Haynesworth gave up against Giants


Albert Haynesworth got into a sideline argument with defensive line coach Pepper Johnson during the team’s loss to the Giants, just two days before Haynesworth was released.

But that’s not why Haynesworth was released. It wasn’t about the contract either. Players argue with coaches plenty on the sideline. The ones that give effort and display their talents are kept around.

Haynesworth just stopped competing.

Greg. A. Bedard of the Boston Globe breaks down the tape from Sunday’s game, pointing to a ridiculous three-play sequence where Haynesworth essentially gave up.

On three consecutive plays, he was thrown to the ground with one arm, pancaked to the ground after he stopped moving his feet, and again thrown to the ground by a guard (David Diehl) that other Patriots regularly beat all day.

“On the ground three-straight times and didn’t seem at all to mind!” one personnel executive told Bedard. “Just stopped moving his feet on each play.”

Haynesworth’s last snap in a Patriots uniform was when he was easily pushed out of the way on Brandon Jacobs’ touchdown.

Kyle Love already played ahead of Haynesworth. New England has youngsters Ron Brace and Brandon Deaderick coming off the PUP list, so they could afford the hit to their depth.

“Haynesworth needed to go, and sources said some Patriots players were grumbling about that, but coach Bill Belichick was already moving in that direction,” Bedard writes.

Belichick owed it to the rest of the Patriots to get rid of a guy who played like he didn’t give a damn.

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  1. I’m shocked. I mean this guy always gave 110%, laid it on the line for this teammates, and had a motor that never quit……………………………………………………… SIKE

  2. I think we can safely say this is a player who was ruined by a big money contract. Happens from time to time, for some reason, but I’ll never understand it.

  3. He said all the right things, but couldn’t back it up! Just glad the Pats didn’t fork out Megabucks..

  4. This is what you call an excuse. He got cut for three plays, you’ve got to be kidding. New England hasnt been able to stop anybody all year, and now its Haynesworth’s fault. Considering the way they have been shredded the past few weeks they may want to cut some of their secondary as well.

  5. Eh, I’m sure BB will get his share of jokes about this one. But this is what he does. Sometimes these moves work out with guys like Roman Pfeifer, Bryan Cox, Ted Washington, Corey Dillon and Randy Moss. And sometimes they don’t.

    But with BB nothing is off the table. He’ll consider every option, regardless of what others think. It’s why he wins more than he loses.

  6. Ever since this clown stomped his foot several times on a guy laying on the ground after the play was over – like a real coward – i hoped he would find himself out of the league. He doesn’t deserve the privilege of playing for $millions in the nfl – i only hope that at some point we see a story about how this guy is flat broke……

  7. Cue the Belichik apologists who called him a genius for signing him…and will now call him a genius for having the guts to cut him.

    This guy’s like teflon, nothing sticks to him. Amazing!

  8. @flakazoid

    Winning 72% of your games, including 3 Super Bowls, over the course of a decade will give a guy some wiggle room with regard to his decision making.

    Amazing, eh? What’s amazing is you actually think your opinion matters. No one ever said Belichick was perfect, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the best in the business.

  9. When was the last time Bill B actually made a smart personnel move? Somewhere around 6 years ago, he started drinking too much of his own kool-aid, and lost sight of what made his team good. It was making good smart draft picks. In an effort to save money, he has cost his team countless wins. A perfect example is the year Tom Brady missed. If he had a good backup QB plan, instead of untested Matt Cassel, they would have made the playoffs. Instead, he got very close, and just missed.

    Once they get a better personnel department, and a competent Defensive Coordinator, they will start winning again.

  10. For Belichick’s ability – can anyone tell me what % of the payroll Brady was making when BB was a genius, and what % of the payroll Brady is making when BB has now lost it?

  11. If Cerrato hadn’t picked this guy up my Skins coulda used that 36 million for some more lineman and some DB’s. Which is why it’ll take a few years for the Skins to start winning. In the mean time we’ll take mountains of crap from all the people on here.

  12. edubs23
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill Belichik. He bamboozles all those other owners out of their high draft picks thus weakening them…then he takes those high picks and wastes them on guys who will be gone in two or three years.

    He plays right into the hands of someone like Kevin Colbert, who just sits calmly at the end of each round, takes his allotted pick and hits home runs: Woodley, Pouncey, Wallace, Miller, Brown, etc.

  13. I still like the pats backup plan over the colts. Pats went 11-5 the year without brady. They lost on a tie breaker.

  14. “nd again thrown to the ground by a guard (David Diehl) that other Patriots regularly beat all day.”

    Wow, guess the pats racked up the sacks. Wait, checking the box score, they recorded no sacks of Eli. Well ok, maybe thats because Eli threw the ball away. But sure then Jacobs must have had a horrible average. Wait he had a 4 yard average. Not an all star average. But not an average if the same guard gets beat every play.

  15. So basically he’s made 100 million bucks for being a lazy p o s? Am I understanding this correctly?

  16. hey flakazoid,
    Let’s us know when Kevin Colbert picks up his three rings in four years. I watch football every Sunday with guys like you. Happier when the Pats lose then when their team wins. Sad.

  17. As a pats fan I disliked the trade when it was made, because my mind was made up that this guy was lazy and a malcontent. I wanted him cut in the preseason because I didn’t want to root for him even if he turned out to be good (because that would only prove what a turd he was for taking the huge contract and giving up). I tried to root for the laundry but just couldn’t. I’m glad he’s out even if it means they wasted that pick. It was a low risk move and it didn’t work out, and I’m ok with it.

  18. .


    Were Bryant McFadden, Limas Sweed, Kraig Urbik or Jason Worilds home runs? They’re all 2nd round choices by the infallible Kevin Colbert.

    When’s their induction ceremony?


  19. str8up12 says:
    hey flakazoid,
    Let’s us know when Kevin Colbert picks up his three rings in four years.
    Could be soon. I hear he’s getting Tomlin a video camera for XMas. Could help considerably…if he points it where it ain’t supposed to be pointed. Know what I mean? Wink! Wink!

  20. Him and Jamarcus Russell should just fight each other to the death. Winner gets a box of Entenmanns chocolate donuts

  21. 6ball says:Nov 8, 2011 9:23 PM
    @flakzoid Were Bryant McFadden, Limas Sweed, Kraig Urbik or Jason Worilds home runs? They’re all 2nd round choices by the infallible Kevin Colbert.
    When’s their induction ceremony?
    ——————————————————-McFadden is done now, but played huge roles on 2 very good Super Bowl winning defenses. Kraig Urbik got swiped off practice squad when they had to finagle an injury, but is a starter for the 5-3 Buffalo Bills [who beat the NE Patriots this year]. Jason Worilds is stuck behind 2 fairly decent players, Harrison & Woodley [you may have heard of them] and Sweed…? Well, ya can’t win ’em all.

    As far as induction ceremonies…they have to be retired 5 years, Duh!

  22. BB signs #92 and #85 and it’s a worthy experiment. If TRex tried that Jet fans would never hear the end of it.
    “Can’t Wait” for BB to get praised for trading down next draft and getting 12 medicore picks.

  23. .


    Video ….know what I mean ….wink, wink

    I know exactly what you mean. The Patriots stole three super bowls and since they’re in the books, there’s not a thing you can do about it . You guys must be steaming.

    Patriot’s fans call it “The Brinks Job ” and can’t wait until Ben Affleck and Matt Damon make a full length feature film about it.

    “Stealing ’em is better than winning ’em”


  24. I thought the genius of Bill Belichick and the magic of the “Patriot way” was going to turn Albert into a hard working, disciplined, team first guy? In the same way it was going to turn OchoCinco into a brilliant student of the game and precise route runner. What’s gone wrong? How can this be happening?

  25. Str8up12, since Colbert and the Steelers have 2 SB rings since BB won his last one I would have to think in the game of “what have you done for me lately” that Colbert is actually ahead.

    Besides, isn’t this all just a little silly? It is like arguing which car is better, BMW or Mercedes. Both franchises have reasons to be proud. Of course Steelers fans have twice as many reasons to be proud as Pats fans and we haven’t been outright smoked in a SB like the Pats have been but other than that, lots of reasons to be proud for both franchises. 🙂

  26. Albert Haynesworth gave up and just let the offense push him to the side? On three consecutive playes? While collecting millions in salary?


    Why would anyone think he’d do such a thing? It’s not like he’s done it before. 🙄

    The next team that signs this guy deserves to get burned.

  27. I’d love to know exactly why Haynesworth signed with the Patriots.

    It wasn’t for the money, because he played his way into a lousy million and a half when he could have earned much more.

    He seemed to want a new start with a quality contending team, which New England gave him, and then does jack squat.

    So, Albert, if you’re not happy in Tennessee, DC, or New England, exactly where WILL you be happy?

  28. BB has made his share of bad decisions over the years but taking a shot with Al wasn’t one of them. The financial hit is minimal. The signing of his buddy Stinko, now that was an example of a boneheaded BB move. That’s $6 mil down the toilet. It’s past time to have BB just coach and leave the team building to somebody else.

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