Giants take kick-return duties away from Devin Thomas


After a failed stint in D.C. as a second-round pick, receiver Devin Thomas found a niche as a kick returner with the Giants.

But now Thomas has lost his job.

He hasn’t been cut (yet), but he found out on Wednesday that he’ll no longer be returning kicks.  According to Ebenezer Samuel and Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, Thomas learned the news when he checked the depth chart on Wednesday.

It’s a reality check,” Thomas said. “It checks your pride, but I’m going to bounce back.”

Per the report, Thomas had been struggling with catching the ball cleanly.  After a muff in the third quarter of Sunday’s eventual win over the Patriots, Thomas was replaced by Jerrel Jernigan.

For now, the duties will be performed by D.J. Ware and Da’Rel Scott.

Thomas was the 34th overall pick in the 2008 draft.

11 responses to “Giants take kick-return duties away from Devin Thomas

  1. it’s about time they put the ball in Scott’s hands in some way. He finally gets his first touch of the season last week and converts a 3rd and 3. This kid is explosive, haven’t had someone this fast in a blue jersey in a long time

  2. I know I’m going to regret this later, but thank god. This guy was horrible, he rarely took a knee in the end zone and rarely got the ball past the 23 yard line. He is/was not a good kick returner.

  3. Thomas was serviceable as a kick returner the past 2 seasons, but he didn’t do anything special, and clearly doesn’t have a high ceiling with the Giants. Getting Da’Rel Scott some chances with the ball is a good idea. He’s incredibly fast, especially for his size, and the Giants need to find more ways for him to get the ball in his hands.

  4. Fred Davis was immature. Malcolm Kelly had the best hands in the draft but bad knees. Devin Thomas was a one year wonder who was also immature.

    The draft screamed ‘bust’ pretty early on.

  5. Late in his second season Thomas had a couple of big games. It looked as though he might, belatedly, fulfill his potential. Then he got injured, missed the last few games of the season. Had he stayed healthy and put a few more highlights in the bank things might be different now.

    Instead he made a bad first impression on his new Head Coach. Apparently Mike Shanahan’s desire for players to actually work during practice came as massive shock to Devin, as it took up much needed time for sleeping and preening. Then, having been released and picked up by a division rival, his work habits have prevented him from getting offensive reps despite the Giants having one of the worst injury crises I can remember.

    The pity is that the guy has all the physical tools to be genuine playmaker, but is saddled with the maturity of a spoilt valley girl.

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