Lions bring back Kevin Smith

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The Detroit Lions have brought back a familiar face at running back.

Kevin Smith, a 2008 third-round draft pick of the Lions, will return to the team, a league source told PFT’s Mike Florio.

Smith was the Lions’ primary ball carrier in his first two seasons, gaining 976 yards as a rookie and 747 yards in 2009. He was largely phased out of the offense with the arrival of Jahvid Best in 2010, however, and they decided not to make him an offer when he became a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Now that Best is dealing with concussion problems and the Lions’ ground game has stagnated, Smith will get another shot.

23 responses to “Lions bring back Kevin Smith

  1. Isn’t he the guy signed with the Bears, and in the final preseason game made a weird unnecessary jump blew out his knee for the year?

  2. I don’t understand the hate, this dude was a beast before getting hurt and is still pretty young. It’s nice seeing Tiki still flabbergasted though.

  3. Sure seems like this signing comes because it looks like Jahvid Best will be out for a while.

    In that case, I don’t understand why we didn’t bring back Aaron Brown. He’s a speedster that fills the same role as Jahvid

  4. This goes to show how bad the team need a running game they went to the corner he was standing their at less he had the sense to ask for a job not like those people the won’t to pull down the country OWS they could learn something from K. Smith.

  5. Dude wasn’t phased out. He never fully recovered from his injury (mentally or physically is up for debate) and they gave up on him. Here’s to hoping he can make this opportunity into a way back into the NFL.

  6. Draft RB, Oline, and secondary….IMO. If Best is crippled half the year we need to find a new one. I like Best but the nfl is a business.

  7. My vote is they bring back BARRY FLANDERS or BILLY SHIMS!

    OOOps, no joking with iconic legends…

  8. Kevin Smith was NEVER a beast. He enjoyed marginal success, but after he injured his knee the first time he got scared and stutter stepped his way into the unemployment line.
    If he’s overcome his fear and is willing to run north-south with more conviction, he could be OK.

  9. thetechnocrat says: Nov 7, 2011 2:04 PM

    Dude wasn’t phased out. He never fully recovered from his injury (mentally or physically is up for debate) and they gave up on him. Here’s to hoping he can make this opportunity into a way back into the NFL.

    I agree. If he is completely healed, and trusts his knee, he should be fine. He is a decent runner when healthy, he’s only 25, and he knows the system. This might turn out to be a positive signing.

  10. The guy can block, he is an excellent pass catcher and route runner. They need help with the underneath stuff while Best is away and Smith was always great in that role.

    Morris, Williams and Smith seems like a decent RB by Committe – but nothing special that is for sure.

  11. As my truthful posts about kevin smith keep getting deleted I will give a brief run-down of his career in Detroit.

    Run slowly and without power.
    Talk about gaining more yards and training…
    Don’t deliver on talk.

    Get injured…
    tell Miami to “come get me”

  12. not a bad move.. Leshoure will be back next year, i was really looking forward to watching him…

  13. Yup he beat out aveion caison! Hopefully he works out, at first I was very disappointed with this signing but I always have to remind myself that Martin meyhew is running this team and not Matt millen. I always remember an interview he had at the beginning of the 0-16 year when he was so excited play and go to the playoffs. About 12 losses into the season you could tell he was a beatdown player. Here’s to hoping his optimism about playing comes back.

  14. I don’t understand this… Why not bring back Aaron brown who can contribute on special teams and has the same skill set as javhid best who is probably going to be out for a little bit longer.

  15. I trust the Schwarz. Mayhew and company obviously did as thorough a job possible trying out available talent. They must see something but only time will tell. I’m rooting for Kevin Smith to do well even though I think he’s slow. I don’t expect anything from him for a few weeks though. Go Lions!!

  16. I hope Kevin Smith appreciates that second chances are a rare commodity. Don’t blow it!

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