Colts make some nondescript roster moves


At a time when it appears that the Colts’ formula for winning the “Suck of Luck” contest entails doing nothing to significantly improve a struggling franchise, the Colts can’t be accused of complete inaction.

On Tuesday, the team made some roster-churning moves.

Specifically, the Colts signed cornerback Morgan Trent.  They also signed tight end Anthony Hill from the Eagles practice squad and promoted tight end Mike McNeill their own practice squad.  The Colts also added quarterback Dan LeFevour (pictured) to the practice squad.

To create three roster spots, the Colts waived defensive back Prince Miller and defensive tackle Dan Muir, and they placed offensive guard Seth Olsen on Injured Reserve.

The addition of two tight ends likely arises from the disclosure that Dallas Clark has a “significant” leg injury.