Bucs claim Albert Haynesworth off waivers


Bucs coach Raheem Morris has talked all year about building a “Youngry” defense full of young and hungry players.

At least Albert Haynesworth has half of that equation down.

The Bucs surprisingly claimed Haynesworth off waivers Wednesday, as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  They will take the rest of his contract he signed with New England.

Tampa just lost Gerald McCoy for the season, but this is still a surprising move.  (Even if Alper called it yesterday.) Haynesworth has been ordinary on the field this year, and it sounds like he wasn’t giving much effort in New England.

The Bucs tried to sign Haynesworth two years ago, but the Redskins outbid them. While he’s cheaper now, Haynesworth just doesn’t sound like a player that Morris would want to take on.

The risk doesn’t seem worth the potential reward for developing team like Tampa that is unlikely to make the playoffs with or without Haynesworth.

105 responses to “Bucs claim Albert Haynesworth off waivers

  1. Wow. I don’t get this at all. Why anyone would give this fool another chance is beyond me.

    The Patriots have to be thrilled to let another team take on the rest of his salary.

  2. I honestly keep wanting this guy to do well, but I know I’m just going to be let down. Maybe Raheem can turn him around? If Bill Belichick couldn’t, it will have to be a mini-miracle for the Bucs to do so.

  3. Desperate move. AH won’t help those young guys, not what he does. Worst case scenario he harms them with his lazy, me first attitude. Bad move Raheem.

  4. You know what happens when you stick a lazy fat guy in warm weather, he stays inside where its cool. I don’t think Fat Albert will even make an attempt to get on the field. If he does he’s just gonna go stomping on peoples heads like they stole his twinkie

  5. Thus begins the downward spiral of Raheem.

    Your team isn’t a good as you put on with your “youngry” talk. They’re too young to handle much adversity and now you bring in a guy who is going to sit on his fat arse and collect a paycheck.


  6. Sad. I really don’t see the logic here. But, then again, it is the Bucs we’re talking about here. You know, the team whose linebackers wouldn’t be on the practice squad of other teams (Mason notwithstanding)

  7. I dont see where this makes any sense. Raheem the hot seat is warming up for you. Mccoy is soft and soes more talking then takleing. I love the bucs but I dont see where this makes sense. I think Dominick should change his thinking about the draft and get some good free agents next year for your new head coach…Bill Cowher.

  8. It’s a desperate move by a team that’s in the playoff hunt by a whisker.

    Can’t blame them even if the move is destined to blow up in their face.

    Especially considering the coach is an enabler.

  9. Hey, why not give it a try? We’re 4-4 and our playoff hopes are circling the draining for a number of reasons, one of which is that our DL gets pushed around. Kudos to Dominik for out of the box thinking.

  10. I don’t like the move, but IF Haynesworth plays to his abilities, the Bucs made a great move. They just need to find a way to motivate Big Al. He obviously doesn’t work well with dictatorship kind of coaching. I personally thought he would be better served playing with Hue in Oakland or Leslie Frazier in MN.

  11. “I honestly keep wanting this guy to do well”

    Why? He’s a low-life on so many levels.

  12. “Bucs coach Raheem Morris has talked all year about building a “Youngry” defense full of young and hungry players.”


    Never mind…it is just too easy!

  13. This isn’t surprising at all. Haynesworth fits their defense. They lost their premier DT for the season. This was the most likely of all the teams, with the Eagles a very close 2nd. Albert will line up in his natural position… the one that earned him the big contract he received in DC, before they switched schemes and negated his value to them… A 4-3 Undertackle, lined up on the outside shoulder of the Left Guard.

    If Haynesworth cannot find happiness in Tampa’s defense, he should hang up his cleats.

  14. they should give him a helmet with a a visor that has holographic capabilities .. when someone on the sidelines sees him look in the direction of the quarterback .. they can flip a switch and a slice of cheescake will appear b4 his eyes .. .. instance qb sack ..
    my work here is done people .. carry on

  15. I think you guys forget he has to pass a physical to be able to be signed. IF he can get through that, maybe it’s not such a bad move after all. Maybe he’s the second coming of Warren Sapp?

    Ha, who am I kidding….

  16. That’s an awful lot of money just to bring in someone to show a young team how not to be an NFL player.

  17. you miserable haters make me LOL. morris is a defensive guy, you think for one second he’ll let haynesworth get out of line, then you dont know his style. the bucs lost their top 2-gap DT, and taking a cheap flier on a once-prominent DT in haynesworth is totally worth it. if he fails, then they cut him with no financial burden and i imagine that would bring the end to his career.

  18. I’m sure that all of the waitresses in the Tampa Bay area were overjoyed when they heard the news.

  19. i wonder if a Little Debbie snack hanging on a string in front of his facemask would motavate him to rush into the backfield????

  20. Hahaha!!! I never would have guessed that anyone was stupid enough to grab this loser.
    It’s funny ’cause he’s fat!!!

  21. I also don’t see what the Bucs have to lose. They’re probably not going anywhere this year, but the balance of Haynesworth’s contract is doable. If it doesn’t work, they cut him loose.

  22. A move of desperation? this guy has repeatedly given up on plays. The last 2 teams have let him go. What can he bring to the table?

  23. I’ve really lost any respect I’ve had for the Tampa organization. First they kept Talib, who tried to kill someone during the offseason, after talking up how they weren’t going to accept actions like that. Then Morris the other day attacks McCoy out of the blue, his is a genuinely good man. And now they replace McCoy with this clown. Man I feel sorry for Josh Freeman. I won’t even mention Blount.

  24. Even if he doesn’t do anything there’s always the change he will ad could. So he will get a double team here and there which will open up a opportunity for some will talent and heart to actually produce. Huge bucks fan here and losing McCoy last week really hurt. As much as I hate him our team needed to do something to keep the play off hopes alive. Time will tell

  25. can’t believe that he talked yet another nfl team into signing him! the guy’s made his money in dc,he is’nt gonna do anything else because he is the laziest guy in league history!

  26. Nothing better than a lazy (probably antisocial) crumb bum who has been paid in advance and is now thinking that he is undervalued by his new team. Perhaps he is planning a new renaissance in which he will rip off the opposing players helmets and stomp their skulls on the ground. What a sportsman!

  27. Im sure that the Cowboys and Jets thought about it but the Ryan brothers did not want to be challenged for biggest hooters in the clubhouse.

  28. Reading some comments:
    “Morris is a defensive minded coach.”
    “If the Bucs can’t motivate him no one can.”
    “What do they have to lose?”

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting new results. You’ve been warned Tampa.

  29. yikes. shocked any Bucs fan would be okay with this… I understand losing McCoy is a disaster… but with a young and developing team, the last thing I would want i nthe locker room is a cancer like this epic quitter waste of space.

    As a Bills fan, realizing that our pass rush is HORRIFIC… and we just lost our best defensive player Pro Bowler kyle Williams…. I was actually nervous that the Bills were going to kick the tires on this bag of trash…. the last thing our young players of the future like Marcell Dareus need around is this guy. No excuses. there is NOTHIGN of value I want a developing, promising, close-knit locker room to take this this piece of filth & garbage.

  30. nykid420 says:
    Nov 9, 2011 4:52 PM
    “you miserable haters make me LOL. morris is a defensive guy, you think for one second he’ll let haynesworth get out of line, then you dont know his style. the bucs lost their top 2-gap DT, and taking a cheap flier on a once-prominent DT in haynesworth is totally worth it. if he fails, then they cut him with no financial burden and i imagine that would bring the end to his career.”

    This sounds suspiciously similar to what folks were saying in justifying his acquisition by the Patriots. And I suspect that the outcome will be similar, as well. The only difference is, the Bucs didn’t give up a pick to get him.

  31. The guy had the perfect opportunity for redemption with New England. He was going to a quality contender where he wouldn’t be the “man man”, plenty of talent beside him in Wilfork, a back-loaded incentive contract, and a coach who had his back.

    He did NOTHING.

    Any Bucs fan who thinks THIS is going to be where Haynesworth turns it around is as delusional as Raheem Morris.

  32. This is a move to make Tampa fans happy. Many fans have been pissed over the fact we never signed this guy two years ago. The resentment, whether right or wrong has spilled into other decisions the BUCS have made. As a BUCS fan I can say this move was partially designed to plug a hole, but the real reason is to try to win the fans back.

    Who knows, Rah might have a personality that this guy can deal with. The last two coaches were too much of a challenge to deal with.

  33. That is just a plain dumb move for the Bucs.

    I have enjoyed our two games this year against them and it is so obvious that they are a team on the rise. They are well coached by a classy guy. I loved the move last week of Morris pulling Blount after he punched Will Smith in the face.

    They are a team that is headed in the right direction when no one gave Coach Morris or the penny pinching Bucs a chance.

    They have made strides but this move goes counter to the culture they are trying to build in Tampa.

  34. Not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I think Haynesworth gave up in New England because he had already been talking with teams that wanted to claim him through waivers. How else can you explain him intentionally allowing himself to be run over by average offensive linemen?

  35. well everybody was crowing about our drafts the past two years. No vets. Now maybe Morris is getting it.

  36. Ya good move…Raheem will turn Alberts attitude around completely…right. Albert will eat that clown up.

  37. Love it, my bucs made no effort at guys like nmamdi or sproles in the offseason. Yet we go for this garbage? Thx gm and owners u give me so much hope on a season I’m watching slip away

  38. So, when the Bucs bail Haynesworth out from the drunk-tank to put a luke-warm body on the o-line, it’s an “act of desperation”.

    But when BB found Albert sleeping outside a DC area Denny’s and rolled him into the back of the minivan at the start of training camp, it was the “work of a genius”, and a “no risk move”.


  39. No coach can motivate Albert Haynsworthless…he lost all motivation when he fleeced the Redskins into giving him a big contract. Maybe Raheem brought Fat Albert in to teach McCoy proper tackling. Oh, wait….Al would actually have to make a tackle. Nevermind.

  40. 350 LB DOUGHBOY…I hope someone rips his head off….He is the …..Well, if I say it, the editors will delete me again….Ho Hum

  41. Why, Raheem? Why why why???? Are you trying to teach your “youngry” defense how to take the money and lay down??

  42. Personally I like the move a lot. Maybe just maybe Rahim can get through to him. I’m also not worried about him being a locker cancer. If that begins he’ll become a locker example as Rahim et al make an example of his ass and drive him from the league. There may be no getting through to AL, but the onlookers could be positively influenced.

  43. Haynesworth had every opportunity to redeem himself and his reputation in New England. As it turns out he just doesn’t have it in him. He just won’t put forth any effort. It simply means that he doesn’t care….he doesn’t care about the game, doesn’t care about winning, doesn’t care about his team or teammates and doesn’t care about his own character. It means he takes no pride in himself. It means the man doesn’t care about being a good and decent human being. He got his $$$ and now he’s just playing pretend to collect as much as he can get before every last bit of doubt is gone from every team that he’s just a low character lazy sloth only interested in bilking teams out of money and offering nothing in return. The man just doesn’t want to put forth any effort. I think that speaks volumes about his character.

  44. Now they need to switch to a 3-4 deense so he has the easiest excuse possible to sit on the beach.

  45. .

    I think the Bucs just need a body to line up at DT. It was Haynesworth or some guy they signed outside of Home Depot .

    Yeah, they inked the wrong one.


  46. silverdeer says:
    Nov 9, 2011 7:16 PM

    Every owner of a buffet restaurant in the Tampa area just shuddered in total fear.


    Post of the day – excellent!

  47. If you watched how the saints ran the ball against the Bucs, considered the McCoy injury, and recall Haynesworth’s play as a 3 technique tackle in a single gap system in TN, this actually makes sense. If he’s done, they will release him.

  48. I absolutely love this move. Haynesworth has gone to arguably one of the most motivational coaches in the NFL and back to his natural 4-3 where he hasn’t been since his MONSTER year in Tennessee. Not to mention it shows the players and fans that the organization is willing to go outside of it’s comfort zone and take chances in order to further the team. Plus if this guy does become a cancer he’ll be made into an example and cut. Great move Tampa.

  49. All I can say is that if a 100 mil dollar contract doesn’t motivate you then what will?? Stick a fork in em he’s done

  50. Breaking News out of Tampa.

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  51. Why would you want to put this guy around young, developing players?

    Did you see the way he just let Jacobs run past him into the endzone last week? Is that the kind of influence the Bucs want on their young guys?

  52. Great move Tampa. You guys have now sealed you seasons fate. He is an absolute waste of time and money. He has no heart at all. What a stupid decision. I have now lost ALL respect for your head coach.

  53. I have to laugh at all the people claiming that he will be ok in TB because they run a 4-3, and Haynesworth hasn’t played in the 4-3 since TENN.

    In case you people haven’t noticed the Patriots have been running a 4-3 all year.

  54. So the reason he didn’t sign with the Bucs three years ago was that he felt the temptation to go boating might make him lazy?

    The tidal charts in Tampa Bay just changed to high tide and higher tide.

  55. FWIW, he didn’t have a bad day for his first start. The blocked extra point, 5 tackles, 1 assist.

    Maybe he was just trying to make a good impression

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