Patriots cut Albert Haynesworth


The Albert Haynesworth era in New England has come to an end.

In a surprising roster move today, the Patriots have decided to cut Haynesworth, the defensive tackle they acquired in August in a trade with the Washington Redskins.

Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald, who first reported the move, notes that the decision to jettison Haynesworth comes two days after a sideline confrontation with defensive line coach Pepper Johnson.

The sudden end for Haynesworth is reminiscent of the Patriots’ decision last year to trade Randy Moss. The difference, of course, is that Moss had great success in New England before wearing out his welcome. Haynesworth has been nothing but a disappointment for the Patriots.

Now we’ll see whether any other team wants Haynesworth, or if the entire NFL comes to the conclusion that Mike Shanahan and Bill Belichick have both come to: That Haynesworth is more trouble than he’s worth.

112 responses to “Patriots cut Albert Haynesworth

  1. Dont forget NFL, you all called Belechick a genius for trading a draft pick for Haynesworth when the Skins were going to release him

  2. Haynesworth. Ochocinco. This year’s defense. Not winning a playoff game since defenses got headsets.

    Can we stop calling Belicheat a genius/the best coach in the league yet?

  3. Doesn’t reflect well on Belichick’s personnel decisions. His two off season high profile acquisitions, Haynesworth & Ochostinko, have both been busts.

  4. I guess “He is doing everything we are asking him to do on the practice field” is code for, “You have one week to straighten up..or hit the road”.

    The good news is he was fairly cheap. As was recently discussed on PFW in progress, he was 5th in the rotation. I am sure someone else on the roster could fill that role.

  5. Haynesnotworthit will be chilling at the buffet with JaMarcus to discuss how the world is against both of them.

  6. welcome to philadelphia albert. if this was during the preseason we would talk about how great you are VY would call it the Dream Titans or something… it has it we kinda suck. maybe you can get the wide 9 to work up here…..maybe we will still suck. on the bright side our defense can’t get much worse.

    by any chance can you play linebacker?????

  7. Servers this pig right! I hope nobody picks this lazy bum up! He’s got all the talent in the world but he’s too “entitled”, in his own mind, to put it to use. Pure laziness, nothing more.

  8. Good riddance! His 9 snaps he played vs. the Giants can be replaced with someone who at least tries and who isn’t a malcontent low-life fat tub of goo.

  9. I am tempted to laugh, but I won’t because this dude is just sad. What a tragically epic waste of fandom this guy turned out to be for everyone who ever believed in him. He should give it all back.

  10. Eagles. Will reunite with his old coach.
    Hue Jax is watching, but no one can get any production out of this guy.

  11. 2 rookie DT’s in Charlotte… the Panthers sure could use him along to go along with other defensive players New England releases.

    (Darius Butler starting now and playing well)

  12. There’s that “era” word again you guys like here so much. That word should be reserved for people who had an impact on the organization for many years. Haynesworth and your last use of this term for the Patriots, “the Leigh Bodden era” really overplay the value of those players in that particular organization.

  13. They haven’t won a playoff game since “defenses got headsets?” Do you even know what that means?

  14. @raiderlyfe510 it’s not possible to lower the Raiders defensive I.Q. with Fat Albert. Did you watch the game against Tebow on Sunday???

  15. In a related twist of irony, Albert Haynesworth has now made so much money from not ever playing that he had enough to buy the Patriots from Robert Kraft and fire Bill Belichick.

    Chad Ochocinco has been named head coach. Cheeseburgers and Twitter accounts for everyone!!!

  16. This guy STOMPED on Gurode’s face.

    But since he’s no good, the media doesn’t care. That Suh guy plays hard—-and he’s a great player and very recognizable!! Him being dirty would be a great storyline hey?? Yea, let’s run with it! If we say it enough, people will begin to believe it…..

  17. What a fiasco it was for the ‘Skins to pay this guy $40 + million dollars guarranteed. And what a fall for Haynesworth, going from the most dominant d-lineman in football three years ago to this. His old Tennessee d-line coach, Washburn, is in Philly. My guess is that’s where he ends up. If he doesn’t make it there, he’ll be done, out of the league by the end of the season.

  18. jeffw says:
    Nov 8, 2011 2:05 PM
    Doesn’t reflect well on Belichick’s personnel decisions. His two off season high profile acquisitions, Haynesworth & Ochostinko, have both been busts.
    Not to mention Bodden which may be the worst disappointment since they gave him that nice contract and he had played well in 09. That said, I love the pickups of Waters and Carter. THOSE are more the type of guys the Pats need. Strong veteran leaders who help keep the lockerroom on course too. They are the type guys BB added when the Pats were winning in the playoffs. Though in fairness to Ocho he has done nothing to be a distraction and seems to be working hard and trying. At some point that won’t be enough anymore, but right now it is.

  19. JaMarcus Russell, Chris Johnson, fat Albert, the list gets long when you start talking about players that quit once they got paid.

    Just a few years ago with the Titans he was considered by many to be the most dominant interior D lineman in the game.

  20. Its strange to read all these posters trashing a player who months ago they were praising as a shrewd move to acquire. Of course Pats fans always feel that every move Belichick makes is golden. If it doesn’t work out, it must be the players who is garbage, and never the fact that the player wasn’t coached up properly considering his weaknesses. Why was he acquired with those known weaknesses?

  21. I’m sure my midget Barry Bonds looking coach with the Napolean complex with bring him in to Oakland.


  22. “Can we stop calling Belicheat (sic) a genius/the best coach in the league yet?”
    Belichick is still a fine coach.

    His GM “skills” are what is killing the team.

  23. “Hey, Hey, Hey… Got some extra time on my hands today”

    Maybe, if Fat Albert isn’t careful he might actually learn somethin’ before it’s done…

  24. Ssshhhh, not too loud, Vinny Cerrato may be listening and will try to convince someone to sign him.

  25. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s wasted potential. I hate losers who have every opportunity to be something special and just don’t want to do the work necessary. When so many of us work so hard to earn a tiny fraction of what this guy has handed to him, and he doesn’t see it, it infuriates me. I hope he loses everything and ends up having to work a real job for a living.

  26. I have more respect for an illiterate garbage man who works hard and shows up every day than I do for an idiot like him.

  27. “Now we’ll see whether any other team wants Haynesworth,”

    He could play for the minimum and try to prove himself. Then someone would sign him. Course I doubt he’d ever do that.

  28. cincyalldaway says: Nov 8, 2011 2:09 PM

    Servers this pig right! I hope nobody picks this lazy bum up! He’s got all the talent in the world but he’s too “entitled”, in his own mind, to put it to use. Pure laziness, nothing more.


    This seems rather harsh. Maybe Fat Albert suffers from sleep apnea — just sayin’, lol.

  29. 6ball says: Nov 8, 2011 2:10 PM

    When you roll the dice, sometimes you get boxcars. Other times you get snake eyes.
    Well they are both Crap.

  30. Thought there was a good chance of this happening when Deaderick and Brace came off
    the PUP list if he didn’t start showing something.

    Deaderick actually looks pretty good.

  31. The Albert Haynesworth era in New England has come to an end as Albert was last seen rolling down a hill and in through the front door of Old Country Buffet.

  32. Shanahan has made some pretty decent decisions. From trading Portis for Champ when both were near or at the top in their positions of the entire NFL, not backing down against Haynesworth, eventually getting something for him when no one would have thought he had any trade value what-so-ever, to moving on from McNabb when many were second guessing him. I think he will build a contender in Washington soon if he’s given ample opportunity. He generally knows when to let a player go and has made some good offensive side of the ball drafts. Thankfully for Redskins fans, he already has a servicable defense.

  33. Belichick’s reputation as a football genius continues to proceed him — the 2011 Haynesworth-Ochocinco experiment is really paying dvidends!!! Hilarious how everyone was praising him in the preseason for those moves. “HOW did he pull that off?!” THAT is how.

  34. Yeah, in the preseason all the Pat fans said Belichoke would turn Haynesworth around and turn him into Reggie White. Not so funny taking and dumping Shanhan’s sloppy seconds now, is it?

  35. See ya later to Adalius Thomas’ fatter doppleganger. The way this man wastes his talents is an insult to the entire world. Get lost and enjoy your 2 billion hours of community service.

  36. Thanks for the draft pick, Pats!

    Guess Shanny can’t be too terrible if he got 3 draft picks out of Haynesworth and McNabb who were absolute garbage.

  37. Patriots fans who are complaining about Belichick’s personnel decisions make me sick to my stomach.

  38. Lazy ne’er do well. Hopefully this was his last chance. I’m tired of hearing about this degenerate

  39. Fat Albert, your act has grown old. Even for the defense-challenged Pat’s.

    Great trade by the way, though it’s a shame another supposed genius will only waste it.

  40. Later, he could be seen sweating profusely, shifting his weight from foot to foot with an angry look on his face as he was waiting for them to restock the buffet

  41. If Jim Schwartz or Jim Washburn pick him up then there is no such thing as embracing good character in the NFL!!! It would be a disgrace!!!

    Even though he was on good behavior this season, but he was equivalent to NOTHING in 2010 because of poor play and horrendous on and off-the-field behavior!!!

    Over the past three years he’s wreaked havoc in more owners’ bank accounts than quarterbacks!!! I hope he’s gone from the NFL, FOREVER!!!!

  42. Good lord people, I cant believe philly or oakland would even question having this guy. He gives up on plays! Money, and/or draft picks given up for him. Oak and philly need help on defense, not a lazy slob. Please retire

  43. This is the NFL he’ll get a third opportunity. His two connections from the Titans might give him a look. The Eagles and Jim Washburn (former d line coach for Titans) might be able to turn him around. He has a deep respect for him. And of couse Jim Schwartz can put him in a lethal rotation. Let him come in and get after the qb like he can, on a limited basis.

    BTW can we have some football comments here? Everyone with these weak fat jokes need to go to the Uptown Comedy Club here in Atlanta and get booed the F off stage. follow me @d3murf

  44. rushmatic says: Nov 8, 2011 4:11 PM

    Patriots fans who are complaining about Belichick’s personnel decisions make me sick to my stomach.
    Welcome to reality, I’m sure the world you were living in before looked so much nicer.

  45. What is this the year of I told ya so’s?

    damn. I really bought in to revitalizing his career in New England. I saw some spurts of his old self dealing with some double teams but Sunday, he looked like a slob out there.

    Hopefully Ocho magically learns the playbook and rediscovers his talent before Sunday or he’s next.

    I’ve been a Patriots fan my entire life and it’s pretty funny to see all the fair weather fans panicking. We’re 5-3 and for the most part, healthy. I’m not too concerned about pulling it together with 7 weeks to go.

  46. I questioned the integrity of the Patriots for signing this guy, why bring him into your locker room? Why mess with any chemistry your team might have?

    It wreaked of desperation, still does,

  47. My guess, Cleveland or Minnesota. Oh wait, the Vikes only take washed up Qb’s!!! Guessing its the clowns then, he might actually do something there. Hey Bill I hear TO is available, and won’t cost you a draft pick!

  48. I never understood why the Patriots wanted a fat, lazy, out of shape,overpaid, way past his prime lineman with a serious attitude problem in the first place.

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