Heyward-Bey, Boss benched coming out of bye week


Raiders coach Hue Jackson insists wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and tight end Kevin Boss weren’t benched on Sunday against the Broncos.

They just didn’t play a lot of football.

Heyward-Bey, who had been starting for Oakland, played only 12 snaps. He saw one target come his way, and played behind Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Chaz Schilens. Ford enjoyed a terrific game.

Jackson said Heyward-Bey’s offensive packages just didn’t factor in to Sunday’s gameplan. The same was true for tight end Kevin Boss, who didn’t get on the field except for on special teams.

“I was surprised,’’ Boss said Monday via the Oakland Tribune. “Coach’s decision.’’

Good or bad, there have been a lot of in-season changes to the Raiders offense.  They haven’t been working lately and it has some in Oakland wondering if Jackson knows what he’s doing.

70 responses to “Heyward-Bey, Boss benched coming out of bye week

  1. Had Boss stayed in New York, he’d have had a great game yesterday with a game-winning TD catch.

  2. “Jackson said Heyward-Bey’s offensive packages just didn’t factor in to Sunday’s gameplan.”

    remove “offensive packages” from the above sentence and you get:

    “Jackson said Heyward-Bey just didn’t factor in to Sunday’s gameplan.”
    remove the most effective receiver you’ve had in the last month, coupled with the fact that Michael Bush will never be DMAC and whaddya get? L

  3. Yeah don’t fit Heyward-Bey into your game plan, the guy finally shows some consistency, having had great Oct. catching like 20 passes for around 400 yards.

  4. @kd75:

    Are you serious? Don’t you think Ballard’s practice, athleticism and play perhaps contributed to that catch? Fantasy football has gotten to people’s heads a bit too much.

  5. @Kd, yeah but I’m sure New York wouldn’t have gave him 16 million . He better get his $$$ while he can. It’s a rough league, one injury away from not getting that hefty check .

  6. Heyward-Bey had been playing well the last few weeks there’s got to be more to this story.

    Some very winnable games coming up, I hope the Raiders can get back on track.

  7. this is just the media trying to disrupt the Raiders..
    They are getting nervous the Raiders are going to the super bowl.. The Media loves when the Raiders fail to bad on Friday Raiders will be in 1st place

  8. I have the Internet at my finger tips but there is no NFL news? So this is really only good for porn? At least the porn people keep the people happy with new updates. This joke of a web site could learn from that.

  9. Attention NFL players: Kevin Boss just responded to being benched the perfect way. Acknowledge it, don’t insult the franchise, and work to get back on the field by going 100% all week. DO NOT talk about how impressive the speed of your car and where you’re going in it.

  10. C’mon…. the Huckster is a genius!!!

    He came up with that Option/sneak thing for Pryor that worked so well. He’s bringing back the flea-flicker. He’s gonna dust off the statue of liberty soon.

    He’s confusing everyone else, including his own team, why wouldn’t opposing teams be confused?

    It’s all part of a master plan….

    Or maybe he’s the embodiment of the Peter Principle?

  11. @kd75

    you should know better then that…He would have gotten hit, dropped the ball, and sat out the next week with ANOTHER concussion. Jake Ballard is on pace to shattering Boss’s best season with the Giants. Kevin who??? JAKE BALLARD !

  12. kevin boss was a very good giant….and a very good person on top of that. that being said, one of the luckiest NON signings the giants ever made. jake ballard has been money this year.

  13. If it wasn’t for Hue Jackson biting off way more than he could chew i’d be really worried as a Charger fan. But now that Hue is in total control you see EXACTLY why there’s an owner, a gm, and a coach, and how they all act independent yet still tied together.

    Put them into the same person and you get dogpiss jones

    I can understand the offense taking a little while to get started but the Raiders started this season looking like a bunch of bullies on that front line, where the hell did that go?

    That being said, the AFC West is a race for 8-8 or 9-7 to win the division. My Chargers look like an 8-8 team, so maybe the Raiders can pull it out after all

  14. as a raiders fan, im flabbergasted, smh, so this is the team that we are building?, this is the bully?
    how can you be a bully and we are constantly in multiple (more than 2) wide receiver formations?
    (i thought bullies play power football, ie, ravens, steelers, giants) no wonder carson palmer is throwing numerous picks, the defense knows what we are going to do before we do it, WE MUST DO BETTER!!

  15. Boss is average at best. The Raiders have a good amount of tallent at he receiver position and Heyward-Bay, like Boss, is average at best. With Moore’s ability to go up and snag a ball out of the sky and Fords excellent routs and great hands, Heyward-Bay is not missed when he only plays 12 plays. Raiders lost because of horrific defense not because Boss and H-Bay didnt play much.

  16. So, Hue Jackson starts TJ Housh… (forget it, could never spell his name correctly) in favor of his team’s leading receiver?

    I know Darrius Heyward-Bey has not lived up to his No. 7 overall draft status, but, the kid was making strides and is the Raiders’ leading receiver.

    What did he do to deserve standing on the sideline for most of the game?

    Why in the world give precious playing time to an aging wide out (TJ) in favor of one who appears to be becoming a viable wide receiver (DHB)?

    I concur with PFT, Hue may be way in over his head and on a power trip.

    And the whole “sets” thing Hue was playing out is BS. Sets? What about playing the best players available?

    Does Hue Jackson want Raider fans and the league to believe an over-the-hill receiver is a better option in “sets” than the leading receiver?

    Oakland is in big trouble against San Diego on Thursday if Hue continues to use his “sets”.

  17. ‘…has some in Oakland wondering…’ and you reference a pft link. Last I checked, you guys in no way represent Oakland. Hue’s offense put up 38 points, no one in Oakland is questioning any of his offensive decisions. If you’d like to say something about Bres’ or the fact that we’ve given up two special teams tds to the Broncos this year…. please, go ahead

  18. Hue Jackson is getting out of hand… If this keeps up he needs to be fired. We were moving along fine and within the last couple of weeks we’re falling apart. The power has gone to his head.

  19. Stop living in the past. Houshmandzadeh is not the answer and not the player he use to be. Get the young guys with SPEED on the field. It opens everything up.

  20. The media in the Bay Area have spoke to players regarding your claims and they report they are meet with, what are you talking about.

    The media in the Bay Area also say to be very leery of reports coming from folks that know more about the moon then what the Raiders do or do not do and from PFT that loves the “unnamed sources” line.

    It is also being reported that after going over the bulk of your claims in all things NFL that you are hitting on about 5% of all the garbage you throw at the wall in hopes some will stick.

  21. Message to Hue Jackson….

    It’s the other teams’ Defensive Backs’ job to shut down your teams’ leading WR and best receiving TE…it’s not your job to do it.

    Hue Jackson is this weeks’ defensive player of the week..and broncos’ defensive MVP this week.

    Jon Gruden for Raiders’ Head Coach in 2012…..The Movement Starts here.

  22. Heyward-Bey was playing excellent ball until Palmer saw the field. Not sure if it’s something Palmer is saying regarding the personnel, but the Raiders are a better team with DHB on the field. He’ll make a nice impact once out of Oakland.

  23. DHB was playing good with Palmer on the field in the KC game. Plus he’s the hardest working WR.,was getting hot and breaking thru….Then Hue cools him down by benching him…..WTF!!!!!

  24. Let’s not forgot. The defense lost the game. Bresnahan’s defense looked as if they never saw a Quarterback option before.

    The Raiders have the worst linebackers in the league. Curry was HORRIBLE and the other linebacker Blackstock wasn’t much better. I don’t think either made a solo tackle unless it was 8 yards past the line of scrimmage. I guess it’ll get better when McClain gets back.

  25. I guess I don’t understand how DHB or Boss would’ve stopped Tebow and MacDaddy from running up and down the field? Looked to me that Oakland scored plenty of points?

  26. The bottom line is the Raiders Defense sucks, the Defense Coordinator sucks, Darryl Blackstock should go back to the UFL and Hue needs to get meaner he is an Offense version of Marvin Lewis.

    Also after the win in Houston to the Texans the Raiders look lost without Al Davis.

  27. The main problem with the raiders offense is that your big time running back is injured and your starting qb went down. Nothing else really to it.

  28. The Raider coaches can finally make their own decisions without being questioned or undermined by Al, so they’re shedding the Al draft pick mistakes. It must be weird to not have Al phone down plays from the owner’s box. They’re not used to normal coaching.

  29. How could Hue bring in Housh..who got cut after numerous nfl tryouts? Secondly, Palmer is drastically overrated, his arm is not strong. The Raiders are trying to get to the Super Bowl not tiolet bowl…By the way old Kimmy is back….

  30. No, the problem with the Raiders is that we’re the dumbest team in America in terms of playing the game…we give games away, I mean we give them away…***Bill Callahan Voice***

  31. For years Raider fans were frustrated (rightfully so) that Al Davis had complete control over the Raiders. After he died, and it became all but a certainty that Hue Jackson now had an even more complete control over the Raiders, a large portion of their fans seem to be defending him.

    It’s not that Hue is a bad coach, or a bad GM (he might be both, but that’s not the issue). The problem is that it’s insanely difficult to be both a coach and a general manager. Even Bill Belicheck seems to be struggling with total control. Some people have done in the past with success, but the most consistently good teams seem to be the ones where the coaches coach, and general manager makes up the roster working with the coach, but not blindly doing what he says.

  32. lelabear47 says: Nov 7, 2011 9:12 PM

    Wait title says they were benched. But in the story the coach says they werent benched and DHB had 12 snaps. hmm
    Exactly, Gregg pulled one out of the sky, again.

    It’s all about hits and he knows the sheep will come running, just like they did.

  33. resting them 4 san diego. guys ull c! they over lookd denver and got beat.. wait till thursday they will dominate the chargers

  34. ctiggs says:
    Nov 7, 2011 8:55 PM
    Where are all the Raider fans that claimed Heyward-bey is better than Micheal Crabtree. not so much to say now


    Actually go to nfl.com and compare their stats… even with this past weekends inexplicable performance, DHB is still leading Crabtree in almost every conceivable category. Of course Crabtree is on a 7-1 team that will at least get to play in one playoff game, while DHB is apparently going to be wasted on a team that is spiraling into its mid-season death roll. Why couldn’t the Raiders just pay some baseball player to come in and teach Campbell how to slide? Truly cost them a chance to win their division… after watching their past 2 games at home, I, being the homer that I am, think that they will be lucky to win 2 more games this year. Hue’s extended power went to his head, and he has lost the locker room.. something that hadn’t happened up until Soup went down….. it’s a shame really. In truth, the West was theirs to win, but now it will come down to whether Rivers can somehow find himself, (I’m thinking Thursday will be the beginning of his rebirth), and whether KC can overcome the atrocious play of Matt Cassell.

  35. We are missing Al-he would have ripped some ass over the KC defeat and we would have seen a better effort against the donks.

  36. reggiebush25 says: Nov 8, 2011 1:09 AM

    How could Hue bring in Housh..who got cut after numerous nfl tryouts? Secondly, Palmer is drastically overrated, his arm is not strong. The Raiders are trying to get to the Super Bowl not tiolet bowl…By the way old Kimmy is back….
    Do you realize how stupid you sound?

    Palmer was throwing big time heaters on Sunday, have a look at that TD pass to Reece, moron.

  37. its looking as if they are putting together the team for 2012, and they didnt quite realize that they need to simplify , lose the hurry-up offense, and just grind the ball.

    A GM is needed ASAP, Jackson is out of control.

  38. Ummm… you are aware that the offense put up 416 yards and 24 points, right?

    That game was lost due to run defense.

  39. Not sure if that was very smart. Leaving DHB in the game can create possible double teams against him, and potentially leave the inside receivers open. Hue is definitely focusing in the wrong direction. He must reprimand that defense that did not show up in the 2nd half. Like previous years, the Raiders defense can keep the games competitive, but they completely fall apart in the second half. In previous years, in the games that they were able to stay in, the defense was always gassed out going late into games. This year, the defense is over anxious, and make mental mistakes, where the penalties are hurting us. They Broncos had a 3rd and 20 possession, unable to convert, and the Raiders still picked up an unecessary penalty they should have not committed. Sure, we must get over the loss and lick our wounds, but that play with 3rd and 20, is one I just cannot get over. They must show discipline in the defensive side of the ball.

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