Cribbs says too much about Browns’ plans, claims he was kidding

Getty Images

Browns receiver and return man Josh Cribbs appears to have given too much away when talking to reporters about Sunday’s game against the Rams.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Cribbs offered some hints that the Browns’ game plan will call for him to line up in the backfield, either as a running back or a Wildcat quarterback.

“I can’t give nothing away, but they put something in that’s special to me and that’s all I can say about that,” Cribbs said. “Coach is really trying to target me and the coaches are really making an opportunity for me to get the football more.”

Cribbs added that Browns coach Pat Shurmur is “warming up to” the Wildcat.

However, after stories appeared with Cribbs’ quotes, he claimed it was all a joke, and that he hadn’t really given away the Browns’ game plan.

“I was just kidding givin’em a good story lol there is nothing big for me in the package,” Cribbs wrote on Twitter. “I heard that some media outlets were fibbing fibbing fibbing, they put words in my mouth about some things.”

Although football players usually guard game plans like state secrets, the truth is Cribbs likely didn’t say anything that the Rams weren’t already preparing for: Every team that plays the Browns knows that Cribbs in the backfield is something they need to prepare for. Cribbs just gave the Rams a reminder.