Waiting for Michael Vick to be Superman again


When a preseason Super Bowl contender starts out at 3-5, the quarterback is going to take some of the blame.

In Philadelphia, the question is starting to be asked: What happened to Michael Vick?

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com traces Vick’s decline to the end of last year. In his last ten games, Vick has thrown 13 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. The Eagles have gone 3-7 over that span.

Vick has been good this year, but not great. He hasn’t had the superhero efforts that helped define his 2010 season.

In a huge game Monday night, he averaged under six yards-per-attempt without a touchdown. You could make the argument Vick hasn’t been one of the ten best quarterbacks in the league to this point.

On PFT Live Tuesday, NFL Films producer Greg Cosell said that the NFL Matchup crew discussed a great question before last week’s show. Who is the better quarterback: Jay Cutler or Michael Vick?

“It was unanimous. Jay Cutler was the better quarterback,” Cosell said.

That says as much about the underrated Cutler as it does about Vick. But the Eagles are expecting much more out of their quarterback. They were hoping for the guy that was an MVP candidate last year.

Vick hasn’t been terrible this year, but he hasn’t been that MVP-caliber guy either.

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  1. “In Philadelphia, the question is starting to be asked: What happened to Michael Vick?”

    It’s called “he got paid”.

  2. This same article can be written about,” Tony Romo, Matt Cassell, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Philip Rivers, Kevin Kolb, Sam Bradford on and on and on……….”

  3. To run this headline right after an article stating Vick is the most disliked player in the NFL can’t be coincidence can it?

    Vick is not, nor has he ever been “Superman” – the Man of Steel doesn’t torture animals. I’m not a fanboy but I’m pretty certain there’s other more apropos characters with super powers you could use.

  4. The league is figuring him out, again.

    Ironically enough, it was the Eagles, in the 2005 (04 season) NFC Championship game, who showed the world that Michael Vick wasn’t invincible.

    The next two seasons the Falcons went 8-8 and 7-9 and Vick was hardly the force of nature he had been before, posting passer ratings of 73.1 and 75.7 respectively.

    He’s a phenomenal athlete, but certainly not unstoppable and eminently beatable.

  5. I don’t like Vick…or the Eagles. But to say Cutler’s better is crazy. Cutler is unimpressive at best, and far from clutch. I can’t remember a single game where Cutler took the team on his back and won it on his own. The Bears owe all of their wins to Forte and their defense, and should thank Cutler for not screwing it up.
    Vick’s problem is Andy Reid, who’s tried to convert him into a prototypical pocket passer, which he just isn’t. When he’s running around making plays, he’s as dangerous as they come. When he’s sitting in the pocket taking hits, he’s average.

  6. Vick is now 0-4 against the Bears. They understand how to contain his game. If all teams used the Bears scheme against Vick, Kolb would still be Philly’s QB and Vick would still be wondering how to pay off his debt.

  7. Nothing happened. He’s playing at about the same level that he played in the last part of the 2010 season. He’s capable of brilliant performances once in a while and he produces too many turnovers.

  8. Vick’s 2010 performance attained superhero status?

    Oh, that’s right, he won the superbowl. Oh wait, that was Aaron Rodgers.

    What the heck are you smoking?

  9. Vick surprised everyone last year. By the end of the season defenses had figured him out. Andy Reid and Vick still haven’t figured out how to beat what defenses are throwing at him.

  10. As much as I dislike the person that is Vick, it was not his fault Maclin and Jackson dropped 6-7 easy passes that would have been for pretty big yardage.

  11. What is the point of this post? I’m shocked and appalled that there wasn’t a “Dream Team” mock in there. Come on PFT, you’re slipping.

  12. Article should be called “Waiting for the Eagles to play football again.” It’s not just one player… that team is a mess from coaching down to special teams.

  13. I need him to keep playing hard. Don’t care if the Eagles win thou, I got Vick in fantasy football. We put the blueprint on how to beat the Eagles. Lets go 49ers.

  14. Defenses have a season plus of tape of Michael Vick in the Philly offense is what’s happened. He (or the coaching staff) haven’t adjusted and made teams pay for how they’re defending them.

  15. Not going to happen. He overachieved last year. Got paid and now he’s reverting back to the the below average quarterback that he always was. Great runner, bad pocket passer.

    Feel bad for the Philly fans who thought he turned into super man only to come back down to earth. But then again I’m a Titans fan and feeling the same pain with Chris Johnson.

  16. The last time I checked, the offense wasn’t the problem. Promoting the offensive line coach to defensive coordinator was.

  17. Montana, Brady & Rodgers aren’t supermen. They seem to play like supermen because they are on great teams. Great teams elevate qb’s and qb’s elevate great teams. QB’s get too much credit when things go well and too much blame when they go south.

    The reality is that the eagles just aren’t a great team this year. Sure they have some great pieces but for my money I would rather take 5’7″ Mark McMillan at all 150 pounds then a guy who would shy away from tackling.

  18. What did you think you were looking at in the recent Sunday night game against the Cowboys, chopped liver? More than once, Cris Collinsworth made it sound like we were indeed watching Superman.

  19. i forget who said it this preseason, but whoever it was said that there was no way that vick, based on his entire career, was going to be able to put up the same numbers he did last year and was almost certainly going to regress in 2011. basically he said that vick’s 2010 season was the exception and not the norm. fast forward half a season a guess what? the guy hit the nail right on the head.

  20. Vick has never been a very good quarterback. He’s been a “very exciting quarterback.” Last year he had some very good games, but he was also extremely fortunate when it came to avoiding interceptions(drops, etc.). I think now that he’s paid and established as the starter, he’s freelancing a bit more, with mixed results.

    I think it’s clear the lockout has negatively impacted the passing game, and teams are only now starting to find their run offense.

  21. Yeah, I’d like to have one person be my villain and to represent everything that’s wrong with the world. Things might make sense. So I understand why a lot of people really hate Vick.

    But he’s playing pretty well now. He’s certainly playing well enough for them to win. If the Eagles could stop anyone on defense then Vick’s good play would be more obvious.

  22. Of course they picked Cutler as the better quarterback. Cutler is white and Vick is black. The same reason Andy Dalton is getting hyped and Cam Newton is being ignored, despite the fact that Newton is the way better quarterback.

  23. He needs WR’s that can catch and hold on to the ball.

    I don’t think the guys they have are up to par.

    I think a guy between a Wes Welker and what they have now would be fine (who?).

    With Vick’s skills he could elevate them to a higher standard.

  24. Why are the media still covering this guy like he’s a top 3 QB? He’s clearly in the middle tier of QB’s. He’s probably in the 8-12 range. Yeah, when he’s great, he’s great. But how often is he great?

    I’d take Rodgers, Brady, both Mannings, Brees, Rivers, Stafford, Big Ben over him. And maybe even Newton, Matt Ryan, and Schaub. Can anyone rationally argue that?

  25. There’s nothing wrong with Michael Vick that a few less turnovers wouldn’t cure. Vick isn’t really the Eagles’ biggest problem though. In fact, he wouldn’t be any problem at all with a coaching staff that could coach, receivers who could catch the ball AND hold on to it when being tackled, and most importantly, a defense that can stop the run. I just hope that owner Jeffrey Lurie is planning now for who he wants to hire immediately when the season is over to replace Andy Reid. Because that new coach is going to fire every one of Andy’s assistants and bring his own people in to fix this mess.

  26. Let’s see, Vick has exactly ONE season with more than 3,000 yards passing. It was 3018 yards. That got him a $100 million contract from the Eagles. What are the odds that the Eagles would like a do-over?

  27. Let’s see, Vick has exactly ONE season with more than 3,000 yards passing. It was 3018 yards. That got him a $100 million contract from the Eagles. What are the odds that the Eagles would like a do-over?

  28. Maybe it’s just me, but I dont recall him ever being Superman. He had some decent games, some exciting runs, nothing close to “super.”

  29. Cutlers not clutch? Did u watch the Monday night game? I’m not saying I’d want cutler on my team all the time, but this season he has looked pretty good in the 4th. Good to see u watch football jbl or wat ever ur name is.

  30. Everybody seems to forget about the seven seasons Vick played in Atlanta in which he was a flashy, overrated and simply mediocre quarterback. His career record in Atlanta over six seasons was 47-48-1, and a 2-2 playoff record. Vick never was “Superman” or an elite quarterback. Based off one season in which ended in yet another Eagle playoff flame out, the Eagles front office decided that an above average, oft injured scrambling quarterback was worth $100 million. Perhaps that money would have been better spent on linebackers and interior defensive lineman.

  31. Ron Mexico is lurking in the locker room, once more, with a pocket full of cash just waiting to wreck havoc on vick’s career

  32. I’ve never understood the love thrown at vick, I think tebow is a slower version of vick but without the love of the media. The fans love tebow but media dislikes him. The media and philly love vick but most fans dislike him. Maybe tebow should make it rain at a strip club then the media would love him.

  33. Vick couldnt be more deserving than to be number one on this list. Face it, he worked hard coming up with all of those ways to torture animals.
    Vick certainly earned being number one on the most disliked list! He is a true POS, fooling all of you eagle fans that still root for him!

  34. Superman represents all that is good. Its an oxymoron mentioning vicks name in the same breath. Vick is a loser, as his record indicates.

  35. The Bears played an exceptionally good game on both sides of the ball. Rather than give them props, moronic pundits say “What happened to Michael Vick?” Do the names Briggs, Urlacher and Peppers mean anything at all to these idiot pundits?

  36. Vick has reverted back to his Atlanta mode: Sitting pretty, in-the-money, and complacent. He was far better last year early on because he needed to solidify his uncontested starting QB position. Once that became established his film study time, game preparation and commitment to be highly prepared all became less important to him and of course his effectiveness fell off. Vick doesn’t have a burning desire. He’s a tremendous athlete and can do awesome things but he’s not mentally committed to being the best he can be. In this regard he is exactly the same as Donovan McNabb. As such, he will never be great and will likely never win a championship. I feel bad for you Philly. Getting back to back heartless, uncommitted, complacent QBs is tough to take.

  37. How can M. Vick be superman when there’s no offensive line to allow you enough time to do anything? It appears to me, that the monies spent this off season was spent lopsided? It seems to me, that they didn’t bother to balance both sides of the ball.

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