Mike Shanahan is grumpy

We’re going to fill out this post with some thoughts about the Redskins. Maybe there will be a stat or two.

Make no mistake: This is all just an excuse to show that cover of the Washington Post via D.C. Sports Bog.

“Right now you take a look at the offense and it’s tough to take. It’s tough to take for me,” coach Mike Shanahan said when asked about all the early exits from the stands on Sunday against San Francisco.

John Beck didn’t have a pass that traveled longer than 17 yards in Washington’s 19-11 loss. Until a drive with under five minutes left, the Redskins didn’t advance the ball past San Francisco’s 37-yard line.

Mike Shanahan was brought along to fix the offense. The team is averaging 12.6 points-per-game over the last six weeks, and they’ve lost four straight games.

The team is no better on offense than it was under Jim Zorn. There is no light at the end of the quarterback tunnel or exciting skill position talent to build around.

It’s enough to make a man pretty grumpy.

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  1. Mike Shanahan was hired to fix the complete and utter mess that LiL Danny and Uncle Vinny Cerrato made of this franchise over the last decade. The amount of over-priced, over-hyped players on the Skins roster when Shanahan took over was a joke. The team needed to be stripped of that **** and start over by adding young players through the draft and adding quality veteran players through FA. To this point Shanahan has done that, he just chose to address the defense first.

    As a Skins fan games like yesterday, and againt Buffalo, are hard to take, but I expected it. Especially when injuries started to mount. The Skins offense is a joke, but at least young/promising players like Helu, Hankerson, Austin, and Paul are getting valuable experience. Now if the offense isn’t adequately addressed in this coming draft and offseason I will be very worried, but with 11 million in cap space at this time, and a good amount of draft picks for the 2012 draft, I have hope.

    And enough of Skins fans bitching and moaning on the radio and message boards. Especially the “Hail-tards” that have magically disappeared from this site. This franchise is in the 2nd year of a desperately needed rebuild. Suck it up, stop the whining, and support the young guys playing their hearts out to get better. Its what real Skins fans do.

  2. Maybe all of those naive, oblivious fans across the beltway will stop ripping Joe Flacco and my Ravens’ offense…
    Nah, they’ll still think they’re the better team because the franchise has been there for like 80 years. Oh well…Anyone still taking Beck/Grossman over Flacco?

  3. Maybe he should just take over play calling for a while. You can say what you want about people not making plays but Beck was 30 – 47. And they had less sacks.

    So blocking was there, balance wasn’t. Since both Shanahans said that they would stake their reps on these offensive unit. Maybe Kyle’s rep should be tarnished right about now.

  4. where do you begin? this team is terrible. the key position QB wasnt even addressed during the off season? if anything shanahan has made the team worse? we play miami next week, we dont have a chance.
    it kills me to know we could have had ponder, or dalton. kerrigan has been good, but we REALLY needed a QB!

  5. “Right now you take a look at the offense and it’s tough to take. It’s tough to take for me,” coach Mike Shanahan said

    It’s especially tough because his son is the OC. The rat likes to shift blame, never accepting his share, but now he can’t because of his son.

  6. Will never understand all the hype regarding this guy.

    Everyone thought now that he was rid of Haynesworth & McNabb, this was going to be “his” team. He’s never been that good without great parts around him, he isn’t the kind of coach that can with with good talent, he needs GREAT talent to win.

    Without TD & Elway, he’s never done anything.
    Everyone forgets what a great O line he also had in Denver. With that O line it was easy to take guys like Mike Anderson & Jake Plummer & make them look better than they were. Shanahan is a bust that happened to luck into some great talent that was already in place in Denver.

    He got thrown out of Oakland…
    He’s & his kid are gonna end up being thrown out of Washington…

  7. Shanahan can win. He’s proven it in the past. Two poor – read understatement – QB choices. Add too that Haynesworth from last year, and you have some team leadership/cohesiveness issues.
    When you don’t have Sharp, Elway, Davis, etc or their near equals, wins will be hard to come by.

  8. Yup, time to bench Beck. Rex makes mistakes, but Beck is not even an NFL caliber QB.

    Watching the past few games, we’ve had guys wide open and Beck just does not make the progressions to get to them.

    We’re not going anywhere this year, but Rex at QB is the best option for the development of our young WRs until RG3 gets here next year.

  9. the skins dont quite suck enough for luck, but they are beginning to look lousy enough to possibly nab jones or barkley.

  10. Wethog66, you really think these players are,’playing their hearts out’ for this franchise? It certainly doesn’t show on the field.

    Mark my words: Shanahan is not rebuilding this franchise, he’s destroying it.

    When he ends up quitting at the end of this season or next it will be in even worse shape than when he got here.

    Hail, etc.

    You can’t fault your fellow fans for being pessimistic after seeing no change in the climate or talent of the team.
    after almost two full seasons.

    I agree though, Helu will hopefully be a bright spot for years to come. Davis too.

  11. Look…anyone that brings in QBs by the likes of Beck and Grossman (and nothing else) as potential starters, especially when you have a team with marginal talent, deserves this………give me a break. Can anyone REALLY be this out of touch……ridiculous….He deserves what he gets!

  12. Ok the offense is terrible…but you can put some of this on the special teams and defense, you can’t expect this offense to have to continously go 70, 80 plus yards that being said special teams need to get better return production so the offense isn’t always starting at or inside the 20-30 yard lines and the defense how about stopping opponents making them punt deeper in their territory and get turnovers on the opponents side of the field. How many times during this losing streak has either the special teams or defense handed the ball over to the offense on the opponents side of the field??? Yes the offense itself has issues Beck not going to the right receiver and or hot read…receivers being open and dropping sure receptions and or fumbling. The offense needs to start playing more with a sense of urgency.

  13. 3-6 is a heckuva lot better than I expected from them.

    It’s too bad for Shanahan that they won those games early. If they had gone 1-5 and just won the last two games he’d be honored for “turning the franchise around.”

  14. Sure he’s mad wouldn’t you be if your team lost and your son sucked as an OC. On other news their’s actually a winning NFL team who plays in MD and the bandwagon is open for business!

  15. If they can draft a good right tackle, and a guard, and get a backup tackle capable of playing either side, the entire team changes. Add a qb, a corner, and get Jarvis Jenkins in the mix, this team is a contender.

  16. I like Shannahan and the organization is on track for better days. The one big mistake he made was encouraging the fans that Beck and Grossman were capable. Maybe they were in the offseason and preseason, but since the start of the season both have demonstrated to be non NFL material. Backups at best and wonder if either will be in the NFL next year.

    The first rounder next year HAS to be used to address the QB position either trading it or choosing a QB talent.

  17. Shanahan is human, no Mastermind.

    The struggle as mentioned here before, is that he obviously set this deal up to give Kyle his start.

    Not going so good.

    The changes were FAR too slow in coming, frankly, they’re just NOW hitting bottom.
    The key to successful change is being decisive and deliberate with your plan.

    Now, it just looks like a bunch of check cashing and shoulder shrugging.

  18. Beck may have been 30-47 passing but 14 of those were to a running back not named Marhsall Faulk. They scored 11 points. The replays of the WR’s running open downfield and being visibly angry when Beck didn’t even attempt to throw it to them tells the whole story. No way those guys have confidence in him after yesterday, and they surely aren’t the only ones.

    The good news is that the Skins have some talented young players. The bad news is that none of them play QB.

  19. Diehard Skins fan here. Ridiculous record was broken yesterday: most receptions by a Redskins player in a single game…by a running back. Really hope they fix the o-line/quarterback problem in the draft this year.

  20. Anyone with any shred of common sense can see exactly whats going on in DC. Shanahan and Allen used their first offseason with the uncapped year to purge the bad contracts. This past offseason was clearly focused on improving a terrible defense. In 2012 theyll take their full compliment of draft picks and 30 million in cap room to acquire talent on offense. It aint rocket science. Hell Shanahan even told you dopes when he was hired that it would get worse before it got better.

  21. John Beck is the most annoying NFL player ever. He is natural loser (0-8 in NFL games). He sucks up to everyone in post game interviews. He looks like he should be cleaning NFL bathrooms more than he looks like a NFL player. He is scared throw the ball 15 yard or more because he knows he would get picked off ten times more than Grossman. The Skins need gunslinger at QB to accommodate all the speed they have at receiver. Brett Favre if your reading this come heal my Redskins O.

  22. Shanarat and his mewling son will continue to lose. The “father knows best” coaching duo is a joke. Shanarat’s dream, to start a dynasty like the Ryans,Mannings, even Nolans, is doomed. Bwahahaha.

  23. Mike Shanahan is Grumpy, Andy Reid is Doc, Bill Belichick is Sleepy, Tony Romo is Dopey, Tom Brady is Prince Charming, and Rex Ryan as the Evil Queen in the NFL’s production of Snow White Takes the Field. With Mark Sanchez as Snow White.

  24. Anyone think Shany benched Rex for Beck cuz Beck gave him a better chance of losing more games and getting into the Suck for Luck race?

  25. Can we now finally address the elephant in the room, which is that Kyle Shanahan likely isn’t capable of being an NFL offensive coordinator? Undoubtedly, Mike figured he couldn’t just hand the OC job to his son without any experience, so he went to his old protege Kubiak and called in a favor. So, for a couple seasons Kubiak did all the work just like he’d always done, but let Kyle say he was the OC.

  26. If I had benched Rex Grossman for someone WORSE than Rex Grossman, I’d be grumpy too.

    As a Bears fan, I still say, “Seriously? Rex? You put *that* much stock into being a former (loser) SuperBowl QB?”

  27. Fire “Daddy” (aka Mike Shanahan) and “Junior” (aka Kyle Shanahan) at the end of the season!!!

    The Shanahans can’t coach anymore!!! George Seifert and Tom Flores no longer could so it’s time to get the same message to both of these two clowns!!!

  28. I am going to make tshirts that state….”theres always next season” and put weasel boy owner and shanarat pic selling them at Fed x….make a fortune…LMAO.

  29. I’m gonna make t-shirts that say ” this was supposed to be our year but wait til next year” and sell them in dallas. The media will buy them at least.

  30. @ wethog66

    Shanahan was OC for 2 of those SB loses, so Elway went 2-2 in the SB with him. Don’t believe me look it up. By your logic you probably think he’s the reason Steve Young has a Super Bowl ring, which is completely untrue anyone could have won a SB with that team in 1994.

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