Bradshaw, Nicks don’t practice for the Giants

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Tom Coughlin said before Wednesday’s practice that he expected Hakeem Nicks to be on the practice field.

That didn’t happen. Nicks wasn’t a participant at practice, although Mike Garofalo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that he did some running and cutting on the sidelines during the session. The wide receiver hopes to take part in individual drills on Thursday and still has designs on playing in San Francisco this Sunday.

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who also missed the Week Nine win over the Patriots, also did not take part in practice for the Giants on Wednesday. He’s dealing with a stress fracture in his foot and Coughlin said that there’s been some progress in Bradshaw’s condition. He stopped short of ruling him in for the 49ers game, though.

“We’ll see. He’s better, as I said, than he was last week and he’s walking around, that kind of thing. If he keeps getting better, we’ll see.”

Center David Baas, the third Giants offensive starter sidelined last weekend, was back at practice in a limited fashion. Baas would be going back to face the team he spent six years with before signing with the Giants this offseason. Regardless of which running backs are in the lineup, they could use Baas against a strong 49ers run defense.

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  1. I hope they all play, tired of everyone saying the 9ers haven’t beat anybody yet. Not sure this is the week to try out that foot of Bradshaw’s though…this Niner D is rough on backs.

    The 9ers have to find a way to beat back the pass rush, run right into the teeth out of it is how I think they will do it. This is going to be a good game. Everyone yaps about the Birds and the Boys, but this team is the real class of the NFC East.

  2. Giants 34 – 9! You will see the Alex Smith of old, when the Giants defense shows up to make a statement against this overhyped joke of a team.

  3. Okay Redsox83….let’s calm down a bit. I’m as must of a Giants fan as anyone, but lets be realistic here. 49ers are a good team, and it will be a challenge to stop Gore. We haven’t stopped anyone this year in the run (besides Green-Ellis, but please with that guy), and Gore always plays well against us, even when we had a stout run D. We really are missing Cofield & Goff in the middle….Key in this game is to stop Gore & make Alex Smith beat us. Force him in to mistakes & pressure him all day. If we can do that, we’ll win.

  4. @sicklife1, good points, except Gore always playing well agains the Giants. I remember a few years ago when he was tearing up the league, but the Giants held him to something like 11 yards. I’m sure that won’t happen again this weekend.

  5. Well if any of you can rember the days of old. The
    Giants & Niners have had some historic battles.
    I expect this could be one and you will either see
    the Giants run D step it up and really see how
    good Alex Smith is or the Gmen get run over.
    If the D contains Gore & can put pressure on
    Alex Smith they should have the advantage. Also
    if Eli & the offense can get a lead and see how
    A.Smith can handel that with the pass rush a comming (release the Kracken!!)

  6. RedSox83 says: Nov 9, 2011 5:40 PM

    Giants 34 – 9! You will see the Alex Smith of old, when the Giants defense shows up to make a statement against this overhyped joke of a team.
    Not unlike the Red Sox of course…

  7. sicklife1: I, quite honestly, hate to be the bearer of sad tidings – but! We (Niners Faithful) finally have a coaching staff that can think and apply – who woulda thunk it? Anyway, watching them from here by The Bay and following their every word thru Blogs, interviews etc., what you are hoping for and leaning on, unfortunately, will not come to pass. Let you in on a secret (cause no one can do anything about it anyway) but this bunch of coaches have taken “game-planning” to a whole ‘nother level. Whatever one teams sees on a given Sunday, pretty much will not be seen by our next vic.. sorry – opponent! A major portion of our runs do look similar, but on closer inspection – team after team – there’s subtle differences all over. Think about it. Scary, huh!

  8. Gore will have a huge day, just like Jackson did for Buffalo. As much as I would like to pretend otherwise, NY cannot stop elite backs. Hell, they have trouble with mediocre ones. The question, which will be answered on Sunday, is can Eli take advantage of the 9ers secondary. As an old timer, it’s fun to see SF vs. NY get back some of it’s old glory. Obviously, not as glitzy as Montana vs LT yet, but there’s hope for both teams. That 1990 NFC Championship game was one for the ages.

  9. I am a Giants fan but anyone on either side that says this will be any kind of blowout by either team has not been watching football closely this year. This will be a close game start to finish, 2 good evenly matched teams that will probably meet again in January.

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