Eddie Royal is the AFC special-teams player of the week

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Contrary to popular belief in some circles, Tim Tebow only plays quarterback for the Broncos.  He doesn’t play defense.  He doesn’t kick field goals.  And he doesn’t return punts.

Still, Tebow gets most of the credit when the team wins, and all of the blame when the Broncos lose.

On Sunday, the NFL was able to look past Tebow and see that receiver Eddie Royal made a pretty big contribution to the team’s unlikely 38-24 win over the Raiders in Oakland.

Thanks to his 85-yard punt return with 5:53 left in the game, Royal is the AFC special-teams player of the week.  Royal also caught a touchdown pass, making him the second player in franchise history to rack up a receiving touchdown and a punt-return score in the same game.

Some may think that the other one was Tim Tebow.  Actually, it was Rick Upchurch.

8 responses to “Eddie Royal is the AFC special-teams player of the week

  1. I still can’t believe the Raiders lost to Tim Tebow. By two touchdowns. In Oakland. Al Davis, RIP, is rolling over in his grave.

  2. Royal deserved it too. It is nice to see someone else on that team getting some attention.

  3. Yo Yo, Tebow haters! It’s time for your daily reality check. Tebow did the roughly the same thing last year in Oakland: 216 yards combined offense, 2 touchdowns, no turnovers. The difference this year: Denver’s D came to play and your silly coach got out-FOXED! So stop hating on Tebow… it’s not his fault that the Raiders suck!

  4. Nice job by Royal. He should buy a round of beers for his blockers … and for the refs who kept the flags holstered on the play despite a blatant, open-field block in the back on one gunner and a fairly obvious hold on the other.

    Zebras and Donkeys: Part of one big, happy equine family.

  5. Guess Tebow faked out all the Christian intolerant bigots and haters. Most of them of the Jewish or Mohammedan persuasion.

    Ha! A pox on all your houses!

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