Earl Bennett fined $5,000 for orange shoes

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Bears receiver Earl Bennett put on a pair of orange shoes for Monday night’s game against the Eagles. The NFL was not happy with that blatant disregard for its uniform policies: Bennett has confirmed that the NFL fined him $5,000 because of the shoes.

Some players who get fined vow not to change their ways, but Bennett isn’t one of them. Bennett said he has learned his lesson and will only wear the regulation shoes from now on, lest he incur the wrath of his wife.

“They say they will double the fine, so, it would be 10 grand,” Bennett said. “And I don’t think my wife would like that.”

The NFL might not have liked his color scheme, but Bennett’s shoes brought him good luck. Entering Sunday night’s game, Bennett had just three catches for 20 yards all season. Against the Eagles he had five catches for 95 yards and a touchdown.

28 responses to “Earl Bennett fined $5,000 for orange shoes

  1. Because those orange shoes that match his uniform look so much worse than the ridiculous pink he was forced to wear last month.

  2. Thank God they fined him. I mean, children were watching that game, and he was running around in orange shoes for everyone to see. I know it completely ruined my viewing experience.

  3. Does Goodell pocket this money? Will you get fined if you spit on the field? How about if you bleed on his field? Does that carry a fine? Baby need a new pair of shoes? Its ok, I’ll fine somebody! I really am begining to hate that man!

  4. Orange shoes seem to be worth $5k. And we know yellow shoes are $10k unless they’re used during a week that they don’t bring a fine at all according to a stealthy double secret league policy. Until next time, anyway.

  5. Two things I don’t understand here – what is the big concern if the coloured shoes are in keeping with the overall uniform scheme? and, assuming there is a kit manager in the locker room, did nobody think to tell Earl that the boots were non-compliant with the rules? Watching the EPL over the past 10 years, players footwear is now available in all manner of colour schemes, as long as they match the club/player endorsed brands why should it matter what colour they are?

  6. “The NFL might not have liked his color scheme, but Bennett’s shoes brought him good luck. Entering Sunday night’s game, Bennett had just three catches for 20 yards all season. Against the Eagles he had five catches for 95 yards and a touchdown.”

    Do you lot do any research? He’s been out since the first drive of week 2

  7. MDS – Gotta say, it seems pretty … odd … to use his season stats there in comparison to his game stats since he was knocked out early in Week 2.

  8. im glad to hear that the nfl considers helmet to helmet hits as only 5x (monetarily) greater than wearing the wrong coloured shoes (first offender prices)

  9. @papalurchdxb

    Bennett went into the game knowing he was breaking the rules and was alright with paying the tab for it.

    I feel like I read somewhere yesterday that Cutler offered to pay for it. I can’t find a way to link it though so don’t take my word for it.

  10. As others have pointed out his numbers are a bit on the low side this season. Due to an illegal hit he took as a defenseless receiver early in the saints game. Of course the league golden boys were neither flagged nor fined for the hit because of a constant effort for the league to make up for katrina. They gave them the path to the super bowl wasn’t that enough?
    Also the fine wont matter to Bennett to much. Since his QB has said he is going to pay the fine for him.

  11. Cutler should be happy to pay this, and future fines ,if it helps him know where Bennett is on the field.

  12. But the STUPID PINK shoes, and accessories are OK, supporting not the cure of breast cancer but helping fund the biggest charity scam of them all, Susan Komen, in bed with the BIGGEST cause of breast cancer today, elective abortion chain provider, Klan Parenthood. Gimme me a break Goodell!

  13. It’s gratifying to know that the NFL “shoe police” are out there.

    I appreciate them for keeping my sensitive eyes from having to endure the pain of orange (Bennett) or yellow (Clay Matthews) shoes racing across my 50” plasma.

    And don’t forget the chin straps!

  14. I can’t believe you can get fined for wearing something in one of your team’s primary colors.

    Oh right, Roger Goodell. Nevermind.

  15. Looks like DRC has a good view of those shoes in the picture. Pretty much was the story of his night

  16. Guys know the rules, that the cleats have to be predominately white or black with team accent colors depending on what the team equipment manager submitted to the league. They didn’t even let Peyton wear black high tops to honor Unitas . So, IDK why they choose to wear the solid colors, when they know what the results will be. I personally could careless what they wear, but rules are rules. And 5k is 5K, if they don’t need it pass it my way.

  17. This explains it all. DRC was not sure Bennett was a real player as he was not in official uniform and therefore chose not to tackle him to avoid being fines for tackling an ineligible player. Now it makes sense why DRC did not tackle anybody Monday night, he was confused by the shoes.

  18. The way he was catching the ball the other night the Bears should pay the fine. I like the orange shoes, the whole team should were them.

  19. Surely there’s some disease somewhere that’s adoped orange as it’s official color. If only it were a cause Goodell could exploit to draw in more casual viewers, Bennett would be in the clear.

  20. Watching the game, I thought his shoes looked awesome. But I guess these fines of blatantly reckless behavior is “what the fans want.”

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