Haynesworth the latest personnel miscue by Belichick


We wrote last week how the Patriots have mismanaged their secondary over the last few years.

They have spent a lot of resources there, with very little to show for it.

It’s not like Bill Belichick has been on a roll picking players to help the pass rush either.  Albert Haynesworth’s release highlights how desperate this team has been to get consistent pressure on the quarterback. For a while.

Remember Adalius Thomas? How about Derrick Burgess?  While Haynesworth got most of the attention as a bust this year, he was making a bigger impact than Shaun Ellis this year. Ellis is making $4 million.

Our buddy Tom Curran of CSNNE.com goes through the list of recent Belichick personnel blunders. Most of them are on defense. They haven’t been able to find a pass rusher in the draft.

There have been successes too: Free agent pickups Brian Waters and Andre Carter have brought a lot to the team this year. New England’s 2010 draft was a huge success.

In the end, the Patriots have two big weaknesses: Their pass rush and their secondary. The Patriots were always great at fixing problems in the past, but these issues have plagued them for years now.

Belichick has to go back to the drawing board, because signing Haynesworth didn’t solve anything.

37 responses to “Haynesworth the latest personnel miscue by Belichick

  1. belichick knew the team lacked talent thats why they went on a sorry spending spree for old talent and low character guys at the last minute.

  2. On the topic of pass rush, let’s not forget that the Patriots were in prime position to draft Clay Mathews III but chose instead to trade the pick to Green Bay.

    If, in hindsight, that doesn’t count as a personnel blunder, I don’t know what does…

  3. I think poor coaching comes into play as well. Belichick needs to bring some new blood in from outside the organization and introduce some new ideas.

  4. This wasn’t a miscue. This was a low risk move.
    Ocho was a miscue, the draft has been a miscue.

    When you pick up someone nobody wants for 1.5 million and a 5th round pick and he doesn’t work. That isn’t a miscue or a mistake. it was a gamble.

  5. He’s been about 50/50…just like the rest of the league. Its just more pronounced because everyone loves to dump on New England.

  6. Losing Scott Pioli was a huge blow to the Patriots when it comes to personnel. He was the only one with the clout to challenge Belichick on draft & free agent moves.

  7. Lately, he’s starting to look more like the Cleveland Brown Bill Belichick than the New England Patriot Bill Belichick.

  8. When I saw the clip of him not being able to figure out how to change the clock in his car the genius thoughts stopped immediately.

  9. 90% of being a successful coach is having a great quarterback. When Brady retires, Belichick will no longer be a good coach.

  10. The real issue no one seems to notice is that their defense started sucking at the time they were caught cheating. Now that they don’t have an unfair advantage it seems they can’t fix their defense. I doubt this is a coincidence.

  11. “They haven’t been able to find a pass rusher in the draft.”

    Yes they did. They found Clay Matthews staring them in the face and said, “No thanks, we’d rather have 3 mediocre/ average DBs.”

  12. Should have cut Ocho Stinko instead of Haynesworth. Then he could be reunited with his buddies in Oakland. (Housh and Palmer)

  13. c’m,on now , this is the great belladick you are refering to. You don’t know what the tuck you are talking about. GO REFS!

  14. Didn’t the Patriots have an undefeated season recently…I was out of country ..did they win it all that year?

  15. But Bellichick is a genius who has feces that smell like mint. Or could it be that he has a HOF QB?

    I’m making an Idiot’s guide to becoming a genius head coach in the NFL. It has one chapter, have a HOF QB, or one performing at that level.

  16. It was a low risk move that didn’t work out. Big deal, if it was any other team it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

  17. So much for BB’s genius status, and a defensive genius, at that. He got lucky to have Brady and a group of very good defensive players a few years back. He’s an arrogant ass whose true meediocrity is showing.

  18. Yeah, they have the best record in football the past 10 years, have 3 SB titles, went 16-0 during the regular season in 2006-2007 and went 11-5 with a QB who hadn’t played a snap since high school. He will make some bad decisions like anybody in the league. Essentially, since his core defense left, he has needed to rebuild and hasn’t done so yet successfully. In that time he’s not had a losing record and is currently 5-3 and tied for 1st place. Most teams rebuilding constitutes at least 3-4 seasons of terrible football, reaping some high draft picks and starting over from scratch. The man has rebuilt on the fly and people still want to tear him down. It’s comical.

  19. It’s time for Patriots fans to be honest with themselves. This team just isn’t the same without all the cheating they did for years. It’s easy to play great defense when you know exactly what the offense is going to throw at you!

  20. Yeah but we suckered the Jets into taking Vernon Gholston a couple years ago, right fellow Pats fans?

  21. he’s a super genius (extreme sarcasm) lets trade this draft pick for 2 picks n next yrs draft
    (next draft) hey lets trade this pick for a higher pick next yr & Player 2 be named later, its been working SO WELL…lmao your reign(cheating) is over

  22. You people putting all of their success due to Brady’s presence…you do realize they went 11-5 just a couple of years ago while Brady missed the whole year with an ACL?

  23. Spygate was them taping the opposing teams defensive signals. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to help the Patriots defense. Oddly enough, the Patriots offense hasn’t fared too badly since 2007. Yep, what a “huge” advantage spygate was.

  24. As a Skins fan I feel so vindicated by this move. Let’s be honest, we don’t get to relish in making a correct personnel move very often.

    I’m also reminded of how many Pats fans were trashing the Skins for letting big Al go for so cheap, praising it as a low-risk move. You’re right, it was low risk, but it’s not very often where us Skins fans get to celebrate the better end of a trade, even if it’s a late-round pick.

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