Torrey Smith talks about his big night

If you missed NBC SportsTalk on VERSUS last night, you missed Ravens receiver Torrey Smith talking about his big moment from the night before.

But you can redeem yourself, just like Torrey did.

Just click and watch and hear Smith talk about the play that beat the Steelers, whether he pushed off to get a little separation, what his teammates said to him after that key drop, and whether he thinks the Ravens and Steelers will meet again in the playoffs.

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23 responses to “Torrey Smith talks about his big night

  1. Another Offensive pass interference! Nfl needs to get better ref’s. Cost steelers the game!

  2. good stuff. T Smith seems like he will develop into a good offensive weapon. And for the record, there was no pass interference on that play.

  3. I LOVE how everyone keeps saying he pushed off!

    DEFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE was called on the play. Even if he doesn’t make the catch, the ball is going to be put on the goal line. If you want to believe there was a push-off… it doesn’t matter because the defender grabbed and interfered with the receiver before any push-off or pretend push-off happened. The same grabbing and interfering that they were doing to Torrey pretty much all game.

  4. There were no illegal helmet to helmet hits either, No pass interference calls, no holdings… nope… the refs did a great job in this one… SIKE! I will not blame the refs for the the Steelers allowing Flacco to look like Montana in the 4th quarter drive, however… fair is fair, Ravens got great field possession several times on BS calls. Woodley being out hurt the D. Nice win by the Ravens, Sometimes better to be lucky then good. See you in Jan.

  5. Oh just 1 more thing to add in there……Lee Evans didnt even play…….imagine if they send him on deep routes…….thats gonna make boldin a slot receiver……..Wow just admit the ravens have grown up and pittsburgh is now there little brother in the afc north.

  6. What’s weird is how normally games are called pretty evenly and in past matchups all the Steeler fans talk about is how the Ravens fan’s whine about the calls on the field after a tough loss….just odd the way the tables have turned.

    And don’t try to tell me that Ryan Clark’s hit was not helmet to helmet when this guy week in and week out launches himself at receivers and did so again when the crown of his helmet hit Ed Dickson’s…this is the guy that had McGahee carted off the field on a stretcher 3 years ago.

    What’s done is done and the Ravens have the season sweep, that’s all i know!!

  7. Lee Evans??? Didn’t that guy retire?? G-R-E-A-T trade!!

    Baltimore won. Did they get help from the zebras? No more than Pittsburgh’s gotten in past matchups between these two teams. However, it doesn’t hurt to admit that the hit Ray Lewis put to Hines Ward was FAR more egregious than the one Ryan Clark put on the Ravens tight end.

    The final TD catch? No call. Ryan Clark was just out of position for some unknown reason. In my opinion, shouldn’t have been pass interference in either direction. The better question might be, “why the heck would the Steelers be in bump and run coverage” in that situation?

    Final note..I realize this isn’t English class; however, do you people REALLY not know the difference between…there, their and they’re…or loose and lose?

    See you in the playoffs, whether it be at our house or yours. It’s sure to be another epic battle.

    Go Steelers!

  8. He admitted he pushed off a little bit but it doesn’t matter. Defensive Pass Interference was already called and if they would’ve called Offensive Pass Interference as weel then the penalties would offset and I believe the TD would’ve still counted. so there ya go. even if it wouldn’t have counted they didn’t call it so whatever. we win you loose ha ha up yours.

  9. And btw, the steelers fans are right, the refs did blow a big call. They called a bogus holding penalty on Torrey Smith that negated an 80 yard td run by Rice on the first play of the game after a steeler db fell down like a beach.

  10. I think the last 2 days should finally bury the ridiculous theory that Steeler fans never whine about the officiating. You’re as bad as the rest of us, but I hope you’re around in January.

  11. One. We’ve been burned by horrible calls against Pittsburgh just like other teams in the league (See Super Bowl Pittsburgh vs Seattle)… And keep resting Lee Evans for the Playoffs… An added element with hardly any game film on how he’s been used in our offense. KEEP HIM ON THE SIDELINE!

  12. @steelersownyou – I would really like to know something. Do you really believe the stupid crap you say? Or are you just trying to rile up the Ravens fans? You can’t really rile me up. I have been watching the Stealers (yes it is spelled correctly) get home cooking from the refs for years. Hell, Ray Rice had 2 TD’s stolen from him in the first series alone. (Actually, they just blew the whistle way too early on the second one.) I have been watching Ryan Clark using his head as a battering ram (probably all it is good for) for quite a while now. So you whining about the refs as the cause of the loss, well, frankly it is really funny. I just really wonder if you believe it or not. I guess what I am asking you is whether or not you are as stupid as you appear. Maybe you can just answer that.

    @billionsvsmillions – better to be lucky than good is right. we sure were lucky when we took you out to the woodshed on week 1 and spanked you like a wicked red headed step child now weren’t we.

    i think you better start worrying about Cincy before you worry about January. Unless you beat the Bungles twice you probably aren’t even making the playoffs.

  13. I’m a steelers fan. The fact of the matter is we lost b/c we gave up a 92 yd drive and couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down. …NO EXCUSES! I honestly think the refs missed calls in both directions. The final td could have been called interference in either direction. The offensive player usually gets the benefit of the doubt in that situation. I’m ok with it. It wasn’t the reason we lost. We shouldn’t have been in that position. I think the hold on rices run was a legit call and I also feel they blew the whistle early on the goal line. Lewis and Clark (not the explorers) should both be fined for leading with the helmet. This game could have gone either way and balto pulled it out. It want the refs fault. I love this rivalry and hope to play 1 more in the playoffs.

  14. Wait a second….. I thought Steelers fans say Ravens fans complain about the refs. Seems like a ton of complaining coming from your end this time.

  15. @billionsvsmillions

    It’s funny that you start by saying you won’t blame the refs, then proceed to blame the refs.

    It is awesome to finally see steeler’s fans crying about officiating. They are just like the rest of us who hate to admit our TEAM lost the game.

    As for Torrey Smith…keep it coming. Bmore hasn’t had a deep threat like this for as long as I can remember.

  16. Its whoever team is losing. They blame the refs. Really not hard to figure out baltimorons. Always great when youre on the good end of it! Sucks when youre on the bad end! Thats human nature. How quickly the baltimorons forget all yheir ref crying when they win. Ive had to hear you guys cry for years. Its your turn to listen to us…we could never catch up to all your fans whining & crying. just worry about the gayvens getting beat in seattle. Seems you guys cant beat the bad teams. I still expecy steelers will win afc north cause you guys will choke!

  17. @steelersownyou says:
    Another Offensive pass interference! Nfl needs to get better ref’s. Cost steelers the game!
    We’ve got to stop blaming offical’s call for us losing that game. Bad calls have been made over the years favoring both teams.

    I think if you want to point the finger at the downfall of that game, we’ve got to point it at Ben for hitting Suggs right in the numbers when we we’re at least in field goal range, and possibly a TD. A 10 – 14 point swing at that point cost us the game…..not an official.

    They beat us…..get over it. We’ve got to work hard to get to the playoffs and try to take it back from them. Until we do, they own us this year.

  18. Week 1 Steelers fan complained about ‘illegal’ chop blocks. This time, it is a phantom ‘push-off’. You got beat by Flacco twice, just accept it and move on.

  19. Memphisyinzer makes perfect sense. Blame the QB who gave us the lead and threw for 340 yards! Makes perfect sense! Very logical and insightful sir. Not to mention said QB had led us to 3 super bowls! Very logical sir….well done!

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