Jake Scott wants HGH testing issue to be delayed until March


In August, the NFL and NFLPA agreed that HGH testing would occur.  Since then, the NFLPA has been dragging its feet.

Now, one of the union’s player representatives has offered a solution:  Delay any discussions regarding the topic until March 2012.

“[I]f we . . . do it in March . . . players can sit down and the league can sit down and you don’t have the stress and the strain of a football season going on to deal with it,” Scott said, per the Associated Press.

This suggestion meshes with the theory that NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith hopes to avoid any final commitment to HGH testing until after his contract has been renewed.  He’s up for re-election in (you guessed it) March.

The NFL remains prepared to proceed with HGH testing now.  The real question is whether Congress will be patient, or whether Congress will launch an investigation that would expose players to questioning and the league to embarrassment, based on the evidence that comes to light.  The better approach for the league could be to take steps aimed at forcing the union to honor its agreement, in order to prevent Congress from creating a mess for everyone.

Looking at the issue more broadly, if the NFLPA wanted to delay testing until March 2012 or beyond, the NFLPA should have added that term to the CBA.  Instead, the union agreed to submit to HGH testing in 2011.  To date, the NFLPA hasn’t honored its agreement.

Though the NFLPA — and Scott — has maintained from the get-go that the union has retained the ability to approve the testing procedure and other specifics, it’s impossible to get past the disconnect between agreeing to HGH testing and refusing to submit to the leading HGH test.  To date, the union also hasn’t suggested any alternative HGH test.

It’s in the best interests of both the league and the NFLPA to work this thing out as soon as possible, with concrete steps aimed at persuading Congress that full-blown testing will happen sooner rather than later.

28 responses to “Jake Scott wants HGH testing issue to be delayed until March

  1. HGH is found in the human brain. People are murdered for It. It’s not about cheating a dumb game sometimes.

  2. What is stressful about this unless your a cheater and a drug user?

    How about a mad scientist stealing Aaron Rodgers blood, cloning him, & making a new son.

  3. The only stress comes from the fact that the players keep saying “No.” All they are doing is delaying the process. If they have nothing to fear from HGH testing, there’s no reason to say no.

  4. Exactly. Give them time to get it out of their systems…HAHA. C’mon man this shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve got nothing to hide..

  5. I, for one, am insulted. Do the players and their union really think we’re this stupid?? Obviously so. Everyone knows they’re dragging their feet. Players get to use HGH this season (nice for all those in the last year of their contracts), and have plenty of time to still test clean.

  6. Maybe Jake Scott should start using some of it until then so he doesn’t knocked on his behind by every defensive linemen he attempts to move in the run game anymore.

  7. This is the one thing they really just don’t have an excuse for. What the hell’s the point to test in March when everyone is not trying to maintain football shape? They HAVE to start conducting these tests during the season at random times. It’s funny, since they aren’t complaining about the blood test, they aren’t complaining of how intrusive that can be, they’re just worried about postponing the thing. That can mean no other thing than people want to get clean before getting tested. We see right through you people. For a bunch of grown men you really aren’t smart.

  8. if my work wanted to test me for HGH tomorrow, I would say go ahead. You know why? because I don’t take it. Mine is all natural. So test me all you want. Why don’t NFL players feel this way? Because they are roided to the gills or what?

  9. I’m glad PFT is still on top of this one. Funny how few other media outlets are.
    If they didn’t want HGH testing they shouldn’t have AGREED TO LET IT HAPPEN. Imagine how many whistle blowers there would be if coaches violated the padded practice rule? This is sickening.

  10. Jake Scott wants testing delayed? What do Anderson, Buoniconti, Fernandez, Stanfill, & Kolen think about it?

  11. To date, the NFLPA hasn’t honored its agreement.

    Is anyone in the world surprised by this?

  12. The only reason the NFLPA wants the testing for HGH delayed until next March is too many players would test positive. There are no indications stating how long it takes to flush out HGH from your system, and they don’t want the risk of a bunch failed tests where players would be suspended for 4 weeks now or for the first 4 weeks of next season.

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