Redskins dump Donte’ Stallworth

Getty Images

The non-rebuilding rebuilding process in Washington continues.

Receiver Donte’ Stallworth, a one-time first-round pick who has floated around the league with so-so results, joined the Redskins not long after the lockout ended.  Now, the Redskins have decided to move on.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the Redskins have cut Stallworth.  But this wasn’t a Brian Robiskie roster-spot-at-another-position move.  The Redskins dumped Donte’ to sign another receiver.

Appearing in only four games, Stallworth had five catches for 46 yards with the Redskins.

Per Jones, David Anderson will replace Stallworth.  Anderson played for the Texans during Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s time there as an assistant coach.  Which means that Anderson’s arrival is the result of nepotism with a dash of cronyism.