Bucs were the only team to make a claim for Haynesworth

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers claimed the contract of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth via waivers on Wednesday, allowing the Patriots to avoid any obligation to pay the balance of his salary for 2011.

As it turns out, the Bucs had no competition for his services.

Per a league source, no one else submitted a claim for Haynesworth, which serves only to make more confusing the decision of a franchise with a young, impressionable defensive line to bring in a guy with plenty of on-field and off-field baggage.

Coach Raheem Morris recently blamed the season-ending biceps injury suffered by defensive tackle Gerald McCoy on arm tackling.  Morris won’t have to worry about Haynesworth getting injured by arm tackling, since at this point of his career he pretty much does no tackling at all.

But maybe Morris can do what Mike Shanahan and Bill Belichick couldn’t.  I like the fact that Morris is confident in his ability to get through to Haynesworth, but at some point every coach needs to realize that there are certain guys who simply can’t be turned around.

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  1. Isn’t it more likely the Bucs just need another body on their defensive line and an unmotivated Haynesworth is still a better option than someone’s practice squad scraps?

  2. Could have let him clear waivers and signed him for almost nothing – which seemed obvious. I suppose the rest of his contract isn’t much but why pay Fat Albert any more than you have to?

  3. they will regret the day they took him…. he’s aok as long as you expect him to do whatever he feels like doing….

    and at the Bucs… he will start causing a locker room attitude problem in nothing flat… every one will start kicking back

  4. After watching my bucs defense against the run this year, maybe paying someone to lie down on the field is a good plan. Maybe he will trip up someone. Can’t hurt caz what they’ve been doing isn’t working

  5. Fat Albert ain’t gonna ever play hard again.
    He’s gotten his big payday already.
    That’s all he ever cared about.

    If teams like the Lions or the Eagles or the Titans can’t be talked into bringing him in (considering the fact he has strong connections to people in all 3 places) then that should be telling everyone something.

    Al showed the Pats exactly what he will do for the Bucs. Don’t be shocked if they release him before season’s end, too.

  6. The headline implies that they were surprised only one team claimed him. Did you see him play this year? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t as he was nearly invisible.

  7. Im weighing in at about 160lbs soaking wet these days, live in Tampa, and would have been willing to fill that hole for much less than Albert. I see no reason why they didn’t scoop me up instead of Albert as our production this year has been pretty similar.

  8. so, arm tackling will result in an arm injury, and helmet to helmet hits will yield a head injury. sounds like this football is a dangerous sport. someone should be fined.

  9. The Bucs only have to pay him about $700k for the rest of the season with no future obligations or cap hindrance. Simply put, if he does well, great. If not, cut him and don’t pay the price in the future either.

  10. My comment is that maybe Albert H. Is done any player that’s been good before becoming a Redskin always has to resurrect their career after leaving hopefully Tampa can get him there.

  11. There’s minimal risk in this move. When Haynesworth was good it was in the 4-3. That’s what he will be playing now. Morris does relate with the players. He doesn’t do the job, he’s gone. If it works there’s good upside. We shall see.

  12. You gentlemen are forgetting the concept of a united locker room. These are professionals but they still need guidance like little boys.
    Bringing in an overweight under motivated player to a “youngry” locker room isn’t going to be the answer to their woes.

  13. Don’t see why people care so much about this…

    AH has sucked since he left Tennessee. Everyone knows that. But he’s also played in nothing but a 3-4 since then. Coincidence?

    We’ll find out soon enough.

    This move is LOW risk. The Bucs already have their fair share of scumbags in the locker room. Raheem loves them. What’s the harm in one more? Raheem obviously doesn’t make his players prepare or doing anything during the week judging by their performances on Sunday. AH will LOVE that kind of atmosphere.

  14. there is no risk here. maybe we get a spark and can stop somebody running or get some pressure and maybe it doesn’t work and we have the same gaping holes we had on tuesday. worth a flyer to me

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