It’s time to vote for the offensive rookie of the year


So far, 49ers defensive end/linebacker Aldon Smith is leading the way in the voting for the PFT Planet defensive rookie of the year award.

And with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones comparing running back DeMarco Murray to Eric Dickerson, it’s time to find out where Murray ranks in comparison to the likes of Cam Newton and Andy Dalton, so far.

The candidates are, in alphabetical order, Dalton, Bengals receiver A.J. Green, Falcons receiver Julio Jones, Murray, and Newton.

38 responses to “It’s time to vote for the offensive rookie of the year

  1. C’mon….give the little red head some love! Cam Newton may be the most entertaining rookie to watch, but his team has only won 2 games. Andy Dalton’s team is doing surprisingly well, and Dalton’s #1 WR is also a rookie.

  2. This is a sympathy vote as much as anything. But let’s face it. Cam Newton has earned this. His team has not been winning. But he has shut up all the doubters. The kid’s attitude is phenomenal. Cam Newton FTW.

  3. Dalton is a player, but his Bengals have beat up on a bunch of tomato cans. The Panthers on the other hand have had to play Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Chicago. I don’t see the bengals beating any of those teams.

    Not to mention Dalton isn’t winning shoot outs. The Bengals Defense is pretty good. It’s not like he’s winning these games single handed. Carolina’s defense is bad b/c the offense has been putting up points.

  4. It’s a 3 dog race between Newton, Dalton, and Green. As a Panthers fan, I would choose Newton, although the rookie tandem in Cincy is good. The biggest thing helping the Christmas Kids ( Red and Green ) is a healthy and talented defense, with one of the best defensive coaches in the league. Carolina is at 2-6, but look at the scores. They’ve lost 5 out of 6 by a TD or less, including a game against the Pack. If Beason and Davis were there, with a safety and tackle, they could easily be 7-1, getting rid of Kasay for Mare didn’t help either. Any of the 3 could take it, but if Cincy somehow wins their division, just split it between their guys, they will have earned it.

  5. Not even remotely close, who wins ROY. Newton is on pace to shatter many rookie QB records and yet people are comparing him to Mark Sanchez 2.0? I’ll give you a hint, give Dalton 1-2 years and he’ll regress just like Flacco, Sanchez, Ryan, Bardford, etc. All those Qb’s had one thing in common when they we first laid our eyes on them; they won. And when they won, people had mistaken their raw talent for a series of fortunate circumstances, whether it be a stout defense, easy schedule, break-out running game, weak division, etc. What makes Cam different is that it is ALL him. There is no mistaking his raw talent. It is very scary what this guy has and is capable of. 8 games into his NFL Career and he’s already Top 5 in the league, right now! INSANE.

  6. It’s so funny that people are talking about Andy Dalton deserving it more because of the wins. The Bengals defense has been playing very well. There are your wins right there. Put Cam on the Bengals and they are 8-0. ‘Nuff said.

    Dalton is great, but he’s not Cam Newton.

    The next decade of football is going to be fun.


  7. @michael says “Shouldn’t this vote be taken at the end of the year, instead of the halfway point?”

    Considering it’s a midway point award, I’d say…NO.

  8. For everybody saying Dalton is not the reason bengals are winning and it’s the defense that is making them win…. well they have basically the same defense as last year except clements(joesph was better) and manny lawson and they had the same DC and team only had 4 wins last year so there goes that argument. And the bengals 2 losses are by 7 pts total!
    The weak schedule theory… bengals beat the bills and the bills beat the patriots and also beat the titans who are a good team. We also beat the jags who beat the ravens and the ravens beat the steelers twice so… Just think about that.
    Cam and Dalton are both doing great for rookies, Cam has the stats and Dalton has the wins. They both deserve an award.

    P.s. Thumbs down if your gay

  9. “Cam Newton may be the most entertaining rookie to watch, but his team has only won 2 games. Andy Dalton’s team is doing surprisingly well”

    Oh come on. By that logic, let’s just give it to Randall Cobb, after all his team are 8-0!

    Andy Dalton is having a very nice rookie season, but nowhere near in the same league as Newton, who is having probably the best season by any rookie QB ever at this point and in many ways is redefining the position.

    And before anybody asks, no I’m not a Panthers fan, nor am I a Bengals hater, nor am I black.

  10. considering it’s called the offensive rookie of the year I’d say YES

    if you want to call it the Rookie Of the Half-Year, then I’d say ….No

  11. Let me get this straight, you have the “#1 overall” pick who’s exceeded expectations and he’s not an automatic lock for the award?? Let me see you start Dalton over Newton on your fantasy team and tell me who’s contributing to their team more! Yes We Cam

  12. as a Bengals fan, I’m lovin the ginger kid and Green, and they’re getting better with each game, but I voted for Newton; Carolina’s an 0-fer without him. Will be interesting to see what he does at Detroit in 2 weeks.

  13. Cam is the rookie of the year. Wins are overrated when you are rating QB’s. Sure they probably have the biggest impact of any offensive player but they can’t always account for the defense, special teams, coaching and even other offensive players. Dalton has been a pleasant surprise and is playing very well but his numbers don’t stack up to Cam’s. The Bengals defense has carried that team for the most part.

  14. Dalton = 6 – 2, 12 TDs and 7 Picks

    Newton = 2 -6 11 TDs and 9 Picks

    Yes Newton puts up a ton of yards but thats because his team is horrid and has to pass to catch up, The bengals the 32 ranked team by everyone were the push overs, the easy team on the schedule so your arguement that they play an easy schedule is moronic.

    I would rather have Dalton than Newton on my team any day, wins are the single most important stat category when judging a QB, then TDs and Picks. Yards are 2ndary..

    Just sayin’

  15. Guys… He’s red-headed. There’s no debate here. It’s easily Cams award. The the damn name of the award. OFFENSIVE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. It doesn’t say offensive, defensive, and special teams rookie of the year. It’s strictly an offensive award. That’s why we have a defensive award too. I guarantee you that no one will compare wins and losses for whoever wins defensive player of the year. It will be by the numbers ONLY. Stop trying to give the award to carrot top because you don’t like Newton. These guys are worlds apart with cam wayyy on top. Face the facts haters… Newton is gonna be one of the greatest to ever play the game when it’s all said and done.

  16. People automatically dismissing either Cam or Dalton are nuts. Both kids have played great. Cam has played better, but Dalton has his team in a better situation. It’s a toss-up, no doubt.

  17. Newton leads Dalton in total yards, but Dalton has more TD passes, less interceptions, a higher completion rate.

    I don’t care that Newton can run. I want my QB to be a good QB, not a QB/RB because historically, that does not win Super Bowls.

  18. This is a 2 man race between Newton and Dalton. Both have been extremely impressive without having any training camp. Newton would be the fantasy ROY, but this isn’t fantasy land. People that want to talk about Dalton having a defense and he is just managing games haven’t watched him play. He has more throwing TD’s, less INT’s and has had 4 – 4th quarter clutch comebacks already. Plus, Carolina has a running game that Cincy does not. Has to be Dalton at this point, but both have been REAL impressive.

  19. Cam is fantasy rookie of the year. But that’s all he’s good for. It’ll be a shame when he ends the season 4-12 with the award on his couch watching Dalton and Green tear up the playoffs. Rookie of the year? He can have it. signed Dalton Green Gang.

    Anyone think Bengals have the better team need to check the preseason rankings prior to week 1 from many pundits and fans. There is no one worse than 32nd….

  20. If we are going to compare stats, lets at least be accurate about it. Cam Newton has 2393 passing yards (6th in the NFL) with a 60.6 % completion percentage, 18 total touchdowns (11 passing, 7 rushing), 8.3 yards per attempt, 9 interceptions on 287 attempts for a 3.1 interception percentage and a passer rating of 87.1. Andy Dalton has 1696 passing yards (21st in the NFL) with a 61.5% completion percentage, 13 total touchdowns (12 passing, 1 rushing) 6.6 yards per attempt, 7 interceptions on 257 attempts for a 2.7 interception percentage, and a passer rating of 85. So Dalton is .9% more accurate than Newton, is .5% less likely to throw an interception, and has one more passing touchdown but 6 less rushing touchdowns, while Newton has 696 more passing yards, and a higher passer rating. You people make it sound like Newton is a yards generating machine, while Dalton is leaps and bounds ahead of him in accuracy and efficiency, which is just plain untrue. They are really almost identical except that Newton has done far more against far stiffer competition(Carolina’s opponents are 33-32 vs. Cincinatti’s opponents 26-39). The Offensive Rookie of the Year is an individual award based on individual performance, not a team achievement, and on those grounds Cam wins it hands down.

  21. Ok I’m sorry but I had to create an an account just so I could post this.. You idiots actually think Dalton is better than Cam because “of the wins!!” Ok. When both Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf where rookies, Chargers had more wins than the Colts.. So I suppose Ryan Leaf was better than Peyton Manning?!?

    Manning went 3-13 his rookie year, Aikman went 0-16 his rookie year. Newton has nearly 700 more passing yds than Dalton. He also has 350 rushing yds, 11 passing TDs, 7 rushing TDs, more passing yds per completion. Rookie of the year has nothing to do with wins or losses, it’s individual stats. That’s why they have MVP rewards. PFT really seems to attract the dumbest football fans on the internet. I don’t know what’s worse.. Reading moron’s comments on here or reading moron’s comments on fox news. Com.

  22. Scam Newton, 2-6; Andy Dalton; 6-2. It shouldn’t even be close, Andy Dalton has less talent than Scam does around him also. Call me when Scam learns how to win football games.

  23. This is interesting. There are a lot of people coming out saying that Cam is overrated. Where were these people in previous weeks? The Panthers are off for one week, and suddenly everyone forgets how good he is? Suddenly they find a voice to criticize Cam? For everyone bashing Cam in this thread, just wait. You all said he would be a bust? Shut you up didn’t he. Now you are all blaming him for poor defense and special teams play (not enough wins!) Okay. Pretty soon you’ll be blaming him for the economy.

    Some people just can’t stand to see people succeed. That’s the sad truth. But time and time again, Cam has proven without a doubt that he is the real deal. So for all you saying that this is close….wait for the second half of the season. Dalton, you’re impressive, and I’ma let you finish, but Cam is having the best rookie campaign for a QB….OF ALL TIME!

  24. I think it comes down to the most outstanding rookie vs. most valuable rookie. Cam newton is doing things no other rookie has done and would obviously be the most outstanding rookie. Dalton is doing things that were just done a few years ago by Flacco and Ryan, he’d be the most valuable rookie based on wins and 4th quarter come backs. Not sure how the award is defined, but if it’s just wide open for interpretation I don’t think you can say Dalton is playing better than Cam.

    Any other year and it would be Dalton (or even AJ Green).

    This comes from a Bengals fan so I should be biased for Dalton, but there’s just no way he’s having a better individual year than Newton.

  25. Sure Cam has broken a record but how many wins does he have? Sure Andy is above .500 but who has he played so far before the loss vs. the Steelers? Same goes for A.J Green… and sure Julio Jones had an amazing game but keyword… ONE amazing game. Murray is set the Cowboys rookie record in his FIRST starting game. He has brought the Cowboys rush offense from 28th in the league all the way down to 9th in the league. He averages 6.7 yards a carry which also leads every qualified HB in the league. BTW he has 100 carries so far which makes him eligible to be compared to other HBs like say Lesean McCoy, Arian Foster, Fred Jackson and even Adrian Peterson. So I say DeMarco Murray has had the most success as a rookie at his positions than any other rookie at theirs.

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