Jim Irsay sends Bill Polian a message … on Twitter


Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star called Colts G.M. Chris Polian a “toxic force” over the weekend, using sources to tear apart Polian’s work with the team.

It was a compelling article. The piece unsurprisingly didn’t sit well with Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian, who ranted about lying “rats” after the story came out.

Bill Polian has notoriously thin skin, and his outburst only caused more attention to be placed on the matter. Colts owner Jim Irsay doesn’t seem thrilled with Polian’s approach.

“My friend Bob K,was off base on his article … all that Watergate stuff, unnamed sources, blah, blah … 2 heavy handed, not enough perspective,” Irsay tweeted Wednesday morning. “But we all have 2 handle criticism in this business, with poise, it comes with the territory … I’m just blessed 2 have another day, 2 go 2 work.”

Instead of simply defending Polian, Irsay calls Kravitz his friend and says Polian has to handle criticism with more poise. Irsay takes issue with the article too, but the Colts owner essentially plays it down the middle and points out that we’re all lucky to have a job.

That’s something Bill Polian may want to keep in mind.

(Polian may also want to figure out how to delete Irsay’s Twitter account.)

28 responses to “Jim Irsay sends Bill Polian a message … on Twitter

  1. Irsay is making Jerry Jones look like a great NFL owner and smart football guy.

    Drop the Twitter, drop the Polians, drop the head “coach.” Get a clue!

  2. If Andrew Luck chooses to pull an Eli Manning, this has got to be one of the teams he would NOT want to play for. It’s an embarrassment every single time Irsay tweets anymore.

  3. Honest question to Colts fans: When did Irsay become such a lunatic? I don’t remember this much noise out of him ever. Is it just because Manning is down and he’s filling the void, so to speak?

  4. Let me start out by saying, I don’t like it that Peyton Manning isn’t playing. I enjoy watching him play. One of the best players I’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re a real football fan, you wanna see this guy slingin the football around. It’s great theater.

    But as a Ravens fan, and a Baltimorean, I am thoroughly enjoying the collapse of the Colts. One player’s absence should not put you on pace to lose every game of the season. That is a complete and total organizational failure that starts with Irsay and both Polian’s.

    New England lost Tom Brady and they still won 11 games. The Colts have drafted bad for years. And what does that add up to when your franchise, once in a generation player goes down? Competing with the 2008 Lions for regular season futility.

  5. Nobody cares about, nor respects a team that’s bending over and letting every team on their schedule bang em…to draft a player.

    Not saying the players are doing it…but the front office is sabatoging the season…who cares about the Colts franchise..

  6. I don’t know why he would be but from the way he writes I’m thinking Irsay might be one of my 12 year old daughter’s friends on the Facebook.

    Old white men should not twitter (from an old white man)

  7. It’s pretty clear that Polian hasn’t so much built a team, as he’s managed to….have Manning for the last decade.
    Leaving the question, what exactly has he done? Clearly without Manning the roster is far from competitive.

  8. I’m so tired of reading about the Colts.

    They’re an irrelevant team with an irrelevant owner who overuses his twitter account.

    The only thing they have left are pompous and self-righteous bloggers trying to make a name for themselves by ripping further into the dead horse.

  9. .

    I’m witness to the first ever performance review via twitter.
    Has professionalism been put on waivers?


  10. I applaude all the folks who can finally say “YAY! The Colts are no longer dominating the league!” Congrats, your team now has an opportunity to string together a couple of winning seasons before falling back to mediocrity.

    As for how good the Pats were when Brady went down, where do you think the team would be if that injury had occured this year? They are struggling to win games with him at QB.

    Rome fell. Persia fell. All great things, including football dynasties (9’ers, Cowboys) come to an end. That is why they are so special. So have your meager two or three successful season. If you are lucky, your team has the opportunity to be the next “Colts”.

  11. This is beyond bad drafting the Colts have quit and the head office seems to like it! Threaten to pull their 1 st round pick and see if they suddenly improve. Fans are paying good money to watch these goofs.

  12. Sometimes based on the comments left here I think that this site is full of hating morons who know nothing about football. 1. The Colts are NOT throwing games. The team is riddled with injuries and is not very deep to begin with. 2. Someone earlier said Irsay was getting a “free roll” because of his father. Well, he may have inherited the team, but he is the polar opposite of his father. He is not a raging drunk, he is charitable, he is a fixture in the community, he wants to win and he WILL spend money to do it. He also was the driving force that helped bring the Superbowl to Indy. 3. Polian (that’s BILL POLIAN) has built winners everywhere he’s been. Before he came to Indy, no Superbowls and no Manning. The team has been a winner and a fun product to watch ever since he went there… You haters better enjoy the Colts “down” year, because when Peyton comes back and they play that last place schedule in a weak AFC south… Umm, it won’t be pretty for the rest of the NFL. You’ve been warned.

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