Oliver Luck says he’ll be “not very involved” in Andrew’s draft-related decisions

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The fact that Oliver Luck, the father of Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. played pro football has created plenty of speculation that Oliver will be intimately involved in Andrew’s decision-making processes when it comes to playing football at the next level.

Not so, Oliver Luck said on Monday night’s Bruce Smith Show with Johnny D in Virginia Beach.  Oliver said he’ll be “not very involved” at all, explaining that he has an athletics department to run at West Virginia University.

Oliver Luck said that Andrew will make all decisions on issues such as the selection of an agent, the choice of a marketing representative, and pre-draft planning.  “I’ll give him some advice but I’ll try to take a subdued role in all of it,” Oliver Luck said.

Curiously but not surprisingly, Oliver Luck didn’t mention that one of the decisions will be whether to stay at Stanford for another year.

For 2011, Andrew Luck decided to remain in school.  As Peter King pointed out during Football Night in America on Sunday, Oliver Luck last year crafted a list of questions for the NFL regarding the process, including the question of whether it would be proper for Andrew Luck to advise the team that holds the first pick in the draft that Andrew Luck doesn’t want to be employed by that specific organization.

Eli Manning successfully implemented that strategy in 2004, with his father, Archie, taking the public arrows.  Given that Archie Manning and Oliver Luck were teammates for one-plus seasons in Houston nearly 30 years ago, Oliver undoubtedly will at some point be asking Archie for information and/or advice regarding the experience.

If Oliver hasn’t already.

27 responses to “Oliver Luck says he’ll be “not very involved” in Andrew’s draft-related decisions

  1. He’s looking for a team with a stud Left Tackle. Good receivers. Plays hard. Nice weather. Just missing a franchise QB. He wants to play for Miami. If the Dolphins don’t getthe first pick, he’ll force the Colts to make them trade him to Miami.

  2. Andrew E. Neuman is a chip off the old block. He throws the football exactly the way his Mom did when she was in college.

  3. A) Sitting behind Peyton Manning (assuming the Colts continue their streak) at least for a season would benefit Luck more than playing another season in college.

    B) When Luck realizes the dollar amount he would be earning compared to eating Ramen in school, he’s gonna pop a shmoner.

  4. “1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Nov 8, 2011 11:47 AM
    He’s looking for a team with a stud Left Tackle. Good receivers. Plays hard. Nice weather. Just missing a franchise QB. He wants to play for Miami. If the Dolphins don’t getthe first pick, he’ll force the Colts to make them trade him to Miami.”

    Who doesn’t dream about playing for a 1-8 team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 12 years???

  5. Weedon, Tannyhill, Robert Griffin III, Barkley, Geno Smith, Russell Wilson, Case Keenum, Tajh Boyd, Nick Foles and Keith Price, all may be better or as good pro prospects as the “caveman”. (neck beard)

    He has suspect arm strength. He’ll go first(based on hype), but don’t expect a Cam Newton-like experience.

  6. If I was Andrew luck I would want to be the #1 pick just because the money for #1 pick will set up him and his family for life. Plus it is hard not to tell a team you don’t want to play for them

  7. I can’t see him wanting to be drafted by the Colts. That would mean either sitting for a couple of years or watching the Colts trade Peyton Manning, which would be extremely disrespectful to Peyton.

  8. Dear Andrew,

    Please pull a John Elway and come and play for us here in Denver! Please end this Tebow debacle.

  9. Look for Elway to trade up, packaging a number of #1 and #2 draft choices and Tebow to Miami for Luck. He was at Stanford recently, and it wasnt to visit their School of Dentistry.

    Andrew Luck will be a Bronco.

  10. If luck pulls a classless move like Manning did I will boo him and wish for his career to fail. He is more talented than Sheli bit not playin for the team that drafts you is an immature selfish and classless move. It defeats the purpose of the draft.

  11. Luck wants to go to the 49ers…He and Harbaugh have a special relationship and with Jim having set up his offense in SF and having the success they’ve been having thats it for him…He’s already a local hero at Stanford…The Niners have a need at QB regardless of what Smith does. I can easily see Andrew staying at Stanford another year while Trent Balke and Harbaugh come up with a way to stack draft picks so they can pay the kings ransom for Luck in 2013….with the rookie wage scale and a lack of QB’s to challenge him next year for the #1 pick whats his incentive to come out now? Stanford is poised to see a National Championship possibly this year and very likely next year.

  12. I’ve said this for the last month. If indications come draft time are that Peyton is healthy, no way Luck comes to the Colts.

    He’ll tell them no dice, don’t draft me or draft me and trade me.

    If Manning’s healthy he sits for four years. With the new rookie salary structure, Luck’s big money $40 million signing bonus dosen’t happen until his second contract.

    Who’s gonna give him that kind of money if he spent 4 years sitting the bench?

  13. And who cares if he was heavily involved? Does it affect you?

    If he wants to be involved, it should be nobody’s business but his. Regardless of the profession, it’s a father wanting the best for his son in his profession decision coming out of college.

    If this was the father of a marketing graduate giving advice to his son and being heavily involved in the process, it would be a non-story. Just saying.

  14. On draft day, when Luck refuses to go to the Colts, Oliver will copy Archie Manning by whining to the press that “We’re not punks”.

  15. Somebody please breakdown Andrew Luck the QB and explain what exactly makes him – head and shoulders above the pack?

    Surely all you experts can do that, or are you just following the herd? What is it, his accuracy, ball velocity, footwork, arm strength, ability to read pro defenses, his pedigree, size, touch, intelligence, mobility, Kiper and McShay said so … what?

    Why is he the best out there? Have you even seen him play?

  16. Luck already indirectly rejected a team with the first pick, so why would he have any qualms about doing it again? He clearly wants to have a say in where he ends up, so I don’t know why people just assume he’ll quietly go to the team with the first pick. Get ready…

  17. First of all andrew luck needs to realize what a privlage and honor it is to play in the nfl what ever team that drafts him he should play for them. What makes him think he so special that he can just come in and say im not gonna play for such and such team. Not even in the pros yet and thinks he can call shots.

  18. the kid that made the he would want to play for miami comment is a total dumbass, that place is a horrible football city as was evidence in the half occupied stadium when denver came to town, 99 percent of which was there to see tebow, not the dolphins. You can polish a turd all you want, but its still a turd.

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