Colts’ best chance to win could come this weekend

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In Week Eight, the 0-6 Rams shocked the NFC South-leading Saints.  In Week Nine, the 0-7 Dolphins toppled the AFC West-leading Chiefs.

In Week 10, the last of the winless teams could have their best chance to get their first win.  To make it happen, the 0-9 Colts don’t have to beat a team with a winning record.  Instead, Indy will host the 2-6 Jaguars.

Of course, the Jaguars have shown that they’ve still got some bite, beating the Titans and the Ravens this season.  Plus, the Jags are coming off their bye week.

Of course, the prospect of the Colts winning a game and moving to 1-9 presumes that they actually want to win.  The Colts’ players surely do; they simply don’t have the horses to compete.  Ownership and the front office realize that, if the team sinks deeply enough to get Andrew Luck, one horrible season would be the chipped piece of rancid ham between two huge 10-plus-season runs of success.

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  1. A perennial loser deserves Luck, not the Colts. The Colts never bothered me before until this year. It just seems so obvious, plus their owner is annoying. I hope they find a way to win a few games and foil the front office plan.

  2. Yeah. So, the front office will tell the coaching staff to put together a crappy game plan and trick the players into losing?

    Yeah. That will work. Because the players, you know, the ones who want to win – the ones who have to carry out the plan – will never figure it out.

    That last paragraph is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Seriously?

  3. The Colts are not coached to win. Everyone is saying it’s the same team just missing Manning and that’s what “proves” he’s the “best in the league.”

    But, nobody seems to be remembering they lost Mudd and Moore prior to this season. Even with Manning they would be under 500. The only way they win a game this season is if someone else sits their starters.

    Worst coached team in the NFL…

  4. you people who think the colts are trying to lose to get andrew luck are dumb as rocks. these players simply do not have the drive anymore this year. would you have the drive after losing the mainstay of your team? doubt it. the colts will more than likely go winless but it will not be because they are going on the field to fail. nfl players have far too much pride to go on the field to try and lose. as far as the front office goes it was pretty obvious that they were trying to win this season when they picked up kerry collins.

  5. Why do people think they are sucking on purpose. Anyone who’s followed this team has said FOR YEARS that without Manning this was a team somewhere between 0-16 and 4-12.

    The things that they stink at this year, are no different than years past… Run Defense, Run Offense, Pass Defense, Special Teams, and coaching all stink… AGAIN

    Only difference is this year you throw Pass Offense as another flaw, and you have a team with NO strenghts, instead of just 1. Now they’re at 0-9, and probably heading to 0-16. It’s sad to say, but this is what they look like when they’re actually trying…

  6. i truely believe the colts are tanking to get the first pick rights in the next draft. i’m sure they arn’t vocalizing this to the team but you have to really try on all cylinders to win in the nfl. if manning makes this much difference to the teams success, that would be amazing. if i am right its a shame.

  7. ronaldjones says:
    Nov 8, 2011 7:22 PM
    Painter vs. Gabbert might set the QB position back 25 years

    I take it you didn’t see the Raiders-Chiefs game earlier this year.
    3 QBs in that game for both teams combined for 0 TDs (passing) and 8 INTs.

  8. Indy’s best chance to win actually comes when they play the Jags in late December as they should be hitting their stride then.

  9. .

    I don’t think Bill Belichick would run up the score on the Colts. He has too much professional respect for the Polians.

    I also have a vegan lion.


  10. as a bears fan living in Indiana it is great not having to listen to all that stupid “our” colts nonsense. as a matter of fact we don’t hear to much of anything from colts fans this year. I am a fan of my team win or lose to bad most colt fans aren’t

  11. brintfatre says:
    Nov 8, 2011 7:02 PM
    The Colts are not coached to win. Everyone is saying it’s the same team just missing Manning and that’s what “proves” he’s the “best in the league.”

    But, nobody seems to be remembering they lost Mudd and Moore prior to this season. Even with Manning they would be under 500. The only way they win a game this season is if someone else sits their starters.

    Worst coached team in the NFL…

    Um…. newsflash, but Mudd and Moore WERE NOT WITH THIS TEAM LAST YEAR!

    Plus throw in last years injuries like Clark, Collie, Gonzales, Bracket, Addai, Sanders, Bullet etc… it’s a VERY SIMILAR team to what they have this year. Last year the still sucked at running the ball, stopping the run, stopping the pass, special teams, and coaching all last year too…

    And how did they do? Made the playoffs with a 10-6 record and 1 kickoff return from winning a playoff game.

    Um… yea… I’d pretty much say it’s ALL been Manning…

  12. Nobody sees the writing on the wall. Everyone knows that if the colts lose manning, they will probably be a horrible team. their entire team is built around one guy. They know this. Thats why they invest all of their money into DE’s and WR’s.

    They realized how unerable they are without Manning. Unless you had Manning v2.0 waiting in the ranks.

    The writing is there folks, Luck is a Colt.

  13. This season has only proven what I’ve been preaching. The Colts ate and have always been a fraud. Outside of Peyton, that entire 53 man roster, coaching staff , both Polians, beer vendor, parking lot helpers, and ticket booth staff are frauds. If Colts fan were honest they knew this as well.

    With that being said if the Jags lose this game, and they could, Del Rio, offensive coaching staff, some certain offensive players should have their walking papers waiting for them as soon as they land back In Jax Sunday night. Enough of “we got to play better” or “we just need to execute our game plan” or “we did some good things today”. Enough Wayne Weaver. Man up and act like you care about YOUR team.

  14. It’s irresponsible at best to expect Luck to fill Peyton’s shoes. Lightning might strike twice in the same place, but Luck should be praying the colts don’t draft him. Even if Peyton comes back it’s going to be an enormous amount of pressure for Luck to fill his shoes when Peyton does call it quits.

    I understand the Packers drafted gold when they lucked into Rodgers falling to them, but Rodgers has a much more talented team around him. Luck might turn into a great pro, but he’s going to need better players around him if he’s going to succeed. Rodgers would likely struggle with the Colts supporting cast, and this is coming from a DIE HARD Packers fan.

    The Colts should be investing every dollar they can in getting Peyton healthy. Then if they get the luck pick, they should trade it and build up Peyton’s team to something competitive again.

  15. Please stop with the “it’s all Manning” stuff. If you are an actual Colts fan you must realize that the team has been gutted by injuries. Top two safeties, top two linebackers, top two d-tackles, 3 or four o-linmen. I probably missed a cb as well. Top all that off with Painter and a k-gun offense. Even with Peyton that team would be 500 tops.

  16. nflfollower says:
    Nov 8, 2011 7:08 PM
    I don’t think they’ll stop MDS with that run D. Just my two cents.



  17. The bottom line is, it IS all Manning. But not just because he’s arguably one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game. The reality is, even through injuries and whatever other setbacks the Colts faced in the past, every single player on that team could think in the back of his mind “We’ve got Peyton, we’ve still got a chance.” Mindset is a big part of motivation, and when you believe you can win, you’re going to keep pushing at times when it would be easier to give up.

    The problem with people thinking that Luck is the answer, is that it’s going to take time for him to establish himself as the sort of guy who can carry a team, if he even can. With today’s media and fan expectations, he may not end up getting the time needed to do so.

  18. The Jag’s defense is going to have trouble shutting down Curtis Painter and that high-powered Colts’ offense. And the Colts awesome, run-stopping defense will stuff M.J. Drew. Sure, I buy that.

  19. I cannot believe anyone seriously thinks the colts can go 0-16. In the history of the nfl only one team has achieved that level of monstrously bad. It’s almost impossible to be that bad

  20. Amazing how so many people think that Andrew Luck is a sure thing. I have watched a lot of Pac-10 football, and Andrew Luck is not a sure thing. In fact, I hope that Stanford beats Oregon. If they do, there is a good chance that Luck will finally have to face a real defense in LSU or Bama. Further, Luck isn’t even the best QB in the Pac-10. Matt Barkley will be a better pro football player than Andrew Luck. Write it down! As a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, I hope the Colts get Luck and not Barkley!

  21. From a Jags fan…GO COLTS!

    I can deal with two extra Ls this year if they don’t end up with Luck. We have been counting the days until Payton retired. That would be such a bummer if they get the kid (and he actually pans out).

  22. I’m a Jaguars fan but I’ll be picking the Colts in my Pick’Em league.

    With yet another game against Jax after this one there’s NO WAY the Colts go 0-16. They will beat the Jaguars once, if not twice.

    And I agree with those who have commented on how absurd it is for the entire league to just assume that Luck will be a savior.

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