Kyle Williams could miss rest of season


The Bills have lost two of their last three games, falling into a three-way tie for the AFC East division lead and having defensive tackle Kyle Williams in the lineup would be a good way to turn things back around.

They may not have that chance, though. Williams has missed the last three games with a foot injury and coach Chan Gailey said Monday that Williams will miss this weekend’s matchup with the Cowboys as well. Gailey also said that Williams will head to see a foot specialist in the Carolinas this week to get another opinion on his foot. Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 radio surmises that is likely Dr. Robert Anderson, the North Carolina doctor who is also consulting with Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw.

“That is a possibility, I’m not going to say it’s not,” Gailey said in response to a question about whether Williams could miss the rest of the season.

In their two losses without Williams, the Bills have struggled to stop the running attacks of the Giants and Jets. With three straight road games coming up, including a visit to the Jets in Week 12, Buffalo needs to shore up that issue if they are going to remain alive in the AFC East race. That’s not their only problem right now, but it is a big one for their hopes of making good on their 4-1 start to the season.

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  1. struggled to stop run game…….jets had been running for well over 200yds a game. not this past week check the stats. the pass game is where we struggle

  2. I haven’t been totally following Buffalo this year, but he was beastly last year so no wonder they’ve been struggling defensively. One of the best DTs in the league after Ngata, Suh, and Raji.

  3. I thought this article was about the 49ers WR Kyle Williams. This makes more sense, as (the 49ers’) Kyle Williams is both healthy, and doesn’t warrant an entire article dedicated to him.

  4. Bills need to keep grinding.

    All the pundits said early on the Bills were real and the 49ers weren’t.


  5. @bills4life

    Where do you get your stats because the jets running game has been pretty awful to start the year.
    Demarco murray is guna run wild this Sunday boop boop!

  6. boom….roasted, they are done. if you would have told me kyle williams would be a no show this season i would have said the bills will be lucky to win four or five games. he WAS the defence last season for the bills. with dareus playing well they could have been pretty improved defenceivly this season. if they do get to a playoff game, this will be remembered by me as the smoke and mirrors season.

  7. Kyle has been hurt all year, it was Merriman that the run game misses. He was brought in to hopefully provide a pass rush but turned into an edge run stopper. Spencer Johnson isn’t as fast and Moats hasn’t developed that part of his game that. Batten seems to be degressing maybe he is injured too.

    Any team can lose a star player or two at any time and run the risk of being out of the playoff race. Because of that the Bills are still in this.

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