Jerry Jones again questions why Dez Bryant is returning punts


The Cowboys won on Sunday, but Jerry Jones still found room to question his coaching staff.

Specifically, Jones said once again that he doesn’t see why wide receiver Dez Bryant is returning punts. Jones said after the Cowboys’ Week One loss to the Jets that he was upset Bryant had suffered an injury on a punt return, and Jones didn’t like seeing Bryant fielding punts on Sunday against the Seahawks, particularly considering his importance to the offense after receiver Miles Austin got hurt.

I’m still concerned when we had him back there about his injury, especially now that Miles may be, or may not be, out a couple of games,” Jones told FOX Sports Southwest. “I don’t know.”

Bryant returned two punts on Sunday, one for a 12-yard gain and one for a four-yard loss. It was the first time he had returned a punt since that Week One game. Whether he returns punts on Sunday against the Bills will tell us something about the extent to which Jones calls the shots in Dallas.

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  1. Why doesn’t he ask or speak with his coaching staff privately, rather than asking it through the media, creating negative attention?

  2. I don’t think there is any question that Jones calls the shots in Dallas. The question is how serious Jones is about the fact that he doesn’t like Bryant returning punts. It is one thing to make a public statement, but if he tells Garrett directly to stop it you can bet it will be stopped!

  3. As a Cowboy fan, I look at this three ways:
    1) Jerry needs to shut-up and voice his concerns privately to Garrett.
    2) If Garrett is going it and Jerry doesn’t like it, maybe Jerry isn’t calling the shots.
    3) I actually agree with Jerry on this one.

    However, Jerry needs to quit publically questioning his Coach.

  4. I have to agree with Jones on this one. The key is to keep Dez on the field on offense. He’s had his share of injuries and fielding punts is not necessary. It’s not like he’s Deion Sanders for Pete’s sake.

    Of course Jones is wrong for questioning his coaches through the media. Geez, you’re a turd Jones.

  5. FYI dudes get hurt in football….

    when they get hurt dont cry. well golly maybe the COMMISH should fine anyone that hurts a punt/kick returner…. i think it should be 2 hand touch

  6. while I don’t always support garrets play calling I believe that you need to put your playmakers in places they can make plays. jerry should really learn to keep things in house and out of the news.

  7. Two words for Jerry – ‘Shut Up’.

    JJ – do you REALLY not get enough spotlight?
    Your ridiculous interference has the Cowboys where they are today.

    It appears you’ll never learn. Enough already.

  8. claydefayette says:
    Nov 7, 2011 9:49 AM
    Dez Bryant is supposed to be a playmaker. Is anyone questioning the Cardinals for using another similarly-built playmaker in Patrick Peterson on returns?


    Did Peterson break his leg while returning a kick yet?

    Did Peterson bruise his quad on a kick return, which limited his performance for several weeks?

    Is Peterson the #1/#2 receiver on his team?

    The answer to all of these questions are “No”. The two situations are completely different. Peterson doesn’t have a history of getting banged up on kick returns, Dez does.

    It doesn’t happen much, but for once, Jerry Jones is right.

  9. I’m concerned when he returns punts, too. Fact is a week ago they said that they would pick their spots regarding Bryant returning punts and that is exactly what they did, so I think you’re taking Jones’ words a little bit out of context.

    “Well, I think we pick our spots. We did that with Deion Sanders and that’s the way you do with Dez. He’s a threat.” – Jones on 10/28

  10. Once again the lemmings are led around by the nose by the media. He said “concerned WHEN Bryant returns punts”, not “concerned THAT Bryant returns punts”.

  11. and one wonders why the cowboys haven’t even sniffed a Superbowl in so long with this idiot meddling daily and undermining his own coaching staff…..Jerry needs to just shut up and go hire a real GM and stay in the luxury suite and mind his own business….

  12. I question why Jerry even has a coaching staff. He might just as well have animatronics on the sidelines with speakers and he can just push a button from his suite and talk to the players through them.

  13. I really wish the media would stop asking Jerry Jones questions. I don’t understand why he is given a soapbox after every damn game.

  14. Keep up the good work, Jerrah….despite the problems, he has become good at selecting talent, except for the offensive line. He just can’t get them winning consistently….strange

  15. How about a story on Demarco Murray hanging 139 yards on a team that had not given up 100 yards to anybody so far this season?

  16. I must say that while Jones’ method of showing concern through the media is wrong, he makes a good point. Michael Irvin was never used as a punt returner. And although Bryant hasn’t filled Irvins shoes yet… one can dispute his impact in the game. He is too valuable a receiver to be used as a retuaarn guy. Use Holley or Robinson instead.

  17. Jerry will only allow things to happen when it benefits him wether it be his pockets or ego , if dez bryant woulda had a td return instead of a 4 yard loss then jerry would find something else to complain about , he always will outside romo cuz hes obviously in love no matter how much he screws up . Doesnt matter to me either way cuz the cowboys suck

  18. I’m pretty sure the Eagles use DeSean Jackson on punt returns.

    The idea is you put your best player in the position to win. If Tony Romo could return punts I’m sure he would. But he’s probably figure out a way to turn that into a pick-6 too.

  19. If the Cowboys had a decent General Manager, he would get them someone half way decent at returning punts and the coaching staff wouldn’t have to use Bryant to return punts. Why don’t you chew your General Mangers buttocks instead of the coaching staff. Wait, oh, your the General Manager. That explains a lot right there. Nevermind.

  20. Being a Seahawk fan I must say I was enjoying the fact that the hawk’s were proving difficult early on in the game. Given the fact that our team has proven weak to special teams returns later in games I saw exactly why they were bringing in Dez to return kicks and it concerned me.

    In the end it didn’t matter as our QB handed over two scores to the cowgirls and that proved the difference in the game but it’s possible Dez could have busted off a big return and done the same thing. It was good coaching imo.

  21. Let’s see. Jerry hires a young coach. Young coach makes a personnel decision. Jerry questions it openly to the media. Cowboys are a .500 football team. Is this 2000, 2005, or 2011? Wait, it makes no difference what year it is, they’re all the same.

    JERRY: Stop openly criticizing your coaches in the media. It undermines their authority and impacts not only how they coach but how their players respond.

    Until once and for all he realizes this his team will continue to be MEDIOCRE.

  22. I find it interesting that after Ryan was yapping about being the best d coordinator hawks hung 165 yards rushing on that “vaunted” Dallas D. This despite the fact that Jackson could not pass. One week earlier eagles trashed them.
    Some defense!!

  23. Jones has got to be the lousiest owner in the NFL constantly questioning his employees in public instead of seeking clarification in private.

  24. Last year in preseason Jerry criticized Camp Cupcake (Wade Philips) for making the defense go full speed…after Jason Hatcher pulled a hamstring.
    Then the season starts and the Cowboys defense absolutely stinks (as does the offense).

    Jerry Jones ego has no boundaries.

  25. Jerrah Jones, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo…..reminds me of the movie “Wizard of Oz”….Jerrah doesn’t have a “brain”, Dez doesn’t have the “courage” to play when dinged up and poor Tony doesn’t have the “heart” for football…and the rest of the team is a bunch of munchkins who are afraid to speak out.

  26. Why don’t Jones go ahead and take over the head coaching job instead of doing it on the sly so he can’t be personally blamed but use Garrett as his whipping boy with the media. He needs to finally get it out of his system? Either take it over or shut up and leave Garrett alone is my call to him. This meddling is depressing to Garrett and his coaching staff and the players. Until he gets to the point he can’t meddle with the team don’t expect them to reach their potential.

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