Rex Ryan to Jets fans: Make the Patriots false start, burn timeouts

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Jets coach Rex Ryan says he needs the fans’ help to beat the Patriots on Sunday.

Ryan used his press conference on Wednesday to say he wants Jets fans to make enough noise to disrupt Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense.

“That’s the challenge I’m taking to our fans this week. That we’re here, we’re undefeated at home, and let’s make it miserable,” Ryan said, via the New York Daily News. “See if you can’t make them burn timeouts. See if our fans can’t make them false start. I truly believe; I wouldn’t ask our fans to do this if I feel they couldn’t be the difference.”

Before hosting the Patriots in 2009, the Jets called every season ticket holder with a recorded message from Ryan, urging them to make noise. The Jets won that game 16-9. Ryan now hopes another direct appeal to the fans will have similar results.

44 responses to “Rex Ryan to Jets fans: Make the Patriots false start, burn timeouts

  1. Last year vs. Pats and this year’s opener vs. the Cowboys have been by far the loudest Jets games I’ve ever been to

  2. not exactly a bid of confidence for his team. Pats showed in recent weeks that they are beatable so just have your guys do the thing, rex.

    I’m a diehard packers fan n i think even the bears could beat the pats right now.

  3. You could make a lot of noise. You could even pipe noise into the building, like they do in Indy.

    Or – you could just put tight coverage on Welker and Gronk, like the Giants and Steelers did for the most part. They knew the Pats couldn’t beat them with just Hernandez, Branch and Ocho.

  4. Rex later clarified, instead of clapping, he’d rather everyone stomp their feet. Just his personal preference

  5. One man asking another man who happens to sit on the shoulders of another man to make more noise. . .Is Rex preparing for a football game or the gay pride parade?

  6. Make it miserable? They’re in the middle of a swamp in north Jersey – how much more miserable can it be?

  7. Can we say desperate? Hey Rex why don’t you have a team meeting with your coaches and come up with a plan instead of hoping that the fans will win the game for you. What a loser!!

  8. So if the Jets go on to win it all, can the fans at this week’s game claim a share of the victory and ask for rings?

  9. Yahoo Sports Dan Wetzel on the Jets home opener 2010:
    “It was so ugly that Jets fans showed no faith in their team. They began filtering out of the new Meadowlands Stadium with four minutes left and New York trailing by a single point. This was the first insurmountable one-point lead in NFL history.”

  10. .


    “Like the Giants and Steelers, you could put tight coverage on Gronk and Welker and make them beat you with Branch, Hernandez and Ocho. ”

    A lucid, cogent, relevant, well stated post. Has someone hacked your account?


  11. Desperation. Why? I’m not sure. It’s the 2011 Patriots. Anything can evidently happen!


    Desperation? No. It’s called getting your customers involved in the product your selling! It’s not rocket science, it’s entertainment!!

  12. All the stadium noise on Earth doesn’t come close to the groaning coming from Rex’s overworked heart every day.

  13. I know the Jets historically have very quiet fans, but having a coach beg for noise comes off as pretty pathetic. Remember when he had to leave a voicemail to season ticket holders asking Jet fans to “please show up” a few years ago too? This is kind of embarrassing.

  14. “I truly believe; I wouldn’t ask our fans to do this if I feel they couldn’t be the difference.”

    And in his spare time Rex teaches a course in convoluted English.

  15. Hey Rex, how about if you actually coach a team that can win instead of begging the fans to compensate for your sorry excuse of a football team? After all, if you win this Sunday won’t that be your 4th ring in 2 years?

  16. All kidding aside, I’m a Giant fan but applaud Rex for begging the fans to cheer louder. The greedy owners of both teams were more interested in building a large, spread out luxury box filled monstrosity to cater to corporate-types who have no interest in the game much less getting loud.

    The net result is a cavernous tin can that is pretty quiet unless all 80,000+ are screaming in unison at the top of their lungs. Pretty sad that $1.7B got us a stadium that PALES in comparison to other modern facilities like the Linc, Heinz Field, Qwest, UofPhoenix which were built for much less and are far more louder/intimidating places to play.

  17. This is why Rex Ryan is an idiot. Does he really think the stadium will be quiet if he doesn’t beg his fans to make noise? Seriously?

    Come on, this is New (Jersey) York. You couldn’t shut up a N(J)Y crowd if you paid them.

  18. I think making fun of the Ryan’s should be a sport where points are awarded. 2 points per jab. The more creative the better. Foot jokes get awarded double points and if you can manage a dig at Rex, Rob and Buddy all in one comment its a 5 point play.

  19. You people just need any reason to take a jab @ Rex Ryan. Are you people really upset because he asked for crowd noise.

  20. Crowd noise always helps the home team. Pats will struggle this week and the crowd is going to be very loud. Its not a big deal for rex to ask for his fans to be loud. this is a huge game and if the jets win it puts them in the drivers seat. all u haters will do anything to take credit away from the jets. there going to win this division and have home field advantage in the playoffs. cant wait till they win and see what garbage excuse all u haters have after this win.

  21. this is the only coach in the NFL that ask help for another teams,fans, the Pope, etc,etc,etc, … to defeat New England. he can do anything by himself…..I could do his jib for much less money

  22. It is so sad that people (read: lawyers and their clients) need to be implored to cheer at these football games. I wish fans could afford to go to the games instead of disinterested trophy wives and favor-seeking business types.

    It really eats me up inside. I usually throw a tantrum during every fourth quarter of any Giants game I attend. I turn to those around me and scream, asking what they paid $20,000 for. To my mind, it’s so that their client can be yelled at by an intoxicated 31 year old man.


  23. So whats the problem?..Is Rex the first and only HC to ask the fans to “get loud”?..Seems to me it happens every week somewhere.

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