Titans aren’t interested in Haynesworth

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Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth became a star with the Titans, even though he didn’t play like a star until he was chasing a contract.  He left the team for a big-money offer from the Redskins in 2009.  After two failed seasons in D.C. and a trade to New England and a failed half-season there, Haynesworth is available.

The Titans aren’t interested in a reunion, according to Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com.

It’s not surprising.  Even though the Titans reportedly were interested last year in trading for Haynesworth once things started to fall apart for him with the Redskins, much has changed in Nashville.  Coach Jeff Fisher is gone.  Defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil is gone.  And defensive line coach Jim Washburn, the man most widely credited for getting the most out of Haynesworth, also is gone.

As a result, Haynesworth will remain gone.

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  1. Smart decision by the Titans. Now if they could just bite the bullet and start Javon Ringer, that would be the ultimate in pragmatism.


  2. For not really being a relevant player since 2007-2008 you sure do push a lot of Haynesworth news for no reason.

    New Rule: The amount of news coverage needs to match the level of talent.

    In this case, you shouldn’t be pushing a half dozen Haynesworth stories. The guy had 3 tackles in 6 games.

    A lot of suckers bought into the Haynesworth/Ochocinco signings. But a few of us knew it was an experiment destined to fail.

  3. Any team that signs Haynsworthless deserves what they’ll get…absolutely nothing. Right now, he’s a waste of roster space…Albert doesn’t even care enough to pretend he’s trying.

  4. This guy has the worst attitude and work ethic of all time. His face will make a great doormat to the Hall one day.

    Whoa whoa whoa.

    You’re forgetting Purple Drank.

  5. The guy doesn’t really want to play football. He lost his passion years ago. He, like a lot of people, can be good at something but simply not have the desire to do it or put the needed work in to perform at the needed level.

    The crux is that this job pays a lot of money. He isn’t employable no matter who his coach would be.

  6. New England is the end of the line these days, like Oakland and Washington used to be. All of them former so-called “dynasties” trying desperately to relive their glory days, without all the hassle of actually evaluating, drafting, coaching and teaching.

    That’s why the Steelers have been good-to-great for 40 years, and the Giants for 30 years – from the owners to the scouts to the coaches, they have always been willing to roll up their sleeves and put the hard work into building a team with a solid foundation, a deep bench, a hard-nosed defense and a solid running game.

  7. i remember reading about this guy speeding in his ferrari and side swiping some poor guy on the highway. i couldnt stop wondering about how he could fit into a ferrari, seriously am i the only one who thought about this?

  8. It’s not all bad. Now he’s free to swipe credit cards and stuff cash money at any strip club anywhere any night of the week after laying waste to a Golden Corral.

  9. Don’t worry Albert, the Jets will be calling you tomorrow, guaranteed.

    Typical Rex Ryan move…first Kevin O’Connell, now soon to be with Haynesworth.

  10. Anyone up for a new reality show starring Ocho, TO, and Haynesworth?

    I’d rather get a tooth pulled.

  11. I wonder if present NCAAF/NFL/CFL/AFL coaches and future coaches would make their team watch tape of Al successfully fail in the effort department. Im guessing that the Raiders would not give a crap and they’ll be giving him a lucrative offer…

  12. It’s sad to say it of a Pro (cough, cough) athlete, but that guy getting up at 4am to make our Dunkin’ Donuts shows more responsibility and job dedication than this fat slob ever will. But, it could be looking up for fat Albert. I heard he can still get in on BINGO.

    Dammit now I want a donut!!!

  13. Tennessee doesn’t need another headache.

    They are trying to rebuild, not tear down, the team.

    If Bill Belicheat can’t get him to conform then nobody can…

  14. Albert was totally handled by ‘lesser’ guards and tackles.

    He wasn’t even remotely a threat.

    Wilfork needs to take notes – he’s next or will see the bench if he doesn’t figure it out.

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