Hue’s honeymoon is over


Apart from the obvious implications of a pair of ugly home losses in a division the Raiders dominated last year, there are clear signs that Oakland coach Hue Jackson has entered the post-honeymoon phase of his career as a head coach.

We’ve been hearing increasing chatter via our network of sources regarding a growing perception among players that Jackson’s power in the wake of the passing of owner Al Davis has gone to Jackson’s head.  It’s believed within the locker room that Jackson is running the show; as one league source explained it, some players believe Jackson isn’t qualified to have that much power.

Punctuating the quietly growing sense of resentment was a team meeting from Saturday night in which Jackson warned players that he’s already looking at free agents and that he won’t hesitate to cut current members of the team and replace them.  Whatever Jackson did to push the right buttons before the game against the Broncos didn’t work; Oakland lost by 14 points to a team that extensively used the kind of college-style read-option offense that isn’t supposed to work at the NFL level.

Winning, as we’ve seen elsewhere, can quickly quiet the complainers.  Jackson gets a chance to get things under control come Thursday night, when the Raiders travel to San Diego for a game against the Chargers.

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  1. raider fans think Jackson is a savior, when in fact hes just a dictator. i said this when Davis died and Jackson started running the show that they needed a GM or personnel guy immediately. didnt everyone learn from the Holmgren experiment?

  2. The honeymoon should be over with him based on his comment of the “greatest trade in NFL history”. He was right, Cincinnati has made one of the greatest trades getting rid of nootle arm

  3. Picking Denver yesterday didn’t take really big balls. Jackson certainly has his work cut out for him, but they will improve once they get a couple pieces back in place.

  4. I’ve been saying that he’s losing the locker room. Couldn’t get anyone around here (Bay Area) to believe me.
    It certainly looks like it. The kind of ridiculously un-disciplined play I saw yesterday happens when the players don’t care anymore.
    My prediction of a 7-9 season after Hue the huckster was hired is starting to look optimistic.
    Wasn’t sold on him then, and I’m still not.

  5. Wow. If these “sources” are correct, he’s like a middle eastern dicktater. Yeah, great way to get the players behind you by threatening them. Don’t say anything and cut a few guys that are under performing. Actions speak louder than locker room tantrums Pue.

  6. The honeymoon was over when Campbell went down. that is the force at work here, not some kind of mystic sucking.

  7. Yesterday’s performance makes one wonder if the Raiders spent their bye week at Occupy Oakland instead of preparing for Tim Tebow and his college playbook.

  8. There really is two ways to look at this situation. First, it’s tough to blame him for his RB and his QB both going down within a span of 7 days. Things were working just fine before the injury bug came along.

    However, he gets an ‘Epic Fail’ for his work as a “GM”. Somebody should have stopped him before he executed that trade for Palmer. Very desperate move.

  9. Carson Palmer is 0-2 with 6 int’s through 6 quarters of football. Alex Smith is 7-1 with 2 int’s through 8 games of football. I wonder if Oakland would have given us 4 first round picks for Alex Smith…

  10. All the locker room tantrums and weird media days aside, whose laying odds on when the local media and fans turn on the Palmer deal? 2-3 weeks from now? If/when this blows up in his face, he’s fired at the end of the season most likely.
    Who knows the wife and son may already be planning to look for a new GM and coach at the end of the season. I would be after Pue gave up the two big picks for an aging QB whose stats have been going down each year.

  11. Without a doubt the stupidest team in football, from management to players.

    They committed enough horrible, unnecessary penalties yesterday to be too much for three games. (Players)

    Giving up a 1 and a two (possible 1) for an over the hill quarterback is easily the worst trade in the last decade. (Management)

  12. Here in North Cal, we get a virtual daily dose of
    of “all things Raiders.” And I find it very interesting how your article alludes to chatter, “…increasing chatter via our network….regarding a growing perception….Jackson’s power…has gone to Jackson’s head.” Out here on the sideline I kept getting the feeling that all was not well in Raider Land with Jackson BEFORE the passing of Al Davis. Guess my suspicions were correct – that this man does not know what he is doing. His one move alone to get Palmer should have told us all a thing or two.

  13. That’s so strange because after signing houshmandzadeh I though for sure the raiders were going to the superbowl! (btw thats sarcasm)

  14. the raiders are going to dominate that chargers team and hue will redeamn himself… Chuch and defense are to blame. Letsget this fixed guy

  15. His biggest mistakes is bringing in players and starting them right away with no practice even though they haven’t earned it. Guys like Aaron Curry, TJ Housh, and Carson Palmer on a short week. Then he basically benched DHB for no reason. It’s like he’s back stabbing guys on the team now that Al Davis has passed away. He starting to bring in his guys and it’s rubbing players the wrong way.

  16. Absolutely the Honeymoon is over! The guy mortgaged the future for washed up bum QB is Palmer. Hue better win fast and often or he’ll be in the unemployment line.

  17. this is what happens when you jettison players mid way (hagan) through the season, to pick up new players’ buddies (houshmandzadeh).
    you cant tell me the locker room isnt questioning why new guy gets ton of snaps, while receivers that have been there from the beginning have to see friend get cut, and their playing time shrink

  18. Mark and Amy need to establish the pecking order, get an interim consultant GM on board ASAP and get more involved in personnel transactions. While it is debatable Al would have given up a 1 and 2 for Carson, I doubt he would have brought in Houseyourmama or sat DHB most of yesterday’s game instead he would have played the youngsters to see them develop. Time to take play calling and personnel decisions away from Hue. If I am not mistaken he was quoted after Al’s passing that he was now in charge. Get that interim consultant now before the locker room implodes and Hue brings in the rest of the unemployed Bungles.

  19. Raiders suck anyway! Hue won’t be there next year bc he got fleeced by the bungholes!

  20. I’m with JSpicoli on this one…It’s about Jason Campbell! He’s a good quarterback (And they are bad w/o him). Get over it!

  21. I’ve posted here that I’m a Hue Jackson fan and I’m still a Hue Jackson fan but he really needs to check himself. He’s the best coach the Raiders have had since Gruden but he’s controlling too many things. Yes Al did it but Al was the owner a HOF past his prime but still Al Davis.

    Hue Jackson has coached 8 NFL games as a head coach and is 4-4.

    Mark Davis and Amy Trask need to hire a General Manager ASAP.

  22. Chuck Bresnahan is the worst coordinator in football. How he continues to find work is amazing.

  23. its 11:34a (pst)…. and ironic that JoeToronto and RaiderRob have yet to post on this Raider story. They are always the first to chime in on Niner stuff.

  24. The players need to shut up and play. Whatever is going on, tape doesn’t lie. Their next employer will watch the same tape, and if it shows them quitting on the team, it only hurts them. That said, Hue has a great offensive vision and it will take some time to fully implement that.

  25. Trading away draft picks is not the way to improve a team. The Raiders have dug themselves a black hole they may take along time to climb out of. If Jackson is fired after the season, the new gm/coach will not have any high round picks to build around for the future. Going to be hard to bring in a new coach under these circumstances.

  26. Where is JoeToronto and RaiderRob21? it seems like they only visit the niners posts to talk trash.. but when it comes to their own backyard they are zip! .. what a joke!

  27. What? “…some players believe Jackson isn’t qualified to have that much power.”
    My question is, what exactly qualifies those players to know who is or is not qualified to perform his duties? Are they suggesting that they are better suited? How would they even know? For a writer to use “anonymous sources” in such a sensitive situation, is incredibly irresponsible.

  28. Losing the past two games to those teams was sickening. Here are my thoughts on how Hue can turn it around:
    1) Hand playcalling over to Al Saunders. The man knows his stuff. Hue, trust your lieutenants.
    2) Get DHB and Boss into the damn game plan! Why was Moore getting so much attention? He’s still a rookie and DHB has made tremendous strides this year. Build upon it!
    3) Put a boot up Bresnahan’s ass! 300 yards rushing? WTF? I know the defense was Al’s baby, but seriously.
    4) Needs to be handled lightly, but yes, cut someone who makes a stupid, play or penalty that costs this team. JJ did it in Dallas … we can too.
    5) Be consistent with the testicular fortitude. I’m glad I didn’t see any trickeration yesterday, but a “Bully” would have lined up on 4 and 1 to go for it, especially with Bush having a decent game.

    We’re halfway there and the division is still a wide open race. Start taking names and kicking ass like we know you can! Out.

  29. Hello? Raider fan? Are you still out there? Please come back and tell me those silly stories of how the Raiders are legit and Super Bowl bound. Silly Raider fans. Always entertaining.

  30. Hue Jackson has become the dumbest coach in the NFL. It is obvious he is in over his head and I hope that Mark Davis and Amy Trask are paying attention!! This guy needs to go away he is nothing more than a double talker and plays favorites….didn’t even feature the teams best receiver in the game plan…why? He constantly says that there is work to do but never any results from this “work”!! For the record I am a long time Raider fan.

  31. Remember his press conference with Carson Palmer? He let it be known that even questioning him or his decisions was folly. Arrogance is a bitch, ain’t it?

  32. Where is Norv Turner when you need him Raider Nation? I’ll tell you where….getting ready to kick your azzes on Thursday Night Football thats where.

  33. Carson, I know you are new to the AFC West, but just incase you didn’t know… that guy wearing #24 in Denver is Champ Bailey. You know… the guy that has been to 10 Pro Bowls, one of the great CB’s in the game.

    “If you don’t know, now you know…”

  34. You guys cutting on Palmer after his first start is pretty pathetic. At least give him the rest of the season.
    Even at that, at least watch the game and realize poor defense and “Stupid” penalties did the Raiders in. Hit out of bounds on a 3rd and 10+ yards? 1st down catch, but you throw the ball for a delay of game? 3rd and long run up the middle, the whole defense corrals the RB for less than a 1 yard gain, but you draw a facemask penalty?
    Unexcusable. You asked, you begged for the other team to take this game.
    But, do you realize how lucky the Raiders are? I mean so damn Lucky, that they can say they’re still in 1st place. No one above them.
    So all you haters…..first ask yourself, is your team in 1st place? SIT DOWN! If you are, wait your turn.

  35. If that Saturday night meeting can be confirmed, then it was the mother-of-all bad timing. You’re gonna tell a team of 53 grown men that their jobs are on the line, the night before a game they should’ve been able to win? There likely were several little meetings amongst the players following that one. Wonder how those might’ve sounded?

  36. So much for Oakland being “Hue Jack” City. They better turn this around quickly or their fan base is going to burn the house down.

  37. I think Hue Jackson originally wanted to sign Jimmy Dix as his quarterback-but when someone told him that “The Last Boyscout” was just a movie and wasn’t real, he opted for Carson Palmer instead – the Raider way indeed!

  38. It looks like “the honeymoon is over” for Aaron Curry. He sucked big time yesterday. He was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Whenever you see Willis Frickin’ McGahee go for 163, WITH A BROKEN HAND, you have to know the LB play sucked.
    I would just run their assess in practice today & tomorrow until they puked. You can’t show up at home & STINK like that against a college team like the broncos. It’s very bad for business.

  39. Its ironic how that for years Raider coaches were always blamed for crappy seasons because they had no control and had to let Al make all of the decisions. Now the coach has all of the control and he is still killing the team! Never ends…

  40. If quarterback is where the trouble is, why blame Hue?

    Allegedly, there is a young quarterback out there who may be available to come in and back up his brother, err….the starting quarterback.

    I’m just surprised Carson demanded TJ be signed before Jordan.

  41. Think the Raydumbs should have broken the bank and hired Jim Harbaugh instead of Hue Jacka**? Kind of reminds me of the former 49er head coach who’s now the Vikings linebacker’s coach. Can’t seem to recall his name but the stench is finally leaving the 9ers locker room.

  42. Did every forget that Davis once said that his son Mark had no interest in running the football operation? He sure knew his son. As soon as Davis passed, the progress the Raiders were making went completely south. Cummon , man…who allows the first year coach to become the de facto GM just because he won 4 games in his career…

  43. At least Palmer looked like a quarterback yesterday, with a week of practice he’s coming around. The defense took the day off and having more penalty yards than rushing yards doesn’t help you win games. Once Palmer has a few games under him and McFadden comes back who knows? But the stupid penalties have to stop and the safeties and corners need to step up.

  44. Raiders started out well and peoples expectations went through the roof. Hugh has done a decent job coaching. Just don’t let the guy be your GM and make trades like the one he did for Palmer. Broncos fans know how quickly one guy can ruin a franchise, just look at McDaniel’s.

  45. Hey raider fans thanx for the first and second and thanx for taking that NO HEART having S.O.B. out there to that soft a@# coast where he belongs. Hope you enjoy your totally average qb (personally i would rather have J. Campbell) the raydas truely are the only team dumb enough to try this.

  46. The irony is really that a GM wasnt in place to build the team the right way, so they had to make desperate trades to get better players, therefore sacrificing whatever future they couldve had via rebuilding.

    Its a QB driven league, and Jackson had to make a desperate move, and it was generated by the failure of developing/selecting a no. 1 pick overall. In retrospect, the pick shouldve been Calvin Johnson and NOT JaMarcus Russell.

    They are paying for that. And no coach or style can replacing developing a front office, scouting program and building a system. It was impatience from the beginning, and Jackson is continuing that impatience.

  47. Nothing more pathetic or humiliating then to let Tim Tebow and the option read offense beat you. Raiders you’re defense is laughable and doesn’t belong in the NFL for letting that joke of a QB embarrass you like he did.


  48. the last time we were 4-4 coming of
    Bad losses and left for dead by everyone we ended up in the Super Bowl.

    That being said, they need to get a G.M. in ASAP, before the end of the season if possible.

  49. why do people think Jackson “had to make a desperate” move. no he didnt, no they didnt. they did it and now they have to deal with it, but they didnt have to do anything.

    Hue Jackson is killing what Tom Cable started. and Raider fans hate to admit that.

  50. @qdog112

    My question is, what exactly qualifies those players to know who is or is not qualified to perform his duties? Are they suggesting that they are better suited? How would they even know? For a writer to use “anonymous sources” in such a sensitive situation, is incredibly irresponsible.

    Those players you speak of have been playing the game since middle school and know much more about the game than you think. While many of them cant translate that into coaching dont be a fool thinking they dont know the game.

    Also what happened to all of the Raider fans chanting Tebow sucks??? Couldnt hear much from the clowns in the 4thQ.

  51. Nov 7, 2011 2:54 PM
    Hello? Raider fan? Are you still out there? Please come back and tell me those silly stories of how the Raiders are legit and Super Bowl bound. Silly Raider fans. Always entertaining.

    Their fans signed on w/the jets

  52. Did they give up too much for Palmer? Yes.

    Did they have to make a move? No question.

    You think they have lockerroom problems now start Kyle Boller and be 4-9 when Campbell comes back the season is already over.

    Maybe the problem was they screwed up the back-up QB position and it came back to bite us.

    Bottom line- the reason why the Raiders lost is their defense. This defense NEVER and I mean NEVER gets a stop in a big situation. Even in the Super Bowl season they couldn’t stop a nose bleed! The offense carried them.

    Palmer made some excellent throws yesterday- he will be fine. But the Raiders aren’t going anyplace until they fixed their horrible defense!

    Just win baby!

  53. no doubt the raiders were out coached on Sunday. Just have to look at the halftime adjustments. I would have to point the finger more at breshnahan although. The d sucked in the 2nd half. We missed McClain a whole lot more than we missed dmc

  54. Hue Jackson never had a problem with self esteem. But he may have bitten off more than he can chew especially for a guy that was never a head coach before in any league.

  55. Yes Carson Palmer threw 3 interceptions, but he also three 3 touchdowns for over 300 yards in his first real game as the starter with the Raiders and completed only 54% of his passes. Last season he was over 60%. He’ll get back to over 60% with the Raiders and when that happens they’ll score more often and be even more dangerous than they are now.

    What impressed me more than anything is the fact he ran the offense with authority for only being in the offense for two weeks, especially the no-huddle. For those out there who thought it would be impossible for Palmer to know in two weeks what Jason Campbell has learned over a year, witnessed Palmer run parts of the offense Campbell wasn’t running. Palmer looked good running a no-huddle offense which shows his drive to succeed and know everything he needs to know.

    By the end of the season you’ll see a more seasoned Carson Palmer in terms of knowing and understanding everything about the Raiders offense and a real QB running the show compared to any QB since Rich Gannon. Look forward to Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, and others doing well behind a real QB this year. Once Palmer gets the flow of the game, watch out because he has a group of wide receivers willing to whatever it takes to get the ball and have the speed to take it the house on every possession.

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