Spanos says Rivers is having an “off year”

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Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers continues to be defensive about his performance in 2011.  Most recently, Rivers said that “there’s nothing different” about him.

Other than, you know, the stats.

And the stats are enough for owner Dean Spanos.  Spanos told NBC’s Alex Flanagan after Sunday’s loss to the Packers that the Chargers’ franchise quarterback is having a non-franchise season.

“Sometimes you just have an off year,” Spanos told Flanagan.  “That is what Phillip Rivers is having so far.”

Apart from whether Rivers or Spanos is right, the fact that Spanos spoke out about his quarterback is the kind of diss that can stir up a franchise known recently more for dysfunction than dominance.

For better or worse, Rivers gets a chance to get back on the horse, quickly.  In three days, the Chargers host the Raiders in the 2011 season debut of Thursday Night Football.

Coincidentally, Mike Mayock of NBC and NFL Network will join PFT Live today to talk about his first assignment as a game analyst on Thursday nights, and I’ll ask Mike for his assessment of Rivers, the Raiders, and whatever else we can cram into the discussion.

18 responses to “Spanos says Rivers is having an “off year”

  1. Everyone goes on about Tebow’s and Cutler’s mechanics… Rivers was jumping backwards and throwing.

    A la Romo, I think people are starting to realize he’s a regular season stat machine and little more.

  2. But there is something different with rivers. His delivery looks rigid and no longer is it a natural throwing motion. The ball flight looks different coming out of his hand as well; making the whole delivery look very unnatural.
    The best way to compare it for me would be like watching a pitcher with a bad back try and pitch. His body motion is restricted and rivers is compensating with refined mechanics. But he is not throwing the ball the way he did even a year ago.

  3. The reason Rivers is having an “off year” is because I took him in the first round. Along with Hillis in the 3rd. Thumbs down for my fantasy team.

  4. With the “Craptical” that is the Raiders, I’d be very surprised if the Charges don’t put up another 30+ points on Thursday. I can’t imagine Palmer keeping up with that pace.

  5. So now can Norv rail on AJ Smith in the press for letting Sproles walk??? I mean AJ is still talking crap about former players, now the owner decides to go all fanboi about his team’s QB.
    Not cool, talking like this about your players, ex players or coaches, etc publicly. So unprofessional.

  6. Amazing that Rivers was in conversations of “elite” status for all these years.

    If you’re an “elite” QB, then every year you DONT make it to the Superbowl or Championship game is an “off year”.

    Rivers is the reason this team has been extremely inconsistent. It’s time this guy gets the heat Eli Manning has been getting all these years.

    Superbowl Ring.
    Superbowl MVP.
    Current standing Iron-Man title.

    That is what you call a LEADER.

  7. thetwilightsown says:
    Nov 7, 2011 10:12 AM
    Slightly off topic but… when posters start breaking down mechanics and throwing motion and such, I totally don’t care.


    When posters like you cant realize the only reason you had a false sense of security in your crappy QB was because of guys like Tomlinson and a healthy Antonio Gates, and now that Rivers has to actually orchestrate and lead a team, and cant – thats why the Chargers suck.

    Chargers: Bad GM, Bad Coach, Bad QB.

  8. I love how everyone still holds on to Rivers talking crap to Cutler and thinking he’s a punk. I’d rather have a QB with an attitude and a passion rather than someone that is dull.

    Also people thinking that his receivers made him what he is? Let’s bring it back last year what he had last year where he threw to I think 10 different receivers? Gates was out, VJ held out, Floyd was hurt so the other guys stepped up and still had a good year. Could’ve had a better record if it wasn’t for ST that funked it up on field. So it is what it is and they still didn’t make the playoffs. Fire AJ! Carry on.

  9. @nohopeleft, i agree 1000%, its time people start to give Rivers the Romo treatment; he is too unconsistant!!

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