Jay Cutler and Mike Martz turn Bears season around

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The Bears season turned around during their humiliating loss to the Lions.

While Jay Cutler was running for his life and playing very well in Detroit, it became clear even to offensive coordinator Mike Martz that things needed to change. Chicago has adjusted its offensive approach in the games since.

The ball is coming out of Cutler’s hands faster. More help is being given to line when Cutler takes a deep drop.  And Cutler continues to play very well.

Cutler admitted it was “dicey” at first trying to get Martz to change his ways.

“You have to be careful how you go about it. The message was clear: we both agreed what direction we need to go,” Cutler said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “Mike’s done an unbelievable job of adapting to what we’re capable of doing and kind of changing his train of thought, which isn’t easy to do.”

Right tackle Lance Louis has helped calm down the line. Earl Bennett’s return added a big dimension on Monday night. Matt Forte continues to be one of the best running backs in football.

Suddenly, the Bears offense is balanced and dangerous.  Ron Jaworski traces it to the guys up front.

“Jay has been outstanding, but it starts with the ­offensive line,” Jaws told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I don’t know what Mike Tice is putting in their Gatorade, but they are playing very well.”

The Bears successfully fixed their line midway through last season as well. I don’t think theBears  defense is quite as good as the 2010 Bears group, but this offense can be better.

Cutler and Martz are working better together than any time before.

36 responses to “Jay Cutler and Mike Martz turn Bears season around

  1. Amazing. One win on primetime and all of a sudden the Bears are destined for greatness this season. If they lose to the Lions this week, people will be calling for Martz’s head. What a difference a week makes!

  2. I really like how Lovie Smith has helped keep the team and the coaching staff together through this season.

    Check out my article on Lovie Smith in the Jerry Angelo era by clicking on my username at the top of this post.

  3. One win? I believe they have 5 and their schedule gets considerably easier moving forward. The Lions have yet to play the Packers and Saints.

  4. Actually, they based their point on the results of the last three games since the Lions loss, not one game against the Eagles.

  5. As a Lions fan. I’m more curious if he will stay this way. I’ve actually gotten a lot more respect for Cutler after the beating he took in Detroit and the passes he completed. With big props to Martz for mixing in the run game and 5-7 step drops for Cutler.

    The last time the Lions were 6-2, Martz all of a sudden decided to go pass crazy with us and completely forget about the run game. Will be interesting to see if Lovie and the Bears can keep the Mad Scientist controlled!

  6. The Bears have always been about defense. But, I watched them against the Eagles the other night and their offense looked very sharp! Best I’ve ever seen a Bears offense look. Of course, having Forte and Barber really helps!

  7. As a Packer fan, I want Cutler to be good enough for them to keep around a while. His 1-5 record, 7 TD to 11 INT ratio, and 67.5 rating against the Pack is quite enjoyable and he doesn’t get nearly enough crap for being awful against his team’s rival.

  8. Problem is, the Bears are an inconsistent, mediocre team and it’s been proven time and time again that beating Philadelphia isn’t exactly impressive.

    They may make the playoffs, maybe, but they won’t make any noise.

    Martz is the wrong OC for this team and Jay Cutler. Like a handful of other teams, they cannot be trusted week to week and I’m not buying.

  9. He’ll never have a legion of fans, but Cutler should be given a lot of credit for facing up to his criticisms and making some changes.

    People questioned his toughness last year and instead of whining in the press, he kept working and responded well when getting pounded earlier this season. Nobody (objectively) can question his toughness.

    Many critics also claimed he’s not a leader, but it’s so obvious he commands the huddle and is the leader on offense. Note how well he’s handled working with Martz. Cutler never rudely or disrespectfully called out Martz in the press, rather he pointed out that they are working together on what the Bears can and cannot do. Being direct, fair and honest without being a whiner is leadership. Cutler is growing up right before our eyes, so let’s give him the credit he’s earned.

  10. the bears are destined to rematch the cheeseheads in the nfc championship once again. forget the lions, cutler is much better than stafford.

  11. Winning games is fun and all. But, this formula doesn’t win championships. Lovie’s still gotta go.

  12. I’m not trying to win the NFC North or get a Wild Card. I want that Lombardy Trophy or at least the Halas Trophy that GB stole from us on our own field.

  13. Typical Bear fans, a little victory against weaker teams and they’re crowning the Bears as Super Bowl Champions…

    Bears are still in third place in the division and 3.5 games behind the division leader. Every GOOD team they’ve played, (NO, GB, DET), they’ve LOST to but let’s not let that get in the way of the celebration…

    The only good news about this mid-season winning streak against losing teams is it should guarantee the Bears keep Lovie, Martz and Jerry Angelo in place for another 2-3 years…

  14. The only team that they beat with a winning record is Atl. and that was week 1 so I believe some could argue that would be cause of the lockout.

    Lucky they get to play alot of mediocre teams after Det. they run through a AFC west gauntlet in thier schedule in consecutive weeks, Seattle, GB on Christmas, and Minny. to finish it out.

    They should be able to be 10-6, but it all depends on how Cutler plays.

  15. now if they could get cutler the plays on time they could be even better. I suggest Jay just call an audible instead of wasting a time out and I guarantee there will be no further problems communicating. yes I know he is not allowed to audible under martz but what are they going to do bench him?

  16. the Bears will win enough games to stick around a while. I can see them in the mix w/ Dallas or Atlanta for the last wildcard spot.

    I have my Packers going 14-2, enough for the #1 seed. I can see a scenario in which the Saints, Niners, and Giants all finish 12-4, so who knows how the 2, 3, 4 seeds end up.

    Wildcards: Lions and either Bears, ‘Boys, or Falcons

  17. Is it worth mentioning in the coverage that the Chicago tight ends have been in pass protect mode 90% of the called passes since the Detroit game?

    It seems to me that Cutler’s protection improves greatly when he has 7 blocking the pass rush. I’m just glad he survived the period of time it took for the coaches to figure that out.

  18. It’s pretty funny that Mike Martz’ offense still doesn’t allow for audibles (11 defenders in the box? Good luck with that run!), but they found a way to work the failcat formation into the package.

    46% of the offense goes through Forte when a legit QB takes the snap. Any guesses how much of the offense Forte’ll get when it’s Earl Bennett getting the snap?

  19. Doughboy,

    Just because someone makes a bad head coach does not mean they’re a bad coach. Some of the worst head coaches in the league are also some of the best coordinators.

    Tice is a great o-line coordinator. Marinelli, likewise, a great defensive coordinator.

    And Mike Martz is an offensive coordinator who has been coasting on the great job he did 12 years ago.

  20. “Ahh Chicago where bad head coaches go when they are canned! Martz, Marinelli, Tice, Really?”

    There is a huge difference between a head coach and an assistant coach. These guys should all be judged for what they’re doing as assistants. I suppose you think that because Wade Phillips was a dog of a head coach that Houston erred in bringing him this year?

    Chicago has for years failed as they’ve hesitated to pay up for top notch assistant coaches. Two years in a row they are overachieving the general expectations because they do have a staff of experienced coaches who are talented at what they are doing, and happy to have those jobs.

  21. I think this will be the most exciting game this weekend.

    We’ve had the bye week to prepare, and that’s not to be discounted. Also, I think there’s still a bit of anger about have the game last year robbed from us by the refs.

    On the other side of the field, I don’t think the Bear’s fortunes rest on Cutler. They rest on Forte. He has to get 100yds + rushing, and at least 30 total touches of the ball (rushing and passing). If the Bears decide to pin their hopes on Cutler’s arm vs. Forte’s legs, they lose.

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