Haynesworth, Eagles could be each other’s destiny


When the Redskins traded defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to New England for a roll of quarters and a half-eaten bag of Fritos, the move made sense for both sides.  For the Pats, it was a low-risk gamble.  For the Redskins, shipping him to the AFC was better than cutting him and watching him drive up I-95 to Philadelphia, where the Dream Team was rolling out the welcome mat for anyone with a recognizable name.

Defensive line coach Jim Washburn (pictured with Haynesworth) had coached Haynesworth in Tennesssee, and Washburn reportedly wanted Haynesworth “badly” before the trade happened.  Way back in January, Haynesworth reportedly was willing to take less money to be reunited with Washburn.

That’s why we crafted this two-sentence combination after the trade happened:  “Haynesworth could still end up with the Eagles.  And if that’s where Haynesworth wants to be, all he has to do is act a little bit in Foxboro like did last year in D.C.

Whether or not it was intentional, Haynesworth indeed performed on Sunday like he did in Washington, loafing to the point where Pats coach Bill Belichick had no choice but to cut him loose.

The question now becomes whether the 3-5 Eagles believe that adding Haynesworth could help a team with a razor-thin margin for error to turn things around.

Since the trade deadline has passed, Haynesworth will be subject to waivers.  If the Eagles, or anyone else, puts in a claim for his contract (which was dramatically reduced after the trade), the new team will assume the risk of a $1 million bonus based on 20-percent playing time and other incentives based on his ability to get on the field.

It’s more likely that Haynesworth will slip through waivers unclaimed, allowing the Eagles to pursue him as a free agent.

34 responses to “Haynesworth, Eagles could be each other’s destiny

  1. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    -Albert Einstein

  2. Yes, exactly, this what the Eagles need–another famous name, under achieving player to add to their already large collection of such wonderful defensive players.

    If they pick him up, you would have to almost say Assante Samuel was right about Joe and Howie playing fantasy football with the owners money. Haynesworth has not been relevant in almost three seasons.

  3. There was another guy who was a “cancer” in the locker room a few years back that nobody wanted except one team and he turned out to be the 2009 Defensive Player of the Year….Charles Woodson. Ted Thompson should take a shot and see if their is anything left. The way GB’s D has played it can’t hurt!!!

  4. Redskins should put a waiver claim in for him and then park him until the last game and then cut him. Would be AWESOME!!!

  5. Why not ?? ……

    The whole “Philadelphia Experiment” is an utter fail anyway ….. Adding ‘Fat Albert’ to the mix will provide more fodder for the fire for the east coast media ……

    After a few more Eagle losses, start looking for all the speculation about who’s the next HC in Philly …… There’s no way Andy Pandy is around next year …..

  6. deddmunnie says:
    Nov 8, 2011 5:48 PM
    Redskins should put a waiver claim in for him and then park him until the last game and then cut him. Would be AWESOME!!!

    It would be awesome- for Haynesworth.

    He would get paid to not play for the rest of the season.

    Pretty much his dream job.

  7. The guy was cut because he gave up play after play after pay. Eagles fans, this in not the answer. Drafting defense first and finding a experienced d coordinator will be a wiser move.

  8. Honestly, who wants this guy on their team. After demanding 9 figures then refusing to play in I think it was a 3-4, also refusing to take physicals, he goes to New England then doesn’t even barely show up and quits AGAIN on his team.

    Team just need to look the other way when this guy knocks at your door. Maybe then he will finally just go away.

  9. The only reason Ocho is still here is that Billy sees him working his ass off all week, and the same cannot be said for Fat Albert.

    Buyer beware.

  10. i can only imagine the amount of publicity the Eagles will get if they sign him (for some stupid reason). the d-line is clearly not the problem in Philly. the defence as it stands right now, needs to learn how to gel and work together. adding another big name (especially when he is past his prime) will do nothing but bad things for the Eagles.

  11. Please Please sign him
    Then you have the complete collection of useless over rated trash all under one roof

    And just think what it would be like when the team had lunch Andy and Albert fighting for the last Fry
    Can you say Poor Andy Luck stuck in Philly

  12. Boy – earlier in the day the Haynesworth move was decried as a costly and serious bust for Belichick.

    Now I read that it was a “low-risk gamble” for a roll of quarters and half eaten bag of fritos.

    Make up your mind boys.

  13. lowleadman, I disagree. The only reason Ochocinco is still here instead of Haynesworth is the HIGH price Belichick paid for this fool. They gave up 2 picks and $6 million for Ocho and only $1.5 million and one pick for Haynesworth. They always hold on to higher picks before cutting them (Wheatley, C Jackson, et al) for longer periods than the guys they get on the cheap.

  14. My how the mighty have fallen. BB gets worked over by Mike Brown and Dan Snyder in the same off-season, and now Andy Reid is possibly lining up to take out the garbage?

    Wow! This is high comedy! I hope Reid really does get convinced that Albert has something left, just so we can all watch the Redskins run the big man into the ground next time they meet.

  15. if i were Eagles fans, i would be nervous, i know Haynesworth was great with Washburn, but lately, he doesnt seem to give a care about playing hard, they would be better with the current DTs they have, besides, they need more linebackers than DTs.

  16. That would be the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the hot fudge on top of the ice cream on top of the sundae. Please, please do it. For the dream’s sake.

  17. I remember when Haynesworth approached his old coordinator Jim Schwartz who was the Lions’ head coach at the time. Schwartz gave him his props and wished him well but no sale, thank you anyway. Schwartz is a smart guy and I knew then that it was all over for Fat Albert.

  18. The Eagles should sign him. At this point it would be foolish to say the Eagles will make the playoffs, and even if the Giants lose 4 games, and the Eagles win out, I can’t imagine them beating anyone they would face. So they might as well reunite Haynesworth and Washburn, if Washburn believes he can get 100% out of him, that’s good enough for me.

    At least we could have a somewhat solid core of players here for next year, we’d just have to send Castillo packing, and find safeties and LBs built for a wide-9.

  19. I’m 5’10, 155 lbs and I run a 4.92 forty and I feel pretty good about that. Albert is 6’6, 317 lbs and runs a 4.82 forty. Albert, we might be similar in a lot of ways but we are definitely different in one. You’re a big fast fatass with a huge bank roll and a terrible work ethic. What a waste

  20. The Eagles didn’t want Haynesworth because he was a “name”

    They wanted him because our defensive line coach made Albert a pro bowl caliber player and hence a 100 million dollar man.

    He’s been the only person able to extract anything out of him, since money and even the legendary coach Belicheck weren’t able to come close.

  21. Thats the wrong kind of dream team. If Haynesworth cant make it work in NE, where the defense needs all the help in the world, then he cant make it work anywhere

  22. Anyone see on Twitter shortly after AH was cut what Darnell Dockett told Jim Trotter this summer about Haynesworth? When players call out other players for lack of effort despite having great talent, it’s pretty damning. One of the Pats beat writers had a pretty good quote. She commented that football loves AH but he doesn’t love football.

  23. I hope the Giants pick him up; that team seems to be clicking right now and the rest of the division could use a little divisiveness in that locker-room.

  24. reasonsimadrunk says:
    Haynesworth and Andy Reid would be perfect for each other: neither one of them can finish a game.

    But they can each finish a 6 foot sub, 2 whole fried chickens, a pan of lasagna, and finish it off with a wafer thin mint.

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