Cowboys place David Buehler on injured reserve


The Cowboys have kept two kickers on the roster all year even though the healthy one (Dan Bailey) has kicked very well.

That silliness ended on Thursday, when the team placed David Buehler on injured reserve.

It turns out Buehler re-injured his groin at practice Wednesday.  Bailey has hit 20-of-21 field goals with Buehler hurt.

10 responses to “Cowboys place David Buehler on injured reserve

  1. Should have released him. Bailey has been lights-out this year on FGs, and with the kickoffs being moved up 5 yards Buehler isn’t as valuble as he was last year.

  2. Aaaand of course this couldn’t have been done two weeks ago, to create a spot to retainf Choice instead of letting him go to Washington. I almost hope he kills it for the Skins, just to teach Jerry a lesson. Almost…

    Jerry Jones, you are a special kind of GM.

  3. Buehler has probably the 2nd strongest leg in the league.

    He is also probably the least accurate kicker in the league, and like the previous poster said – you don’t need a kickoff specialist anymore.

  4. I love Buehler. Hits as hard as a safety and has size and speed, but just is not accurate with his FGs. I say either try him out on the defense next year, or cut his butt.

    We need the roster spot for a position of need for pete’s sake! Bailey is a FAR better choice for kicks. He’s proven that 10 times over thus far.

  5. Buehler has a VERY strong leg, but with the kickoffs being moved there is no point for him. He was given a year on fg’s and after blowing several games and missing 20 yr chip shots Bailey is finally here.

    This kid is 20 of 21 and looks hands down like we finally found a freaking kicker we can believe in.

    Sorry Buehler your the odd man out. But honestly after seeing your speed and hitting ability on kickoffs you might want to consider a defense position.

  6. I wish they would have cut him. There’s no reason why we need to have 4 rosters spots for kickers and punters.

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