Music at Heinz Field has John Harbaugh upset


Ravens coach John Harbaugh knows the rivalry with the Steelers is tough. But Harbaugh thinks that in one respect, the Steelers crossed the line on Sunday.

Specifically, Harbaugh is upset that the staff at Heinz Field played music designed to hurt Joe Flacco’s feelings.

According to Kevin Van Valkenburg of the Baltimore Sun, the Heinz Field sound system blared Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “What’s Your Name” while contrasting the stats of Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger on the scoreboard, and that was somehow a slap in the face to Flacco. Apparently Harbaugh thinks the reference to “little girl” in the lyrics was supposed to be insulting Flacco, and Harbaugh was angry about it.

If that sounds to you like a weird thing for a coach to get upset about, well, you’re not alone. Flacco was baffled by the whole thing.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Flacco said. “They were playing a song?”

This actually isn’t the first time an NFL head coach has been angered by an opposing team playing music designed to belittle his quarterback. When Joey Harrington led the Dolphins against the Lions on Thanksgiving 2006, Dolphins coach Nick Saban complained about the Lions playing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” on the Ford Field sound system as a jab at Harrington, who’s a pianist in his spare time.

Flacco and Harrington both got their revenge by winning.

137 responses to “Music at Heinz Field has John Harbaugh upset

  1. I wouldn’t be too upset about it, honestly, if I were Harbaugh. The Ravens still won the game.

  2. Harbaugh is upset that the staff at Heinz Field played music designed to hurt Joe Flacco’s feelings . He’s a tissue Joe wipe your eyes we don’t want the real men to see you crying .

  3. I remember when Ryan Clark knocked himself and Willis mcgahee out in the playoffs and Willis was laying on the ground unconcious with medical staff all around and they were playing ccr or some other upbeat ho-down sounding music very distasteful but it’s Pittsburgh o well

  4. Reminds me of when the Titans in the 2000 Playoff game vs. the Ravens played the video of Billick talking crap about the Titans and such.

    Common denominator in both games was the Ravens kicking both teams teeth in so it all works out.

  5. Well the fact that they had a picture of Joe Flacco on the board while playing that song kind of gives it away. It is classless of the Steelers but what else would you expect from them? Either way, Harbaugh coached his team to a sweep of the Steelers. Get them ready for the Seahawks John.

  6. Haha I’m a Ravens fan, and even I think this is a little stupid. I mean, I honestly think it’s even more stupid that someone actually thought to do it in the first place, but it’s pretty thin-skinned to get upset about it.

  7. Oh get over it John! It’s not like they played “Murder was the case” by Snoop Dog after a Ray Lewis tackle

  8. How stupid! This happens at all sports. Whether it was intended or not, who knows and who cares.
    Seriously, if you’re worried about your QB being offended by or not playing well because of the background music, then you have bigger things to worry about.

  9. John, are you not learning anything from your brother? You resolve these kinds of issues at midfield after the game. I think a headlock of Tomlin followed by a Russian Suplex would have sufficed. This just makes you look weak

  10. Should have been at Lambeau Field for the song Who do you love by George Thorogood when Rodgers was introduced vs the Vikings when Brett was their q/b Not THAT is a slap in the face

  11. Wow what a stretch… This is Pittsburgh, Skynyrd is played all the time. Styx – Renegade is the rallying song for God sakes.

  12. “ss a jab at Harrington, who’s a pianist in his spare time.”

    Does Joey Harrington have anything other than spare time these days?

  13. What a tool. Can’t wait to see what music the Bengals and Browns pick for Flacco, now that they know how to make the coach go psycho.

    I’m thinking Beck’s “Loser” while showing photos of Flacco might make its appearance before the season is over.

  14. John u beat my Steelers TWICE this yr and you are complaining about the stadium music????
    Stop crying like a little girl and enjoy the fact that u owned your arch rival twice.

  15. The Ravens still whine and moan and complain like girls even when they win… Music? Grow up Baltimore

  16. I don’t even get the complaint here. They were playing music. As long as it didn’t have a derogatory message, or derogatory lyrics… or was by an singer that did something like what’s going on at Penn State…. there’s no issue.

    But that artificial crowd noise used in Indianapolis and Minnesota just shouldn’t be allowed. And the playing of music and intentionally increasing the volume of said music while other team’s offense is on the field shouldn’t be allowed either.

  17. This is hilarious. On a side note – more teams should play music that fits their city/state better. Wish at Vikings games you’d hear Morris Day, Prince, Husker Du, etc.

  18. Why is whenever I post a comment about Pittsburgh it never gets approved? Funny.

    They are classless. In the AFC Championship game, when Willis McGahee got knocked out and was laying on the ground lifeless they started playing “Down on the Corner” instead of observing silence while the trainers worked on him.

    It’s not about pointing out Harbaugh is thin skinned, it’s about pointing out what a CLASSLESS organization Pittsburgh is.

  19. As a Ravens fan, I’m embarrassed that Harbaugh would even bring this up. Thankfully Joe didn’t echo his sentiments.

    I think more home teams should play songs aimed at getting in their opponents heads. Adds to the fun of the game. It IS just a game, after all.

  20. So this is why head coaches spend hours and hours watching tape, sleeping on office cots and missing time with their families so they can get upset over stadium music?

  21. When Hines Ward was asked about the music he replied, “What music? All I kept hearing were bells ringing and seeing little birdies flying around my head.”

  22. Since the 70s the Steelers are the model franchise. 8 Super Bowl appearances!!! winning 6 of those games. Do not be jealous of the success!!!

    He should be thankful his team won the game. He would have been lambasted for not going for a touchdown from the one-foot line.

  23. Billy Joel is the best songwriter of all time, that should have been a compliment to Harrington

  24. This guy can’t get out of his own way. You’ve got to be embarrassed to be a Ravens fan.

    Thanks for letting the Steelers’ staff know they can get to you.

  25. So much embarrassment in this story, I don’t know where to begin.

    It’s embarrassing that Harbaugh was so tuned into the stadium music during a game of that magnitude.

    It’s super embarrassing he’d whine about it like … a little girl. (Props to Flacco for the appropriate response: “They were playing a song?” QB maturity > Coach maturity.)

    It’s head-hanging embarrassing to know Bama’s Nick Saban actually complained about an opponent’s music when he coached the Dolphins. Piano Man? Seriously, Nick?

    And it’s still downright humiliating to know Bama fired their music guy because Auburn whined about him playing Take the Money and Run when Cam Newton came to town.

    People need to get a grip. It’s just a song

  26. Sorry, but if this is almost anybody but Flacco or Sanchez, this doesn’t happen…I think it’s absolutely hilarious that his coach is the one that immediately makes the odd connection to his QB being a little girl!

  27. Really Harbaugh, really. It may have hurt YOUR feelings. If Joe hasn’t had his feelings hurt by his own fans, then his feelings are not going be hurt by others. Really Harbaugh!


  28. AFC version of the Cowgirls who have to be the biggest whiners of all. It just never ends. They play a great game against the Steelers and now this. Always something to whine about harbawllikeababy.

  29. It must be in the drinking water of the Harbaugh’s…. always crying the blues. I assume when your players do all the rain dancing and want to kill a player , this OK. Move on! Obvious the Steelers have been able to get into your head.

  30. Appropriately enough, shouldn’t the song blaring have been from Mary Poppins, Chim-Chiminey Chim-Chiminey. It mentions repeatedly how a SWEEP is as lucky as lucky can be. I’d rather be a lucky winner than an UNLUCKY LOSER!

  31. Wwwaaahhh. Can’t believe a grown man would cry about a song that was played during a football game. Well, after seeing how short harbaugh is maybe he isn’t a full grown man.

  32. Ravens fan here.

    Like Harbaugh. Very decent guy. Good coach. Rather have him then Rex!

    Stupid thing to say. Just stupid.

  33. I could care less about the music they play, hell keep disrespecting, it gets us fired up.

    Did you here there version of seven nation army, poorest I have ever heard.

    All the people in Hienz Field Vs. All the peolple of M&T Bank. Baltimorians win hands down.

    Steelers fans are weak!

  34. As a Baltimore fan…..just shut yer trap, John.

    John, do you really think that “little girl” is the worst taunt that an opposing QB hears at Hiney Field?

  35. first he cries over the mishandles draft day trade with the bears (ravens’ fault)

    now this? please. for a team from such a hard city they sure do whine and cry a lot.

  36. C’mon, grow up. First, how do you know it was a shot at Flacco? Secondly, even if it was, you need thicker skin. Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick takes shots all day long about Harvard and his burly beard, but you don’t see him whining do you?

  37. Really? How many days ago was that game? Is this why we’ve laid eggs in Tenn & Jax? C’mon Harbs…how bout you worry about things that matter.

    I’ll say it again – this is an exceptionally talented team led by a poor coaching staff…

  38. This is getting a little weird – Harbs seems to regularly get bent out of shape when anyone tries to hurt Flacco’s feelings. I think he’s a good coach, but am starting to question the mental fortitude.

    As odd as this sounds just getting swept, I still like the Steelers odds in being the last team standing from the AFCN, and part of it is because of stuff like this.

  39. Both the Harbaugh’s have shown that they are poor sports, poor losers and believe it or not, poor winners! Grow up boys!!!

  40. Don’t you kinda get the feeling anyone under the age of 35 is reading this and thinking “Who the ____ is Lynyrd Skynyrd?”

  41. Jeez, man up Baltimore. It’s not like Pittsburgh would cry about something like that (except of course for when the Flyers used to play “Dude looks like a lady” whenever Jagr skated out at the Spectrum).

  42. It’s just a joke. Didn’t you ever see during a hockey game when a player from the opposing team is sent to the penalty box and the scoreboard plays a video of a player in that team’s jersey sitting there combing a Barbie doll’s hair?

    It’s funny to me, and something to expect when you’re on the road.

  43. Most athletes get tunnel-vision on the field. If they pay attention to the music from the stadium PA system during a TV timeout, their head isn’t in the game. I’m not surprised Flacco tuned it out.

  44. Back in ’97 when Michael Irvin’s Cowboys came to Lambeau Field, I was hoping that Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine” would be the song playing during the Cowboys introduction. No such luck.

  45. I’ve said it a million times. John Harbaugh is the whiniest coach in the history of the NFL. Even when his team is winning he complains after every single penalty (or non-penalty). I see a lot of him in his brother as well.

    He seems to get away with a lot of abuse of the sideline officials as well.

  46. My god, Even when Harbaugh wins he finds something to complain about….. Think we know who the little girl is. My apologizes to all the little girls out there.

  47. What a whiney thing to admit to! Looks bad on the entire organization when the coach says that. It was a song for goodness sakes! Can you imagine what other teams will try to do now that they know that it bothers Harbaugh? Will he have to listen closely to every song to make sure it isn’t a veiled insult to one of his players??

  48. next time the squealers come to M&T Stadium, they should play Beck “…I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me…or Nirvana…”Rape Me” for Big Ben!

    liquid4012 – its called “coaching” moron….obviously you don’t have a clue…

    cityofchampyinz – sorry, your clowns aren’t going to the playoffs….

  49. Just about every time I hear Harbaugh’s name I wait for the next idiotic statement attributed to him. UFB! The guy is a chronic complainer. Whether it’s the rules/refs, hits, or now the music?

    I like the way his team plays, and I’m a Steelers fan, but a little of Crybaugh goes a long way.

  50. @golonger …

    The difference between the Steelers playing What’s Your Name and someone playing a rape song is there’s no reason for any sane, adult person to connect the Skynyrd song to Flacco. It wasn’t exactly an in-your-face kinda gesture. I’ve heard Skynyrd playing at stadiums around the league. Couldn’t Harbaugh just be satisfied with sweeping the series? I’m usually very respectful toward the Ravens but that guy really needs to grow up (as does his brother). There’s no rational way to defend his whining on this one. Sorry. Flacco’s response showed him to be the better man.

  51. That’s embarrassing. Should never admit to even noticing that…. Next trip up they will plan something special for sure.

  52. next we will see harbaugh in a skirt

    poor flacco couldnt bring himself to talk to press about it cause he was to hurt by it all..cry me a dam river lmao

  53. Deb,

    Nice to see your comments are at the adult level….unlike the other squealers losers in here.

    Anyway…i disagree….if Harbaugh wants to be upset about it…so be it. Would I???No. For one, it would be what I would expect in that stadium and 2)in my book, anything is fair game. If the song was a coincidence, so be it. But, I think not.

    Also, how is making a comment about it whining? If he commented about it over and over, yes….not the case here. If it is a side comment…who cares. Just because someone makes a comment about something doesn’t mean they are fixated on it to the point of being consumed by it. It certainly seems that squealers fans seem to care, mainly because they have nothing else to hold on to at this point. They certainly cannot gloat about any wins this year.

    Anyway, there are plenty rational ways to defend this but…it isn’t worth it as I am sure Harbaugh would agree. And, if M&T did play “Rape Me” (for example)..before every offensive series for the Squealers, the losers in here would be the first to come in here and bi&ch and moan and complain…….

  54. …and if we want to talk “growing up”, that comment would be put to much better use if it was aimed at some of these idiots in here who have no grasp of adult realities….and reading their comments is like being back in middle school talking about “my Dad beating up your Dad”….really sad!

  55. The code of the schoolyard, Marge! The rules that teach a boy to be a man. Let’s see. Don’t tattle. Always make fun of those different from you. Never say anything, unless you’re sure everyone feels exactly the same way you do. What else … GoLonger is GOD!!!

  56. They didn’t win, they were handed the game by the refs. The first penalty of the game is the perfect example. They call holding on the Ravens but then give the Ravens a 1st & 10! Um, it should have been 1st & 20! How did the whole stadium miss that???? Then, they call Unnecessary Roughness on the Steelers for a hit on a receiver but then don’t call it on the Ravens who hit Hines Ward in the exact same manner. This week the Ravens player was fined TWICE the fine issued to Ike but NO penalty was called in the game. Then, they call 2 ticky-tack pass interferrance calls against the Steelers but then allow the Ravens to literally push Mike Wallace out of the back of the End-Zone while the ball is in flight to him & (again) no call…forcing a field goal instead of a touch down that would have put the Steelers in the lead. Then, they call Delay of Game on the Steelers when the play clock wasn’t working (refs fault), pushing the Steelers out of Field Goal range & forcing them punt. Then, they call the catch that Hines made incomplete but then say that Bolden held on when the ball was clearly jossling forwards & backwards as it dragged on the ground. In other words, He didn’t have control of the ball & the ground helped him. All-in-All, it was a completely one sided reffed game. Obviously the NFL is more concerned about building their branding than actual fairness. They realize that Flacco needs all the help he can get & they want to sell those Ravens T’s (they know the Steeler Fans will show up every year but they can’t say the same about the other AFC North teams). What was once a great game is quickly becoming the new All-Star Wrestling…er, um…I mean All-Star Football!!!

  57. Harbaugh leads the Ravens to the greatest victory is the franchises regular season against the Steelers in Week 1.

    Ravens lose to the Jaguars, almost lose to the Cardinals.

    Ravens beat Pittsburgh to take control of the AFC North.

    4 days later, Harbaugh is complaining about the music that was being played in Heinz Field? John, honestly, shouldn’t you be concerning yourself about how you are going to beat Seattle, Cincinnati and San Francisco over the next 3 weeks?

    IMO – Harbugh lives and dies by this rivalry, and simply sweeping the series was not enough for him. He can not move on from this game, and being stuck in it, like he OBVIOUSLY IS, the Ravens ARE NOT going to be prepared for the upcoming schedule.

  58. Too bad the Ravens won’t see the steelers again this year.It’d be fun to smash ’em again in the playoffs.But,oops…the steelers AREN’T gonna make the playoffs!!!

  59. Haha you wish…I think the ravens got a better shot at not making the playoffs. QB is soft. Coach is soft & the fans are really soft!

  60. dumbaseinstien – thanks for proving my points….LOL…..I have never seen a more moronic post lacking any factual information whatsoever……..but, at least your have dumb in your name so you are taken care of it….your post has so much inane dribble, I can’t even start to refute it……the squealers got there butts kicked, live with it!

    Deb, I would be embarrassed to be a sh%&sburg fan if I were you.

  61. To me, it seemed insulting to Flacco that his coach would assume “What’s your name, little girl?” referred to him. Good grief–if I thought that, I’d keep it to myself. The guy has something to complain about after every game, win or lose. That’s how you get a whiner’s reputation.

  62. Harbaugh, flacco, suggs, ravens fans, golonger, rwjz, steelers will, td40, steelerssucknutz all need a fresh feminine napkin. All kotex candidates of the year!

  63. @dumbaseinstien: Couldn’t agree more. There was definitely alot of calls in that game called by the refs that cost the steelers, ryan clark hit for penalty, lewis no call, bobbled catch by raven receiver, etc. All in which you pointed out. Next time we just have to make sure the game isnt close and just kick their ass. Hopefully we see them again, I doubt the ravens and most of their fans want to play the steelers again. Will be a different result next time.

  64. no, Deb…that’s called COACHING!!!What is a head coach supposed to do????Sit there and say nothing, do nothing regarding anything? Give me a break. His “complaining” has seemed to work given he has won a lot of challenges this year….Tomlin just sits over there with his thumb up his butt. Maybe if he had done more “complaining” to his defensive coordinator during the game, your team might have had a better chance of winning….

  65. ..steelers fans are some of the nastiest, dirtiest, idiots I have ever had the displeasure of encountering….if you are proud of that…sorry

  66. golonger, here’s my post from yesterday in its entirety. I can only comment on what I actually posted:

    As a woman, I’d complain to the NFL about any stadium playing rape-related songs no matter who was on the field. Some lines you don’t cross. However, if the Ravens played Crawling From the Wreckage or Blood From a Broken Nose for Roethlisberger, I wouldn’t care. And I’d certainly hope a) Tomlin and Roethlisberger wouldn’t be focusing on the music, or b) telling the press it was getting under their skin.

    To me, it seemed insulting to Flacco that his coach would assume “What’s your name, little girl?” referred to him. Good grief–if I thought that, I’d keep it to myself. The guy has something to complain about after every game, win or lose. That’s how you get a whiner’s reputation.

    And I couldn’t be prouder to be a Steelers fan 😀

    But, yes, I love my team. It’s run by the best owners in sports, has a great history, is a top-notch organization, and plays hardcore, smashmouth football. And the way you talk to Steelers fans here is obnoxious, so you have no room to judge their behavior.

  67. @Deb

    since my post was removed all i say is amen on your post..i guess my posts are to true to be seen today.golonger needs to think before he types..him and a lot of other anti steeler folk tend to be the ones who start the trash talking but when someone says something in return they are the trash

  68. @steelernation1 …

    Exactly. And it’s interesting how the rabidly anti-Steeler posts go up with no problem, but my post above was deleted more than a dozen times yesterday. I just sent a copy of it to Mike with a suggestion that he start reading the dump files to see the kinds of things they delete compared with what they okay. I think it would be an eye-opener for him.

  69. They ok derogatory steelers comments. But say something about the ravens or their fans & it gets deleted! Im not 1 to gossip but I heard GOLONGER is married. Only its to a guy!

  70. Football needs trash talk in my opinion. If you read the comments from this feed alone, you understand how it fuels us. It fuels you to cheer your team harder and watch hoping that your rivals fall behind. I am a Steelers fan, but I’m thankful for the Ravens or we wouldn’t have a rivalry. The fans only make the rivalry more interesting. That is why everyone wants to watch the game.

  71. Perhaps Harbaugh should have worried a little less about the music that was played at Heinz Field and a little more about preparing his team to face the mighty Seachickens!!

    ROFL at this sorry franchise! I wonder if he got a Gatorade bath after that one!

    Go Steelers!

  72. st1llerz – aka dumba$$…why would Harbaugh be preparing for the “Seachickens” during a game with the Squealers….?…like all squealer fans comments, you make no sense….

  73. “And the way you talk to Steelers fans here is obnoxious, so you have no room to judge their behavior.”

    ..i talk to squealers fans that way because they are low-life’s, that is all they can understand…..and they deserve it based on their kindergarten banter and comments…..sorry! treating them the way they should be treated is no reflection on my ability or position to judge….they make their own bed….if you dont like it… off!

  74. steelersownyou – gee, that is so funny…maybe if I was still in middle school, i might laugh…now, get back to hangin’ with your Penn State buddies….

  75. I’d say it’s amazing that this “golonger” kid gets to post any of this trash.

    But- based on my real-life experience- it’s always the weakest, most cowardly and most sheltered children who are most motivated to try to hurt feelings online.

    In the real world bad things happen to this kind of juvenile pre-adolescent outsider.

    If he had any friends he’d be too busy living his life to spend all day every day on PFT Steelers-related threads.

  76. golonger says:
    Nov 16, 2011 1:46 AM
    “And the way you talk to Steelers fans here is obnoxious, so you have no room to judge their behavior.”

    ..i talk to squealers fans that way because they are low-life’s, that is all they can understand…..and they deserve it based on their kindergarten banter and comments…..sorry! treating them the way they should be treated is no reflection on my ability or position to judge….they make their own bed….if you dont like it… off!

    low lifes?have you looked in a mirror lately?so you are able to judge a person without ever meeting them?thats like a doctor diagnosing a patient over the phone.a wrong diagnoses can get you in a lot of trouble.grow up and act like a man . to be honest there is no room for someone like you on these are a waste of time..everything you say has nothing to do with the topic at just come here and act like a tell people to buzz off?lol you seem to be the one who creates the problems on here.get a life son

  77. steelernation1 – again….moron

    1) no, you’re analogy is totally absurd….the way you talk speaks volumes to your low IQ
    2) to be honest..YOU are the waste of time
    3) the only problem in here are you (all moronic squealers fans inclusive)

  78. GOLONGER AGAIN HOW OLD ARE YOU?you are failing to show you are a mature adult.that can get along with seem to have the maturity of a 7 year old

    for PFT to continue to let you post your childish comments on these boards shows that they have no character.or you are a member of there group and thats why they continue to let you post these childish comments.only person thats looking like an azz is acting the way you are.classless

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