back, and the next play was 1st and Ten. No “offsetting penalties” or anything like that. Just 1st and Ten, 3 yard gain, next play 2nd and 7. Did I miss something?

  2. gcsuk, yeah, I saw the same thing. Waited until a commercial then rewound the dvr and verified it. The first play was from the 23. After the holding call the Ravens should have been first and 20 from the 13 but instead the ball was placed at the 23, almost 24 again and it was first and 10. Can’t believe the officials or anyone on the Steelers didn’t see it. Don’t know how to get the message to the broadcasters for the to at least mention there was a mistake. I absolutely verified that an error was made by reviewing the game.

  3. It is 10 yards back from the spot of the foul. Which They claimed happened at the first down marker. Unfortunately there was no hold, so it was hard to decide where that point was.

  4. The difference in the game at half time is the selective application of the “helmet-to-helmet” call. Ravens got away with theirs – Steelers (of course) get called on it.

  5. I hate to blame the refs for being the difference in the game but right now, they are. Bad calls for both sides but the majority go to the Ravens, and that is no BS.

  6. Refs must of bet the ravens. Holding brown in endzone. Helmet to helmet. Ray ray enjoy that 15k fine! But they call it on clark! Steelers need to throw every down ravens cant stop it! My god can we get a td in the redzone?! How bout a lil creativity Arians. I mean cmon man!

  7. Didn’t I see this game last night??? As a Bama fan, this has got to be my worst nightmare all over again: brilliant defense and nothing but field goals. It’s even the same score. It’s almost funny.

    C’mon, Ben … please score a touchdown!

  8. Hmm, that’s interesting. Apparently, Ray Lewis is allowed to hit a defenseless receiver with his helmet but not Ryan Clark.

    Bad calls on both sides, but this one was the worst.

  9. rwjk …

    Well, honey, of course you think the game is full of bad calls targeting the Ravens. The Ravenettes always think that. It wouldn’t be a Pittsburgh/Baltimore game if you guys weren’t whining about the refs 😀

  10. The officials missed calls against both teams and made bad ones. What it came down to is that the Steelers had 92-yards and 2:30 (or around that) to stop the Ravens and they didn’t. Great game, roller coaster of emotions throughout. I’m glad there were no major injuries suffered to either team.

    I expect the Steelers to roll the Bengals.

  11. Greetings Tards,

    The penalty, i.e. the bogus holding, is enforced from teh spot of the foul, which was WAY downfield.

    The steelers trolls who are hating on this call should be happy you got it.

    It was NOT holding, and was a suspect, BS call. Be happy you got that.

    This shouldn’t have been close, but the refs were on the steelers side.

  12. Why didn’t Ray Lewis get called for the helmet shot — yet Clark gets nailed for a textbook perfect hit?

    If Lewis doesn’t get fined, I’m going to vomit.

    Sickening display of so-called “officiating” tonight.

  13. I’ve been a Steelers fan for over 40 years, and I have never seen a pro team go to 1 seond on the play clock as much as these guys do. Even when they were running the no-huddle / hurry up offence, the clock was under 5 seconds every time. What’s up with that? There were bad calls on both sides, and the bottom line is Pit made 2 huge mistakes. 1) getting a delay of game call while in field goal range, and the corners playing too tight on the receivers, with Balt having 26 yards to go, needing a touchdown, and no very little time on the clock…give them 8-10 yards.

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